Friday, November 20, 2009

Give/Get/Have/Use: Fab Stuff from The Soap and Paper Factory (review)

This just in: The holidays are coming.

This also just in: I have not done one single holiday thing yet. So far I have managed to write about the holidays, make holiday gift suggestions, and browse holiday items; but I have not done one smidgen of actual preparation.

But since it's Friday, I have vowed to start some kind of holiday stuff this very night. First, I'm going to start learning the holiday music that I'm supposed to be singing next week. Then I'm also going get the ball rolling by setting out some fab items from The Soap and Paper Factory.

Room Spray (in Roland Pine)

Blurb: mmmmm! Never will you smell a room spray like Roland! You will literally feel as though you are in a pine forest in Heaven! Enjoy!

I love this fragrance for the holidays! It smells exactly like a winter pine forest. It's clean, fresh and really festive. A fresh pine scent is also great because it's kind of "gender neutral." Since it's neither manly or girly, it works for both.

Soy Candle (in Geranium)

Blurb: Natural and pure, enjoy the luxe Soap and Paper Factory soy candle. Clean burning, beautifully scented and "green"!

Soy candles are the bomb! They burn clean and there's no sootiness. Geranium is a gorgeous and sophisticated fragrance. Really versatile and great for almost any occasion.

Aromatic Room Diffuser (in Gardenia)

Blurb: NEW!! Finally, a diffuser! Surround your envioment with our lovely fragrances! Our petite diffusers are oil based, biodegradable and phthalate free! Get one for every room!

I love this for everyday -- especially during cold months when the windows are closed and the air needs a bit of fragrance assistance. A diffuser is no muss, no fuss (and no flame); and works especially well when the heat is on. The Gardenia scent is subtle (but still kind of sexy and tropical). This is also an excellent hostess gift.

Shea Butter Soaps (in Roland Pine and Jasmine)

Blurb: Hooray! By popular demand, a smaller bar of soap! All natural ingredients and shea butter makes this bar of soap a skin softening extravaganza! All we are thinking here is soft, supple skin! We're so excited to introduce this bar with our new logo!! Check it out and remember, Never Shower Alone!

I know these aren't room fragrances or anything, but I'm putting out a bar of Roland Pine soap for my guests this season (again, the pine scent works for both men and women). And the Jasmine (Jasmine!) soap is all for me. These all natural soaps are loaded with shea butter. They clean well and make skin buttery soft.

The Soap and Paper Factory website has an amazing assortment of gorgeous things to give (or keep). Bath and Body products, solid perfumes, room fragrances, note cards, thank you notes and scented drawer liners are just a few. You can also visit Gift Factory and find out how to have custom gifts created.

Happy Friday!

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