Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Addiction Continues: Stila Holiday Smudge Pot Collection (review)

A quick recap. Me: makeup/product junkie. Drug of choice: eyeliner.

Don’t' get me wrong, I have deep, addictive love for all the world's beauty items; but eyeliner is still the main attraction for me. And Stila Smudgepots are serious compulsions…er, I meant contenders. I won't re-describe why they are so amazing and fabulous (but you can read some previous reviews here or here). Check out the newest fabulousness…

Holiday Smudge Pot Collection

Blurb: FOUR vibrant twinkling shades of our famous gel-based liner and shadow-in-one in perfectly portable mini pots! Set includes two NEW shades and two best sellers. New Violet – pretty purple with shimmer. New Starry Night – bold deep blue with shimmer. Black – intense black. Kitten – nude champagne shimmer. Bonus - mini eye liner brush included for on the go glam!

The collection includes four little, gorgeous, adorable, fabulous, festive smudgepots. It also includes a really great mini liner brush which is absolutely perfect for applying this formula. (I also like the brush because it's short and I can get right up close to the mirror.) The little jars are perfect for your bag and the two new colors are just beautiful. Starry Night is a very deep, flattering shade of blue. It's not navy, but a nice shimmery indigo. Violet is a shimmery…well, violet. Very, very pretty. Smudgepots can be used as liners or shadows, and I absolutely love using the Kitten smudgepot as a shadow.

Since Stila keeps coming out new and fabulous things; I predict that one day my bedroom will be nothing but teetering stacks of little round smudge pots. That will be a great day.

Check out the website. You can browse the holiday gift guide or further your beauty education by checking out beauty tube.

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