Monday, November 23, 2009

Monday Learning Time: Excellent Application Info from Girlactik Beauty

Just got these tips frm Galit Strugano at Girlactik Beauty. Finally - the answer to the age old fingers vs. brushes question (The answer is: either/both). Now my friends and I can stop arguing about this and start squabbling over more important things (like vampire hotness vs. werewolf hotness). Start reading these fab tips…

Makeup and Finger Pressure Points

To use your fingers or brushes when applying makeup? The answer to this question is simple: it’s a matter of preference! Both methods can be equally effective depending on what you are most comfortable with (or depending on whether you have brushes on hand). Galit Strugano, creator of Girlactik Beauty makeup and celeb makeup artist explains the techniques of applying makeup with your fingers and applying with tools to achieve the perfect makeup look (

Finger Application: Mind your pressure points!

Each of your fingers has a different pressure point affecting the pressure of touch. Knowing them can be useful in applying makeup. A bonus with finger application is the oils and heat from your skin melts the product better when it transfers to your skin and provides the coverage you want!

Ring finger for Concealer - Applying concealer with your ring finger gives a soft touch around the eye area with no pulling of the skin. The ringer finger pats product perfectly.

Index finger for Shadow Application - This finger possesses a little more pressure making shadow spread evenly but still has that soft touch.

Middle finger for Eye Crease - The middle finger has the most pressure so it is perfect to use to frame your eye, creating definition as you move your finger back and forth.

Pinkie for Inner Eye – Your smallest digit is perfect to apply makeup to those hard to reach parts. Great when applying an eye brightener or when you want to highlight. Your pinkie has a light touch so you won’t accidentally glob on makeup when you’re trying to be precise!

Brush Application: It’s all about the texture!

When it comes to brushes, it isn’t about synthetic vs. natural but rather the firmness of the brush that affects your makeup look. A rule of thumb:

- The firmer the brush, the more color transfer you'll have.
- The lighter the brush, the lighter the color transfer will be.

Think about it this way. You can be using the same exact blush and end up with 2 different colors depending on whether you are using a firmer or lighter brush. Switching up brushes is a great way to use your makeup in fun, different ways!

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