Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Anti-Frazzle: Fresh Sugar Lemon Body Lotion (review)

In addition to not being quite ready to let go of summer, I’m also completely frazzled. I’m getting ready for a trip and I still haven’t packed.’s already 8:00 pm, and I have to get up at 4:00 am tomorrow morning. Ouch.

This seems like just about the right time to talk about some "feel good beauty" from Fresh.

Sugar Lemon Body Lotion

Blurb: Sugar Lemon Body Lotion with sugar cane extract and mango seed oil melts into your skin. This luxurious effective formula is enriched with restorative shea butter, antioxidant-rich lychee extract, vitamins C and E and brown sugar, which has a moisturizing and skin-perfecting properties. Sugar Lemon Body Lotion has a bright effervescent fragrance that combines zesty citrus notes and fruity florals with sensual undertones.

Mmmmmm! All of the Sugar Lemon items from Fresh smell heavenly. I like the Lotion because I get to indulge in a really bright, fresh scent as I’m applying it; and then it fades to a warmer, subtle, fruitiness that makes me happy all day.

The lotion is creamy, rich, absorbs quickly, and makes my skin really silky. And the softness lasts a very long time. It’s an instant, long-lasting way to feel extremely good.

You can check out all the delicious bath and body items on the website (along with the awesome, color, skincare, etc.). Take a look at what's new, browse the favorites section, or shop the gorgeous Eat, Pray, Love collection. Fresh is also sold at Barneys, Saks, and Sephora.

I won't be posting while I'm on my trip, so I'll see you all on Monday! Have a great weekend!

(ftc disclosure: received sample with purchase)

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Turn, turn, turn: Origins Gloomaway Grapefruit Bath Bar (review)

Today it really feels like Summer is over. This morning, I was talking to someone who lives slightly north of me; and he told me that the leaves where he lives are really starting to change. And when I walked outside, I saw a few leaves with a slightly reddish tinge. It was also overcast and drizzly today…and the smell of Autumn was in the air.

In about a week or so, I’ll be thrilled at the beautiful leaves and the crisp air. I’ll also be thrilled that I get to wear deep, gorgeous fall colors (and that my makeup stays put instead of melting off). But for now, I’m a little bit sad. There are a lot of good things ahead; but it’s been a gigantic summer, and I kind of hate to say goodbye.

So…I feel like talking about something a little bit perky at the moment. Maybe a refreshing treat from Origins.

Gloomaway Grapefruit Bath Bar

Blurb: Nature raises the bar. Let lively Grapefruit create a sense of optimism and contentment from top to toe. Rinses easily and leaves skin soap-free.

There’s an awesome sales girl at the Origins counter in the local Macy's (Willow Grove, PA). She suggested the Gloomaway line when I told her how much I loved citrus. I took a whiff in the store, and knew I was going to take something home. I picked the bath bar because I love bar soaps; and because I already have a ton of moisturizers and shower gels.

I'm so glad I got this! First…it’s an excellent bar. The lather is wonderful and fluffy, it rinses away easily, and my skin feels clean and balanced afterwards. But the real reason to bring one home is the fragrance. It’s fresh, bright, clean, just a little bit sweet, and very grapefruity! It’s a great start for a gloomy morning (or even a nice morning for that matter). It’s also nice for a relaxing evening shower when you want to feel squeaky clean before getting into bed. Yummmm!

There’s an entire fabulous collection of Gloomaway bath and body items on the website. And right now you can get a free starter set with any skincare purchase. Check out the store locations page if you want to inhale the freshness for yourself.

And for those of you who need a little more perspective (or just a bit of fine 60’s pre-MTV groove); here’s Turn, Turn, Turn from The Byrds

(ftc disclosure: purchased myself)

Monday, September 27, 2010

Coming Up…um…Roses: Rosie Jane Eye Define (review)

Happy Monday everyone! This is going to be a short week for me, but I’m planning to fill it up with tons of cool beauty info. Let’s start out the week with a fabulous liner I just tried from Rosie Jane Cosmetics.

Eye Define (in “Beech Tree”)

Blurb: Rosie Jane Johnston has now expanded the line to include the much anticipated Eye Defines. These revolutionary eye liners are a collection of richly hued pencils designed to give contrast to the already loved Rosie Jane Eye Hints. The luscious formula glides on perfectly, without dragging across the fragile skin of the eye area. They deliver bold, clear, true colour that easily blends and defines. With a wind up slant top it makes the application of eye liner seem effortless. These pencils are a must have in any woman's make up bag to help make her eyes the centre of attention.

I love this liner!!! It came in my last BeautyFix kit, and I finally got around to trying it last week. It’s awesome.

First, the slanted tip is a really unique feature. It makes a precise cat eye very easy; and it also allows me to quickly draw a big bold line. It also keeps its shape without a sharpener.

The formula is excellent. It’s silky, smooth, pretty, and goes on evenly. There’s no skipping or dragging, and it’s highly pigmented – so it covers in one swipe. “Beach Tree” is a rich, flattering brown with a nice shimmer. The color blends easily, and is long-wearing once it sets. All that’s needed is…more colors!

Now I’m all curious to try out some of the other products on the website. (Especially the Eye Hints.) Check out the retailers page if you want to have a look in person.

(ftc disclosure: purchased myself)

Friday, September 24, 2010

Hair Care Friday: Ojon Tunu Elastik Flexible Hairspray (review)

Happy almost weekend, everyone! Since there are only 10 minutes left of Friday, I’m going to get right to it. Today’s lovely hair care item comes to us from Ojon.

Tunu Elastik Flexible Finishing Hairspray

Blurb: A one-of-a-kind finishing spray that adds incredible fullness, control and shine with a true flexible hold to any hair type. Enhanced with specially hand harvested Tunu Elastik™ and Swa™ extracts and Broccoli Seed oil. Enriched with exclusive Ojon® oil. This formula contains a rare wildcrafted elastic fiber extract called Tunu Elastik™ – the same rare extract used by the Tawira known as “the people of beautiful hair™” of Central America for over 500 years.

Wow. This spray did absolutely everything it claimed to do. Sometimes I need more hold; but I don’t like stiffness (who does). I was amazed at how well it held and how movable, flexible, shiny and soft my hair felt. I could even run my fingers through it. There was no oiliness, no stickiness, no stiffness and it washed out in a snap. Fab!

Take a look at the website (I recommend visiting the special offers page or checking out the rituals for each hair type). Ojon is also available at Sephora, Ulta and Nordstrom (check the where to buy section for local shops and salons).

Have a great weekend, everyone!

(ftc disclosure: sample/product received from manufacturer or representative)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Your Thursday Face: CG Smoothers SPF 15 Tinted Moisture (review)


Don't I write a fair amount of stuff having to do with travel-worthy items and things that work well for trips? (Answer: Yes I do.) Wouldn't that make you think I’ve gotten pretty good at packing up my beauty products? (Answer: Yes it would.) But this weekend, I was about an hour into my trip when I suddenly realized I'd packed everything except my foundation. I used it in the morning, and forgot to pack it. So…no foundation.


Luckily, I realized this before spotting a nice big sign for Target. So I was able to fix the situation pretty easily. And I had a perfect excuse to try out a fine item from COVERGIRL.

CG Smoothers Tinted Moisture (SPF 15)

Blurb: Designed with AquaCurrent Science, this lightweight moisturizer with SPF 15 has a sheer tint of color to help even-out skin tone and hydrate skin. Its sunscreen provides UVA/UVB protection from everyday sun exposure, while the Gel Complex formula glides on for a barely-there coverage that's fresh and smooth.

I’d heard great things about this product, so I decided to give it a try. I was absolutely thrilled. It went on easily and smoothly, felt weightless and made my skin feel refreshed and hydrated. The coverage was sheer, evened out my skin tone, and looked very natural. It did an excellent job of neutralizing redness too. The finish is fresh and dewy without being shiny. It’s also oil free, and has a bit of SPF. Oh – and it was about $7!!!

I’m a big fan of beauty websites, and COVERGIRL’s is mighty good. (I recommend you get colormatched, or find out how to audition for The Casting Call.) Cover Girl is sold in drugstores, grocery stores, and at Target, Ulta, Walgreens, CVS, duane reade, and

(ftc disclosure: purchased myself)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

From the Land of Awesomeness: DERMAdoctor MED e TATE (review)

Hello everyone! I have been looking forward to my beauty blog time all day long. Let’s get to it with something thoroughly awesome (as mentioned above) from DERMAdoctor.

MED e TATE injection-free medicated hyperhidrosis control wipes

Blurb: MED e TATE your way to blissfully dry existence with a technique so simple, it merely requires a single stroke of a towelette. Alleviates the need for cumbersome anti-sweating devices, ineffective topical prescriptions, drowsiness-inducing Rx meds and costly and painful Botox injections or invasive surgery. Purify the being and eliminate embarrassing excessive sweating and wetness. This harmonious union of dermatologist recommended antiperspirant therapy and innovative "needle-free" technology, replaces a perspiration-filled reality with a supremely dry state of consciousness. DERMAdoctor MED e TATE contains a patent pending formulation of newest generation antiperspirant therapy with a blend of botanicals that work synergistically to maximize hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) control.

Now if you read the title of this post; you probably think I really loved this product. Well...yes. Yes I did.

For one thing, the individually wrapped towelettes are perfect for storing anywhere: purse, gym bag, glove compartment, overnight bag, beach bag, desk drawer, carry-on luggage (you get the idea). This is exactly the sort of thing where a discreet, portable, convenient packet makes total sense.

For another thing, it totally works. Yes it does. I don’t have extremely severe perspiration problems; but there are many times when it’s hot outdoors (or the heat is cranked up indoors), and I start getting really shiny. The wipes worked great on my underarms, upper lip and hairline. They were especially effective in the…um…underwire (and/or cleavage) area. There was no white residue, the formula was non-irritating, and there was no strange smell.

I got the most dramatic benefits, though, the night I went dancing. I love to dance, but my face tends to look like I stood under a shower afterwards. I used a towelette, and the difference was amazing. I was a little bit dewy, but that was it. Fabulous!

DERMAdoctor has a really fun website. In addition to their own products, you can browse a whole bunch of other brands. Don’t miss the special offers section or the Best Sellers page. I also recommend that you take some time to play with the DERMAwizard. DERMAdoctor is also available at Sephora and

And for some extra fun…check out the E! News video:

(ftc disclosure: sample/product received from manufacturer or representative)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I'm Back (Finally)! AMORE Natural Protector SPF 30 (review)

Hey everyone – I meant to start feeling pretty again yesterday (after my weekend trip); but blogging duties had to wait another day. I can’t believe this was supposed to be my “relaxing month.” Ha! Things have been crazier than ever! But I only have one more trip at the end of the month, and then it’s back to “normal” life again.’s time for another ifp PSA about how just because summer is on the way out, it doesn’t mean that it’s time to put away the sunscreen. Even though the weather is cooler; that big yellow ball in the sky is still shining down; and protection is just as important as it was in August. But you know this. You’re all used to me going on (and on) about sunscreen by now. So let's skip right to a new fabulous find from AMORE PACIFIC.

Natural Protector (SPF 30/PA+++)

Blurb: Formulated with effective anti-oxidant and hydrating botanical extracts, this oil-free sunscreen protects against the damaging effects of the environment, pollution and casual sun exposure. Nourishing botanicals fused with sunscreens provides effective UVA/UVB protection to promote and protect healthy looking skin. Oil and perspiration absorbing particles maintain a long lasting, radiantly matte appearance. Stabilized Bamboo Sap, naturally rich in minerals and amino acids provides effective energizing and hydration. Tocopherol and Carrot Root Extract offers protective, anti-oxidant benefits. Oil-Free.

This is a fine, fine product! I don’t know why this isn’t also marketed as a primer because it’s an excellent one - and it also provides awesome SPF 30/PA+++ sun protection. It goes on easily, leaves no white cast, has a matte finish, looks great under foundation, controls oil, doesn’t cause breakouts, contains antioxidants, smells nice, and hydrates. Really. It does. I tried it. And I am thrilled to bits at how well it worked!

Take a look at the fabulous website. In addition to the cool products, there are nifty events and promotions pages to browse. AMOREPACIFIC is also available at Sephora, Bergdorf Goodman and Neiman Marcus.

(ftc disclosure: sample/product received from manufacturer or representative)

Friday, September 17, 2010

Hair Care Friday: Moroccanoil Hydrating Styling Cream (review)

Sorry I’ve been MIA so much this week! In addition to the usual craziness, I’ve been trying to get a ton of stuff done before I leave on my trip today. Last night (and the night before), I just plain ran out of time. But I couldn’t miss Hair Care Friday!

While everyone is concentrating on Fashion Week and Manhattan; my attention is on a trip to upstate New York this weekend. Madness! Way too much to do - and way too small a suitcase. Of course if I left out the toiletries, I might have a little more room – but why on earth would I do that? In addition to products made and packaged especially for travel, I also like to use more travel-worthy versions of products I use at home. Today’s hair friendly, suitcase friendly item is from Moroccanoil.

Hydrating Styling Cream

Blurb: Moroccan Oil Hydrating Styling Cream from the Moroccanoil series is a leave in styling cream made with pure Argan oil. For hundreds of years Argan oil has been used by women in Morocco to treat hair and nails in order to counteract the effects of the hot climate. The Argan tree, found only in the South West of Morocco called Argana; blossoms in the desert-like conditions and produces fruits much like olives yet larger and rounder. Inside the fruit grows a large nut that houses up to three almond-shape kernels which are the source of this miraculous oil. Pure Argan oil conditions and hydrates hair. Elimates frizz. Adds definition and brilliant shine. Effective and versatile for all hair types.

Ever since I tried their Oil Treatment, I’ve been a huge fan of everything Moroccanoil. I’m taking along the shampoo and conditioner this weekend; and instead of bringing the Original Oil Treatment along, I’m taking this Styling Cream.

It’s an excellent leave-in. It makes my hair super soft, tames frizz; and keeps my curls shiny and bouncy when I just scrunch and air dry (which is the plan for this weekend). It’s also a lot more portable than the oil treatment; and it’s fabulous for days when I’m outside a lot, and my hair needs a bit of “refreshing” from time to time (or just before going out).

As always, I highly recommend you check out the website. Take a look at the season trends, events, or locate a salon.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

(ftc disclosure: sample/product received from manufacturer or representative)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Pretty and Easy: Lierac Paris DIOPTI DÉMAQ Eye Makeup Remover (review)

Yikes – I am tired. The week is only two days old and I’m cooked. We have a lot of days off this month, so we’re trying to squeeze in a whole lot of stuff in a little bit of time. I’m glad for the extra time off…but it’s kinda hard. So I’m offsetting the “kinda hard” part of the week with something that’s super easy. And super good. From Lierac Paris.

Diopti Démaq Gentle Eye Makeup Remover

Blurb: With floral water of rose, cornflower and mallow extract, this crystal-clear gel gently removes makeup from eyelids and lashes without leaving an oily film. Vitamin B5 and keratin derivatives help prevent the loss of lashes and restore their strength, suppleness and thickness. High-tolerance formula. Opthalmologically tested.

I'm very fussy about eye makeup removers, and I really loved this one. It’s a light, clear gel; and it got rid of my eye makeup in 2 gentle swipes (2 swipes per eye, that is). It cleaned thoroughly, and there was no oiliness, stickiness, residue or irritation.

My lids felt very soothed, and there was slightly cool/fresh sensation. And based on a clinical study, 88% found that it helped prevent lashes from falling out. Now that's pretty awesome.

If you want to learn more, take a look at the website. There’s a whole lot of other cool stuff (check out the Promotions section). You can order online or check out the store locator and events page for places to shop. Lierac is available in European Skincare Centers (at select CVS/pharmacy and Duane Reade locations),, and

(ftc disclosure: sample/product received from manufacturer or representative)

Monday, September 13, 2010

Congratulations to Kristi K – the winner of my Misikko giveaway!

You’ll be receiving two fabulous hair care products from the folks at Misikko (reviewed earlier this month).

Thanks to everyone who entered, and special thanks to the folks at Misikko for partnering with me!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Hair Care Friday: Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk and Hair Milk Lite (review)

First – love and healing thoughts to my dear, wonderful friend who is recovering from walking pneumonia. If you have a moment, please send some good vibes his way.

Second – sorry about missing yesterday’s post. The entire day got re-arranged at the last minute; and my scheduled blogging activities had to go by the wayside.

The last two days have been pretty stressful. I’m worried about a couple of my friends; and it’s hard when people I care about are having trouble, and there isn’t much I can do to help. I’m doing my best to send support and love their way; and I’m also trying very hard to distract myself so I don’t smother them with my worrying.

Although it doesn’t fix anything, taking little breaks to count my blessings, find little things to do, and/or give myself a little pampering go a long way towards feeling better when there’s nothing I can actually accomplish. Today’s distractingly nurturing hair care items are from Carol's Daughter.

Hair Milk - The Original Curl Definer (previously reviewed)

Blurb: For already-defined curls that need control. The same formula that people have loved for 15 years! A quenching, fast-absorbing lotion that defines, tames, and restores luster to natural curls while conditioning. Leaves curls soft, bouncy and manageable.

Hair Milk Lite (New) - The Curl Booster

Blurb: For wavy hair and curls that need more definition. A curl-boosting, weightless hair lotion that's adapted from the brand's famous original formula. Boosts and defines your curls. Tames frizz.

I’ve been a fan of the original Hair Milk for years. I think everyone with curly hair needs to have a bottle of this (I often keep a small bottle in my bag). It’s fabulous for taming frizz, and it also works to soften and add shine to curls when the weather is dry. The Hair Milk Lite is an awesome addition. Now that my hair is getting longer, some of the curls are turning to waves, and the Lite version is great for getting a little curl boost.

Both products add lots of shine and moisture, condition the scalp, and contain cocoa butter, shea butter and vitamin C. They’re also free of parabens, petroleum, mineral oil and artificial color.

Take a look at the website. There’s an entire Hair Milk collection worth browsing, as well as Lisa's picks and the Good Buys page. Carol’s Daughter is also available at Macy's, Sephora and HSN.

Have a great weekend!

(ftc disclosure: sample/product received from manufacturer or representative)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Your Personal Morning Spa: Liz Earle Energising Body Wash, Scrub & Hip and Thigh Gel (review)

This is for the mornings when it feels like you have to peel yourself out of bed. You know…those mornings. Step right this way for a little spa detour…from Liz Earle.

Spa Step 1: Energising Body Wash

Blurb: Start your day with this revitalising all-over wash. Pure plant extracts and gentle foaming agents from corn and coconut clean and refresh, while sweet orange and 8 pure essential oils delicately fragrance your skin.

Spa Step 2: Energizing Body Scrub (previously reviewed)

Blurb: This uplifting, invigorating and refreshingly scented Body Scrub exfoliates and cleanses, leaving your skin renewed, revitalised and super-smooth.

Spat Step 3: Energising Hip and Thigh Gel

Blurb: Energise your circulation and help eliminate toxins by massaging our stimulating gel into hips, thighs, tummies and arms for smoother, more toned skin.

I used the Body Scrub a while back and absolutely loved it. Eventually I got around to trying all three items from the Energising Range, and realized how amazing they are together.

The Body Wash is my absolute favorite of the three. The fragrance (lots of rose and sweet orange) is gorgeous; and the gel cleaned well, rinsed easily and left my skin feeling petal smooth. If you’re in a rush, a quick shower with this Body Wash is an instant pick-me-up.

If you have a little more time, though, follow up with the other two. The scrub is gentle, effective, also smells wonderful, and is super moisturizing. I’ve never used a Hip and Thigh gel, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I applied it all over and got more softness, and yet another lovely fragrance layer (this one is light and spicy). All three products moisturize and the fragrances are feminine and invigorating. Using them together makes me feel rejuvenated and very pampered.

For more info, check out the website (and the new Autumn and Winter Offer).

(ftc disclosure: sample/product received from manufacturer or representative)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Sephora by O∙P∙I Chic Print for Nails (review)

Today was just stuffed full of things that needed to be done. An exceptionally frivolous beauty break is in order; but it will have to be a short one. Check out the frivolity from Sephora by O∙P∙I.

Chic Print for Nails

Blurb: A breakthrough array of precut nail patches for extraordinary nails, instantly! This innovative line, brewed by Minx (and loved by your favorite celebrities) creates customized nails, featuring fierce patterns and prints to satisfy your wildest mani-and-pedi dreams. Dress your tips with your favorite design: anchor, stars, checkers, tiger, fishnet, chrome lace, black & gold geometric, or skulls. One set of Chic Print for Nails contains 16 nail patches of varying widths, for a one-time application to fingers or toes. The patent-pending material removes easily by rubbing and peeling off.

These are a perfect fit for a short post. They’re really cool, really easy and they look great! I got them in “chrome lace” - a silver lace design against a white background. They were easy to apply, looked hot, and stayed on all night. And since I don’t particularly want to have “chrome lace” nails every place I go; I’m also happy to report that they came off immediately once I was ready for my regular nails again. What’s not to like?

Do I even need to direct you to the website? Even though I’m sure it’s on your “Favorites” list by now; I should at least remind you about both the weekly specials section and the fab sale page. You can also check them out by visiting your local Sephora in person.

Happy Tuesday and good night!

(ftc disclosure: purchased myself)

Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day/End of Summer Fun: Make A Scarf Halter Top

I know this has nothing to do with makeup or skincare, but I’m posting this because it’s awesome. Now that summer is nearly over, I can’t really justify buying any more summer clothes. But guess what – a lot of my clothes don’t fit (due to weight loss – yeah!); and I’m getting pretty bored with the clothes that are left.

Enter my fun, cute, super thrify idea to perk up a wardrobe: Scarf Halter Top!

I tried this using a lightweight pashmina (which can revert to its pashmina status once fall comes). You can also try this with a few inexpensive remnants from the fabric store. The trick is to make sure you have a fairly sturdy fabric (without too much slip) that is both long enough and wide enough. I didn’t even need bra cups – the fabric and tie provided plenty of support and coverage

Here’s a how-to video:

Another great idea is the Scarf Bandeau.

I couldn’t find many pictures online, but basically you wrap a scarf around you and tie a knot in front (most of the support comes from the knot). If your scarf is extra long, you can bring the ends up and tie them around your neck. It’s that easy and super cute!

Happy Labor Day!

InStyler Giveaway Winner!

Congratulations to Vanessa L. – the winner of my InStyler giveaway!

You’ll be receiving a fabulous InStyler. I loved using this (check out my
review); and I’m thrilled I got to host a giveaway too!

Thanks to everyone who entered, and special thanks to the folks at InStyler for partnering with me!

(If you missed the giveaway – don’t worry! There’s another one going on right this very minute!)

Labor Day Loveliness: Bobbi Brown Black Velvet Collection

Check out the newest edgy fabulousness from Bobbi Brown…

Bobbi Brown Black Velvet Collection

Feeling Fierce?
Give Us 5 Minutes. We’ll Give You an Edge.

“Yes, sooty lids and goth lips look great on the runway—but how do you make them work for real life? By infusing plum, cherry and maple tones with black and giving them a translucent texture, I created shades that are strong, powerful and a little shocking—but also wearable and sophisticated.” - Bobbi Brown

Metallic Eye Shadow: Now in three new almost-black shades. Metallic Eye Shadow combines rich, high pigment color with intense shimmer. Each shade applies smoothly and evenly, and stays crease-free for all-day wear. Now available in: Black Berry, Black Cocoa, and Black Charcoal.

Eye Shadow: Bobbi’s original silky-matte formula, now available in two new powerful, almost-black shades. Layer and blend for drama and definition. Each shade also makes a great powder eyeliner. Now in two new shades: Black Charcoal and Black Chocolate.

Limited-Edition Sparkle Eye Shadow: Bobbi’s grown-up take on glitter. This lightweight formula lights up your eyes with a combination of shimmering pearls and fine glitter. Thanks to its creamy, translucent base, it glides on smoothly and won’t crease or travel south. Now available in Black and Black Velvet.

New Limited-Edition Kohl Eyeliner: Line, define and shade your eyes with Bobbi’s new Kohl Eyeliner. This silky-smooth formula delivers dense, even and blendable pigment so lining your lids super close to your lashline (without that annoying gap) just got easy. Also great smudged along top and lower lashes for a smoky effect. Available in Black, Black Chocolate, and Black Plum.

Lip Color: Bobbi’s original formula treats lips to rich color with a soft-matte finish. Infused with Vitamins E and C as well as Beeswax, it also moisturizes and comforts lips. Now in two bold new shades. Now available in Black Maple and Black Raspberry.

Metallic Lip Color: Metallic Lip Color combines high-shine emollients and light-reflective pearls for multi-dimensional shimmer that has a soft and creamy feel with medium coverage. Now available in Black Garnet

Limited Edition Lip Gloss: Wear it on its own for sheer color or swipe it on top of lipstick for extra shine. Bonus: Lip Gloss is infused with soothing botanical extracts to keep lips healthy and soft. Now available in Black Chocolate

Creamy Lip Color: Creamy Lip color combines rich color with comfortable, long-lasting wear and a soft, creamy shine. With emollient shea butter and plant-derived skin conditioners, this amazing formula glides on smooth, wears all day, and leaves lips soft and moisturized. Now in two dramatic new shades: Black Mahogany and Black Cherry


Labor Day Loveliness: Lierac Paris DIOPTI DÉMAQ

Wow – this looks pretty fabulous. I’m always on the lookout for makeup removers that keep my lashes conditioned…


A Gentle Eye Makeup Remover that Strengthens Eyelashes

Longer, thicker, fuller lashes.

With the increased trend of eyelash serums and eyelash strengthening mascaras, Lierac Paris introduces the first eye makeup remover to not only gently remove makeup, but to also strengthen eyelashes: DIOPTI DEMAQ

The new addition will be added to the 5 existing DIOPTI eye-contour products in September 2010.

Active Ingredients:

- Extracts of linden and mallow have calming, anti-inflammatory and softening properties.
- Floral waters of rose and cornflower have astringent and hydrating properties.
- Keratin and Vitamin B5 help prevent the loss of lashes and restore their strength, suppleness and thickness.

Clinical Test Results

- Rapid makeup removal (including waterproof) 94%*
- Eye contour is moisturized 91%*
- Provides a sensation of freshness 94%*
- Helps prevent lashes from falling out 88%*
- Restrengthens lashes 88%*

*Based on a 28 day study on 32 female subjects. Ages 18- 63.


- Clinically-proven effectiveness tested under ophthalmologic control.
- NO Parabens, NO added fragrances, NO artificial colorings, NO phenoxyethanol.
- Alcohol-Free.
- Safe for sensitive skin and contact lens wearers.
- Non-sticky gel texture.

Diopti Démaq will be available Sept. 2010 in European Skincare Centers at select CVS/pharmacy and Duane Reade locations or online at, and 877-5LIERAC.


Labor Day Loveliness: Moroccanoil and Emily Blunt at the Emmys

Check out another awesome red carpet look…

Emily Blunt Emmys Hair. Laini Reeves. Moroccanoil.

Newlywed Emily Blunt, walking the red carpet at the 62nd Annual Primetime Emmy Awards with John Krasinski, glowed in a beautiful lavender-colored design by Dior and hair designed by her long-time stylist, London-born Laini Reeves, co-owner of the hot new Essensuals London Salon on Melrose Avenue in L.A.

Laini Reeves, who also styled the hair for Emily Blunt’s recent wedding, created a fresh yet sophisticated look inspired by the iconic finger waves of the 20s. She used lightweight, instantly-absorbed argan oil-infused Moroccanoil products to style Emily’s shoulder length layered hair into a beautiful waved design that fell slightly below the jawline on the sides, and with shorter, pincurled accents at the nape of the neck. (

How to get the look:

“We wanted to create a look that was very different from any that Emily had worn before. Once I saw the gown, I knew that a modern look based on the waved looks of the 20’s was the perfect compliment for the design.

- I first shampooed Emily’s hair with Moroccanoil Moisture Repair Shampoo to leave it soft, shiny and well conditioned for the intricacies of styling.

- After mixing a cocktail of Moroccanoil Intense Curl Cream and the original Moroccanoil Treatment, I worked the blend from the middle to the ends of the hair to control ends and flyaways and provide natural-looking, soft hold.

- Next, I made a low side-part on the right and then pincurled the hair in alternating patterns towards the left and behind the right side. Since Emily’s gown had a beautiful beaded accent on the right shoulder, I wanted to place the hair behind the ear to show this off. (I made the pincurls in the classic way, pinning three alternate rows of of them (anti-clockwise/clockwise/anti-clockwise).

- I then misted Moroccanoil Glimmer Shine Spray on Emily’s wet hair and let it air-dry for one hour while make-up was applied. I didn’t use a hairdryer this time since I didn’t want the hair to appear blown in any way. I wanted it to look authentic with all the ends nice and neat, so the waves would look softer yet controlled when they were brushed.

- Once Emily’s hair had air-dried, I released the pincurls and raked my fingers through her hair. I used a panel brush to keep her hair flat to the head so it wouldn’t disturb the root movement of the wave, and gently brushed from part to ends so her hair fell into a lovely wave.

- Finally, I shaped and styled the flow of the look by framing the left side of Emily’s face with a cascade of waves. (I placed a hidden pair pin to hold it in place.)

- To accent the look, I attached a diamond accessory in the hair above the right ear (I crossed two bobby pins, clipped on the earring, and sewed it in with silver thread).

- Since we wanted the style to look a bit shorter and also accent the nape of her neck, I created a pincurled, textured effect there at the nape.

- I finished the look with a quick mist of argan oil-infused Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray to give the hair a beautiful hold without compromising on softness, movement or shine.

Moroccanoil® products used to create Emily Blunt’s hair look: (

Moroccanoil® Treatment, a proprietary argan oil-infused formula, is exclusively designed to give hair a natural-looking silky, lustrous shine and a frizz- and static-free finish. It strengthens, conditions and revitalizes hair while significantly reducing drying time.

Moroccanoil Intense Curl Cream: a leave-in styling cream for beautiful, soft, and naturally shiny curls or waves. This breakthrough Argan Oil-infused formula hydrates the hair, offers soft hold, and is designed to enhance, smooth, define and help protect curly hair.

Moroccanoil® Glimmer Shine Spray creates an instant mist of long-lasting, incomparable shine while protecting hair from the damaging effects of UV light and free radicals.

Moroccanoil® Luminous Hairspray is argan oil-infused for lasting, healthy and natural-looking hold with shine.

Moroccanoil Moisture Repair Shampoo contains a rich formula that gently cleanses, protects and improves hair’s condition and repairs color-treated, highlighted or damaged hair, leaving it soft, smooth, shiny and full of body.

Moroccanoil is sold in fine salons and spas. For more information about Moroccanoil visit

Labor Day Loveliness: Fergie and Velecta Paramount Paris Dryers

For those of you searching for your HG hair dryer – this one looks mighty promising...

Fergie On Tour. Velecta Paramount Paris Dryers. Jason Medina.

The Black Eyed Peas' tour has been a smash worldwide and Fergie's beautiful costumes and on-stage hair looks have been getting rave reviews. Jason Medina is her longtime stylist and masterfully creates the fast-paced hairstyle changes required between sets, during concerts and throughout the tour.

Among the styling essentials which have been spotted in his tool kit is the Velecta Paramount Paris x:Q Onyx hairdryer, which has now become a fast favorite among top red carpet and editorial stylists.

Asked for his comments, Medina says, "I love this dryer! I even ordered EU versions for our European tour since I didn't want to be without it. Speed is really important to me backstage because there's so little time to get Fergie ready after a quick costume change between sections of the show. The Velecta Paramount Paris dryer works faster than anything else I've used, and believe me I've tried everything. It's not only powerful and lightweight, it's ergonomic and compact, which is great when we travel. I also like the fact that it's low EMF."

The model Jason Medina uses is the super-light Velecta Paramount Paris x:Q Onyx (hand-made in France) which delivers 2000 watts of power while radically reducing noise pollution. It features a remarkable airspeed of 81 mph, 60% faster drying time, and has the finest tourmaline and ceramic components available for negative ions and far infrared heat. It incorporates patented ergonomics to reduce stress on shoulders, wrists and elbows and has an energy-efficient, turbo charged, low EMF motor.

Velecta Paramount Paris is considered the finest line of luxury professional hair dryers in the world, and is the industry originator and global leader in noise reduction technology, faster drying speed and healthier hairdryers.

Velecta Paramount, founded in 1936, is France's oldest and most respected maker of hairstyling tools, with each hair dryer carefully made by hand by the same specialist -- unique in the industry.

For more details go to The Velecta Paramount Paris x:Q Onyx can be purchased at selected professional salons and spas in the US as well as through

Labor Day Loveliness: DERMAdoctor and Christa Miller

Turns out I’m not the only one who thinks DERMAdoctor completely rocks. Check it out…

Cougar Town’s Christa Miller Goes Wild for DERMAdoctor’s Med e Tate

It’s no secret that the ladies of Cougar Town are hot. But how do they stay dry during filming? By keeping DERMAdoctor Med E Tate wipes on hand in their makeup department.

Christa Miller is a huge fan of the wipes and the Makeup Department Head, Linda Choi, dished that, “DERMAdoctor Med e Tate wipes are a must-have in our makeup department. Not only are they great for preventing sweat stains and sweaty palms, but they also help to prolong makeup by keeping it from melting off!”

DERMAdoctor Med e Tate are injection-free mediated hyperhidrosis control wipes that allow for a blissfully dry existence. With just one swipe on the face, palms, soles, underarms or cleavage is all you need to look hot while staying dry. And the best part? It alleviates the need for costly and painful Botox injections or invasive surgery.

DERMAdoctor Med e Tate is available on and Sephora.

Labor Day Loveliness: New from Kohl’s

Take a look at the latest from Kohl's Beauty Brands (pretty)!


Labor Day Loveliness: Bio-Oil

I didn’t post this quite in time for the holiday weekend, but Bio-Oil is one of those incredibly versatile products that it’s always great to have in your beauty arsenal. Give this a read…

Lighten Up Your Load for the Long Weekend with Bio-Oil

Leave the laundry list of beauty products behind this weekend and give your toiletries bag a break: Bio-Oil can do it all.

Moisturize Dry Skin: Leave the bulky lotion bottle at home and bring along Bio-Oil instead. Don’t forget to apply an extra coat on your shins and arms to highlight a gorgeous tan.

Tame Frizzy Fly-Aways: Let’s face it—no one likes humidity. Bio-Oil can help tame those pesky fly-aways while giving your locks a healthy shine.

Soothe Nasty Sun Burn: We all do our best to lather up with SPF before heading out into the sun but if you do get burnt, go for Bio-Oil. The formula will soothe sunburn and prevent skin from peeling.

Hydrate Chapped Lips: Instead of taking the risk with your lip balm melting, why not dab some Bio-Oil on your pout? For an evening look, pat Bio-Oil on the middle of your lips to give your lipstick extra hydration.

Double as a Shaving Cream: Stay away from razor burn on the last official weekend of summer. Use Bio-Oil instead of shaving cream and moisturize legs while shaving.

Ensure Smooth Sunless Tanning Application: Before heading to the Hamptons, apply Bio-Oil generously over your body to avoid sunless tanning streaks and blotches.

Protect Hair from Chlorine: Run Bio-Oil over the tips of your hair to protect from chlorine exposure. Your blow-out will thank you later!


Labor Day Loveliness: LORAC Rock The Red Carpet Collection

Yet another yummy (limited edition) collection from LORAC. Take a look…

LORAC – Rock The Red Carpet Collection!

Available exclusively at, LORAC’s ROCK THE RED CARPET COLLECTION contains this season’s must-have beauty essentials hand-picked from Celebrity Makeup Artist, Carol Shaw. This limited-edition set features seven products all tucked into a chic makeup bag for ONLY $25 (with a $100 value!) and includes:

- 5 Mini Couture Shine Liquid Lipsticks in Haute, Couture, Glam, Sheer Luxe and Lavish
- Mini TANtalizer Baked Bronzer
- Bronzed Bombshell Eye Shadow Trio in Sand, Serenity and Bronze
- Purple Croc Makeup Bag

Don’t miss out on your all-access pass to Red Carpet beauty! Be sure to scoop it up while supplies last - it’s only available at for a limited time!

Labor Day Loveliness: Ouidad (and the Emmys)

One of the things I made sure to "accomplish" this weekend was getting caught up on all the back episodes of (Emmy-winning!!) Mad Men. I LOVE that show, and this season is thoroughly awesome. I’ve been so behind that I had to catch up with a little MM Marathon (not a bad thing at all).

Now to fuel the lust for Mad Men (and TV in general), check out some more red carpet awesomeness from Ouidad…

Curls on the Red Carpet at the Emmys

Trend Alert! Curls on Command at the 2010 Emmy Awards. The sexy starlets of Emmy nominated shows Mad Men, The Closer and Glee have more in common than hit series – each actress strutted down the red carpet last night with captivating curls.

To achieve star inspired strands try:

Ouidad Styling Mist: This light spray formula was designed with a dual purpose – to hold a style in place and as a setting spray to secure strands in a specific pattern or style. Perfect for a big night out - designed for long-lasting hold while allowing for movement, Styling Mist is never sticky, even on the most humid days.

Ouidad is available at and at certified Ouidad Salons, Sephora stores and

Labor Day Loveliness: Ouidad (and Elaine!)

OMG – I was just talking about that episode of Seinfeld the other day where Elaine “dances.” Check out all the awesome Elainification

“Get Elaine-isized”

As the New York Times recently reported the hottest style on the streets of NYC is inspired by the ultimate New Yorker, Elaine Benes from Seinfeld! Her signature 90’s inspired style featuring floral skirts, masculine blazers and signature curls are back and better than ever.

Trendsetters like Chloe Sevigny have been spotted sporting mini floral 90’s inspired rompers and Kim Kardashian puts a sexy spin on menswear. The best part of the return to this off-beat look… her fabulous curls are back too! The one thing that no one could argue about Elaine’s style was that her perfectly coifed, long flowing dark locks were signature and stunning. Today we see stars like Anna Lynn McCord rocking the same sexy look.

To Get the Look Try:

Urban Outfitters Silence & Noise Boyfriend Blazer

Ouidad “The Queen of Curl” a stylist and a global educator with salons in Santa Monica and New York City weighs in on the 90’s rewind curl phenomenon saying “The poker straight look is done, women are embracing and celebrating their curls and texture again – it is a beautiful thing!

Curl Quencher Styling Gel: This unique, 2-in-1 light hold, moisturizing styling gel helps to both plump and hydrate curls. It smoothes and defines curls, while at the same time adding just the right amount of hold.

Ouidad is available at and at certified Ouidad Salons, select Sephora stores and

Forever 21 Flirty Floral Dress


Labor Day Loveliness: RapidLash

Hi Everyone! I don’t have a review today, but there’s plenty to read. I’ll be announcing the winner of my InStyler Giveaway later on as well as posting a cute summer wardrobe idea.

Also...I’ve been getting tons of launch and product information for Fall that I didn’t get to post last week (due to insane busy-ness). So I’m going to make sure and share it all with you today. Let’s get started with some fine news for your lovely lashes!

Fall in Love—with Your Own Lashes

As summer comes to a close, put RapidLash to the test and enhance your own eyelashes by fall. In just 4 weeks, you could have fuller lashes just in time to complement the hottest fall fashion trends.

Its super simple- just apply every night before bed and you’ll start to see longer lashes in just a short while. And remember- no need to worry about crazy side effects, various clinical studies and tests have been conducted to ensure its safety and efficacy. So what are you waiting for? Time to fall into beautiful lashes!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Hair Care Friday: Misikko, Hanna and CHI (review and new GIVEAWAY)

Hooray – it’s Friday! It’s also Hair Care Friday! And I’m also hosting another Giveaway! It’s a trifecta of awesomeness.

Today’s giveaway is being sponsored by Misikko. Misikko carries the best flat iron for just about any need, an awesome assortment of professional hair dryers, and a huge selection of top quality hair care products. I got to check out the two items for the giveaway.

Hana Shine Shield

Blurb: Shine Shield is the latest product in a line committed to safe, effective heat styling. Shine Shield is a thermal serum that can be used as a leave-in conditioner - lightweight and never greasy, it protects and strengthens hair whether you use it with a flat iron, hair dryer or alone. Shine Shield contains the natural magic of Jojoba oil for its superb qualities of deep moisturization, fast absorption into hair follicles and scalp, and unparalleled shimmer & shine.

CHI Silk Infusion

Blurb: CHI Silk Infusion™ - Reconstructing Complex is specially formulated for thermal styling and hair repair. CHI Silk Infusion contains no alcohol, so it won't dry your hair out as a leave in treatment - and it'll leave your hair with the head-turning, lustrous shine of pure silk.

I loved both of these products. I’ve been experimenting with a lot of styling tools; and I’m finding out that the right protectants and leave-in products make a huge difference. The Hana Shine Shield is incredibly light weight. I was surprised at how quickly it absorbed (due in part to the jojoba), and how good my hair felt after I straightened it. There was no greasy feel, but my hair felt soft all day. The CHI Silk Infusion is a thoroughly awesome leave-in. I got great shine (even post-flat-iron), and wonderful frizz-control.

Now you can win both of these products and try them out for yourself. Thanks for sponsoring this fab giveaway, Misikko!

How to enter: Send an email to me at with a comment about any of my 2010 posts. Put "Misikko Giveaway" in the subject line; and put the post title and your comment in the body of the email. You have as many chances to win as I have posts this year (just send each one in a separate email). You can also get bonus entries by following Misikko on Twitter (, blogging about the giveaway or signing up for the Misikko Newsletter (worth 3 extra entries). Just send a separate email with each bit of info or link.

I'll accept entries through Friday, September 10 (11:59pm Eastern), and I’ll email the winner on Sunday, September 12. The winner will have 72 hours to respond. If no response, I’ll move to the next randomly selected person. U.S. and Canadian residents only and GOOD LUCK!

In the meantime, you can also check out the giant selection of other items on the website (I spent way too much time browsing Ed Hardy). And be sure to check out the deals in the Back to School section.

And of course – have a wonderful, wonderful weekend!

(ftc disclosure: sample/product received from manufacturer or representative)