Thursday, December 23, 2010

Worth A Thousand Words…Holiday Fun From Our Sponsors!

I’m getting ready to head on out west to see my family, so I won’t be posting until just before the New Year. Just in case the holiday stress is getting a little intense, here are a few funny vintage ads that made me smile. Enjoy!

This ad proves that some things are timeless. What could be more homey and festive than twinkling electric holiday lights? And by all means, let the baby play with them!

These ads always crack me up. Of course “Mom” wants Tupperware for Christmas! Don’t let those beauty mongers convince you otherwise!

Again…more proof that women dream of nothing but household tasks all year long. (This advertisement also confirms that Mrs. Santa was a total hottie back in the day.)

And lest you think only American women live for domestic chores, check out this ad from “across the pond.”

Okay…now we’re talking. She just got a Cadillac for Christmas! You know why? Because her food is stored properly, her husband’s shirts are perfectly ironed, and the rugs in her home are immaculate!

Occasionally, it’s one of those Christmases where everyone already has everything they need. What to do? Matching family pajamas! Don’t “Dad” and “Brother” look “neat” wearing pink? If the boss stops by, Dad could be in for some serious ribbing at the water cooler. But Brother had better hope none of the kids from school pay a visit…or he’s toast for the rest of the school year.

The next year, “Mom” wised up and everyone got…FIREARMS! Way to go, Mom!

Boys and girls, ignore all those people who tell you to stay in school and work hard. This is how you get to be president!

Speaking of celebrity endorsements…I wonder if they had the same power as they do nowadays. This may have been the year that a nation full of confused loved ones heard faint cries of “help me,” and hurried down the stairs on Christmas morning to find “Mom” parked under the tree, glamorously arrayed, yet unable to get up (due to being weighed down by several tons of couture fabric).

The following year, “Dad” laid down the law, and “Mom” was only allowed to be extravagant from the neck up. “Dad” still looks concerned though. Don’t worry. He’ll cheer right up as soon as he finds out he got a gun for Christmas!

Hope you all enjoyed my little break from beauty.

And in addition to humor, I also hope that your holiday is full of warmth, love and more blessings than you can count!

Oh…and here's something pretty :) Happy Holidays!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Get This! Estée Lauder NEW Sumptuous Extreme Lash Multiplying Volume Mascara (rave review)

Even though I’m getting over my little virus; I’ve still got enough zip in me for a beauty review. Especially when it’s something this exciting! From Estée Lauder.

NEW Sumptuous Extreme Lash Multiplying Volume Mascara

Blurb: Lashes seem to multiply, magnify, grow to extremes. Three different high-volume fibers create audacious, false-lash effects. Extreme Bold Volume™ formula is a blend of three high-volume fibers in a mousse-light base. Acts like lash extensions multiplying and growing the look of lashes. Fortified with conditioning Lash-Advancing Vitamin Complex. Unique interlocking fibers build volume + length. Hollow fibers create massive volume, without weight. Ball fibers fill in and fill out even the sparsest lashes. Oversized BrushComber Extreme™ with two types of bristles-flexible fibers carry maximum formula; solid fibers comb and separate for clump-free definition.

The awesome just got awesomer - thank you Estée Lauder!

I’ve been a giant fan of EL’s Sumptuous mascara since I first tried it. Now I’m never without a tube. (I call it my “desert island” mascara.)

Guest what - this new incarnation is even better! It has all the benefits of the original formula, so it lifts, curls and gives me that flirty doe-eyed look. And…it ups the volume! Waaay up. I got loads of sexy, dramatic volume and no clumps. It also feels light weight, and still has the same great lasting power (no flakes or smudges).

Extreme Black was my favorite; and I also loved the limited edition Extreme Indigo (a deep flattering blue). This mascara is also available in Extreme Brown and Extreme Violet (limited edition). Fabulous!!!

As always, I recommend starting with a coat of EL’s Lash Primer Plus. I also recommend you visit the website for special offers, and shop the Holiday Gift Guide. Estée Lauder can also be found in fine department stores.

(ftc disclosure: sample/product received from manufacturer or representative)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Happy Winter! (Part 2): Nuxe Rêve de Miel Hand and Nail Cream (review)

In addition to my fun conversation last night, I also came down with a bug. Which means that today I’m resting as much as possible and drinking fluids like a good girl. I also have the heat turned up. That’s great for my sore throat and congestion, but not so great for my hands.

But...what a perfect excuse to discuss hand cream! From Nuxe Paris.

Rêve de Miel Hand and Nail Cream

Blurb: This repairing and non-greasy cream wraps damaged and sensitive hands with softness. Apply freely on hands and nails. Nourishing and protecting, this astounding cream will help you get heavenly hands. Its ultimate refinery comes from the fact that it also strengthens your nails and softens your cuticles. Active ingredients: Chilean Rose, Avocado and Sweet Almond Precious Oils nourish and fortify damaged tissues. Acacia Honey, with its natural repairing properties, provides elasticity to fragile skins.

I go through hand cream like crazy during the winter, so I get opportunities to try lots of different ones. Not all of them stand out, but this one certainly does. First – I really like the fresh herbal fragrance. It’s especially welcome during the winter.

What’s even more welcome, though, is how well this cream works. It instantly softens, smoothes and soothes. It also absorbs quickly and keeps my hands pretty and soft without any greasiness. I like that my hands look and feel better immediately. And it’s one of the few hand creams that made a noticeable difference on my cuticles.

This is the first time I’ve tried something from this company, and the website seems to have quite a few other lovely items worth checking out. If you visit, read about Nuxe’s philosophy too. Nuxe is also available at and

And just so we're fully winterized...

I can’t remember if I’ve posted this video before; but even if I have, it bears re-posting. Amy Winfrey has made some of the strangest, cutest, cleverest, funniest animation I’ve ever seen; and this is probably my favorite. Enjoy and Happy Winter!

(ftc disclosure: received as sample with purchase)

Happy Winter! (Part 1): Dr. Denese HydroShield Ultra Moisturizing Face Serum (review)

I meant to post this review yesterday, but ended up staying out late to have a fabulous conversation. So today there will be two reviews. Both of them for products to soothe dry, winter skin. Here’s our first lovely item. From Dr. Denese.

HydroShield Ultra Moisturizing Face Serum

Blurb: A Customer Choice Award winner supercharged hydrating serum that locks in moisture to drastically reduce the look of dry lines and wrinkles. It intensely moisturizes skin for a soft, supple, luminous, more youthful look. So if your skin feels dry by midday, you need HydroShield®. If you see more dry lines around the eyes, cheeks and mouth area, each and every year, you need HydroShield®. Remember: Dry skin equals wrinkled skin. Hydrated skin equals plump, dewy, youthful looking skin. Suitable for any skin types from dry to normal to dramatically and almost immediately change the look of dry lines on your face. If your skin is oily, place it only around the eyes and neck and on dry patches--not on the oily T-zone. HydroShield® is remarkably effective for skins with dry lines and wrinkles, as it locks in hydration to recreate the youthful look you once had.

This is one of the most hydrating serums I’ve ever used. If winter dryness is an issue for you; I highly suggest giving this a try. Ingredients like ceramides and retinol provide both anti-aging and moisturizing benefits.

When I used this serum, I found that it spread evenly, had a silky feel, and absorbed very quickly. There was no stickiness or slickness, but my skin felt very soothed and hydrated – and there was even a bit of plumping. My skin stayed very soft during the day – even when switching from dry, cold, outdoor air to dry, warm, indoor air. Excellent product!

Take a look at all of the HydroShield products on the website. There are also some great gift ideas to browse. Dr. Denese is also available through QVC.

(ftc disclosure: received as a sample with purchase)

Friday, December 17, 2010

Hair Care Friday: Cutler Specialist Cleanser + Conditioner with Olive Oil for Dry, Damaged Hair (review)

It’s Friday night and I have gotten almost nothing done on my “to do” list. I recently signed up for Netflix, and I spent waaay too much time adding things to my queue and watching old TV episodes on my computer. It’s pretty awesome. But not very productive. Especially when I’m supposed to be getting ready for my Christmas trip next week.

Okay. So I’m not quite ready to do anything yet; but maybe if I talk about one of the products I’m taking with me; it will get me started. Some nifty hair care from Cutler.

Specialist Cleanser + Conditioner with Olive Oil for Dry, Damaged Hair

Blurb: Why simply shampoo your hair when this one product can do so much more? This specially-formulated Cleanser + Conditioner is a revolutionary way to cleanse and achieve healthy-looking, shiny hair that's soft and bouncy - with just one product! Specially formulated for dry, damaged hair can be used in place of shampoo, conditioner, leave-in conditioner, de-tangler, anti-frizz, shaving cream and body wash. Single-step, detergent-free formula cleans, conditions and defrizzes hair without lather. Detergent-free formula helps minimize color-fading, loss of elasticity and natural oils. Helps add body and shine to hair. Leaves your hair looking and feeling beautiful and healthy.

Now I actually like all the gazillion beauty steps, like shampooing, conditioning, leave-in, etc., etc. However, the TSA has made it their business to stamp out both terrorism and good grooming. Trying to bring lots of bottles in my carry-on seems to cause all kinds of commotion; so I really make an effort to pare down my beauty regimen (I do it for America and to keep my fellow passengers from hating my guts).

This product is coming with me to Christmas! I used a smaller amount than recommended in the directions, and still got clean, shiny, soft hair. It cleaned well, conditioned well; and it’s detergent-free, so my color is safe. I also tried it as a body wash, and got excellent results. And it made a surprisingly good shaving cream!

Check out the rest of the products on their very cool fancy website. You can also find Cutler at HSN.

One of the things I’ve been watching tonight are old episodes from The Office. Here’s one of my favorite scenes ever…

Have a great weekend!

P.S.: Sorry I missed yesterday’s post.

(ftc disclosure: sample/product received from manufacturer or representative)

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Fresh-Faced Wednesday: (MALIN+GOETZ) Grapefruit Face Cleanser (review)

I’m still short on time today, but at least I’m getting my review in before sundown. Check out this fabulous cleanser from (MALIN+GOETZ).

Grapefruit Face Cleanser

Blurb: Our foaming cleansing gel synthesizes natural grapefruit extract with amino acid-based cleansing agents. Unlike traditionally harsh detergents that can be drying, stripping and irritating, this formula gently and thoroughly purifies and hydrates to ph balance all skin types, especially sensitive. Rinses residue free, eliminating the need for a toner. Perfect make-up removal. Natural fragrance and color. Easily integrated into daily maintenance and prevention regimen.

They’re eco-friendly, green, rely on natural apothecary style ingredients and work hard to minimize their carbon footprint. There’s a bunch of other conscientious stuff they do which you can read about here.

Of course none of that would be very interesting if this wasn’t an excellent cleanser. Luckily…it is an excellent cleanser. The bottle says it’s PH balanced for all skin types, and that may be the reason it feels so easy on my skin. We had a recent cold snap, and my skin has been really sensitive – but since I’m also prone to breakouts, a cleanser with lots of oils is not my friend.

This cleanser is surprisingly gentle, yet it cleans very effectively. My skin feels smooth and balanced after I rinse. It leaves my skin feeling super clean, but not dry or stripped. And it also has a fresh grapefruit scent!

Check out the website and browse all of the other planet-responsible items. There’s a great gifts section, an excellent travel page and a whole page of videos. And be absolutely sure to check out the Product Hounds.

(ftc disclosure: purchased myself)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Lashtastic Tuesday: Lancôme Cils Booster XL Mascara Base (review)

It’s been a hectic day followed by an evening on the phone. Whew. I need a nice beauty break before bed time. I’m thinking…Lancôme.

Cils Booster XL Mascara Base

Blurb: Give your lashes an XL boost. With just one sweep, this innovative mascara base glides on and evenly coats and smoothes your lashes to maximize the results of your favorite Lancôme mascara. The magic behind this mascara base is the conditioning formula—featuring micro-fibers and Vitamin E - to add extra length and thickness to your lashes for added visible performance to your mascara.

If you’re wondering about whether the extra step of using a mascara base or primer is worth it, it absolutely is - but only if it’s a really good product. I’ve tried a whole bunch of mascara bases and primers over the last couple of years and this is only the second one I’ve loved enough to feature here. It’s mighty awesome!

Cils Booster acts as an excellent primer, and even adds some of length and volume on its own (yay!). It also conditions and protects my lashes from the drying effects of mascara. And…it's a wonderfully smooth base – which makes any mascara I use go on more easily, look better and stay put!

Check out the website. You can take advantage of free shipping right now (no code needed) and take a look at the Limited Edition Beauty Sensation and the Holiday Gift sets. You can also find Lancôme at nice department stores and Sephora.

(ftc disclosure: purchased myself)

Monday, December 13, 2010

A Smoother Monday: Lisa Hoffman Vitamin A&C Serum (review)

Today was not nearly as “Monday-ish” as I thought it would be. I felt really frantic all weekend; but I guess I got more done than I thought. The day actually went pretty smoothly. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the whole week is just as easy.

Speaking of smooth (and didn’t I already do the smooth thing yesterday? Oh well…). Here’s a great skin-smoothing serum from Lisa Hoffman Skincare.

Vitamin A&C Serum

Blurb: This vitamin-rich serum retextures and improves skin clarity while reducing the appearance of fine lines to leave skin luminous. The silky formula also hydrates and adds radiance. After 15 minutes of application, 93.10% of participants agreed they liked the way the product absorbed into the skin. After 30 days, 79.3% of participants reported a lessening of deep lines and wrinkles. After 30 days, 82.76% of participants noticed an improvement in skin texture.

This was in my last Beautyfix kit, and it was a while before I got around to trying it out. I’m really impressed. First at the ingredients. It’s water free, and has lots of Vitamin A and C antioxidant protection. I liked that it absorbed almost immediately, and offered a tiny bit of hydration. I really appreciated how well it worked with my moisturizer(s) and foundation(s).

After about three weeks, my skin was looking and feeling very smooth. I’m not sure if there was a lessening of the deep wrinkles; but some of the tiniest lines were definitely minimized. What I noticed most was the overall smoothness of my skin. And I loved knowing I was getting a giant dose of antioxidants every morning.

The website has a cool Vitamin A & C Try Me Kit. There’s also a nice selection of Holiday Gifts and a very cool spa collection. You may also want to sign up for their special welcome offer.

(ftc disclosure: purchased myself)

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Hair Care Friday (Sunday Edition): Kérastase Masque Oléo-Relax Slim (review)

It looks like Hair Care Friday is a couple of days late (oops). This year, the holiday season has been a lot crazier, so I’m not quite as on top of things as I could be. A little more smoothness…and control would be very nice.

But (prepare for corny tie-in), even if there isn’t a product to completely control and smooth out my schedule; there just so happens to be one to provide those things for my hair. From Kérastase Paris.

Masque Oléo-Relax Slim

Blurb: Intense Smoothing Masque for Thick, Dry, Rebellious Hair. Provides discipline to rebellious hair while delivering deep moisture and nourishment. Results are intense volume reduction. Moisturizes and provides hydrophobic protection with 24-hour anti-frizz protection. Smoothes and nourishes hair fiber from within creating optimal shine and softness.

If your schedule is crazy, be assured that this is is going to be a short review. This stuff is so great it doesn’t need a whole lot of words. It works. Big time.

I used it before a blowout and got one of the most amazing accidental compliments ever. Someone at work said she couldn’t remember…was my hair naturally straight or naturally curly?


That’s how well this product tamed my (naturally) curly fuzzy out-of-control hair. Some one had to actually ask me.

It not only made my blowout, soft, smooth, shiny and frizz-free (all day). It also got rid of my (naturally) fluffy volume, and my hair was straight and swingy. Like I was born that way.


Check out the website. Be sure to visit the Exclusive Offers and Salon Locator pages too. Kérastase is also sold at Target, CVS, and folica.

Hope you had a great weekend!

(ftc disclosure: sample/product received from manufacturer or representative)

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Bringing Sexy Back…to Thursday: NARS Lip Gloss in “Bougainville” (review)

This particular Thursday I'm hungry for something a little vampier than my usual 9-5. So it’s a perfect day for something sexy and yummy. From NARS.

Lip Gloss in “Bougainville” (limited edition)

Blurb: Reminiscent of its origin, this sensual pomegranate lip gloss infuses lips with dramatic, diva-esque color. Deep in pigment yet sheer on the lips.

I love NARS glosses. They feel good, look amazing, and have excellent staying power. I had a really difficult time choosing a gloss from this collection. The other gloss ("Downtown") was also pretty stellar in its own way. But I eventually settled on “Bougainville” because it just looked so darn delicious. (Oh, and sexy.)

The shade is actually deeper than it appears in the photo. It’s the color of pomegranate seeds, and it makes my lips look shiny and juicy. It’s wearable enough for day; and it’s also got enough pizzazz for evening. And this color really is an instant pick-me-up (no, not that kind).

The website has the entire Holiday 2010 Collection. It’s thoroughly gorgeous and worth a good long look. There’s also a whole slew of gift ideas on the Holiday Glow page (and you can get free shipping on orders of $25 or more as well as complimentary shipping on any gift). NARS is also available at Sephora,, and department stores like bloomingdales and Saks.

(ftc disclosure: purchased myself)

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

All Softened Up: Four Truffles Earth Apple™ Body Butter (review)

Or should I say “all buttered up?” Nah…that sounds weird. I’ll stick with “softened.”

After a very restless morning; someone sent me a nice note full of wonderful thoughts and ideas that made me cheerful for the rest of the afternoon. I love when that happens! A lovely image or two can sometimes make all the difference.

And now that my restless demeanor has softened. I think it’s only fitting that I feature something to soften up everything else. From Four Truffles.

Four Truffles has their own way of making things better. Besides creating wonderful body products, the company is committed to empowering women and children throughout the world. They source their organic 4T PDN Complex™ ingredients from female-operated cooperatives in Morocco and West Africa and then donate 10 percent of sales profits directly to women and children’s charities.

Earth Apple™ Body Butter

Blurb: FourTruffles all-natural luxuriously rich and creamy whipped Body Butter deeply hydrates, rejuvenates and binds moisture to skin. The sweet, simple scent from the first bite of an apple awakens skin and senses to a fresh start. The fruity Earth Apple aroma, ideal for both men and women, is known to evoke energy and feelings of love and happiness. Four Truffles Body Butter melts into skin to provide long lasting hydration and helps restore skin to a more youthful appearance with the 4T PDN Complex.

The first three ingredients are water, aloe and shea butter. Other ingredients include argan, olive and coconut oils. I was pretty sure I was going to like this, and I was absolutely right.

It has a luxurious whipped texture, and a lovely fresh apple scent (with a hint of coconut). It melted into my skin right away. There was no stickiness or greasiness, but my skin stayed hydrated all day. I especially noticed its staying power on my elbows and knees. Yummy.

This body butter is also available in a purse-sized tube. And if you’re thinking of giving it as a gift; right now it comes in a gorgeous limited edition 2oz. wooden apple-shaped jar.

Take a look at their website and learn more about how they create meaningful beauty. If you buy any 6.2oz Body Butter, Four Truffles will donate $4 to Bridges of Hope. You can also check out their blog and sign up for their their newsletter (you’ll receive a $4 coupon). Four Truffles can also be found at Dermstore.

(ftc disclosure: purchased myself)

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

One Fine Tuesday: Lola Fine Line Eye Pencils (review)

It’s a fine Tuesday because my antibiotics are starting to do their job and I’m able to close my mouth again (don’t even say it. Lol.)

And...there’s no finer way to spread the cheer than with one of my favorite things…eyeliner. How about a particularly fine one? From Lola Cosmetics.

Fine Line Eye Pencil

Blurb: This super-fine pencil with a twist up tip allows for precise application and a thick, luscious lash line. Precision-size allows you to easily apply color at the lash line creating a fuller, thicker lash look. Easily deposits color just where you want it. Never needs sharpening!

Since I’ve made it my life’s work to investigate nearly every type of eyeliner ever concocted; it was only a matter of time until I got around to trying these. These liners are super slim retractable pencils, with tiny tips that sharpen themselves. Great!

I love using them! One of my favorite looks is to apply a regular liner in a fairly heavy, soft focus swoosh. Then I follow that with a thin, precise line of dense color right at the lashes. These pencils are perfect for that. They’re super soft, and go on easily without any skipping, dragging or pulling. The color is highly saturated and creates a smooth, even line. The self-sharpening tip stays small and can get right up to the lash line. The look is wonderful. The only caveat is that because the pencils are so soft, they can smudge. (So make sure to use a good primer, and don’t rub.)

The website has plenty of other goodies. You can take a sneek peak at the new stuff, check out the celebrity beauty gallery or research store locations.

Since I’m feeling better – how about a rousing tune for all of us. Let’s all sing along with…The Chiffons!

(ftc disclosure: purchased myself)

Monday, December 6, 2010

Modern Monday: Origins Modern Friction™ (review)

Yeesh! I guess I was a little loopier than I thought this weekend. I didn’t even notice that my Friday post completely disappeared. Don’t worry – I found it and put it back.

Thanks to the magic of modern pharmaceuticals, my tooth/gum is much better. But I’m still taking painkillers, so I’m not as alert as I could be. Luckily my job doesn’t require me to operate heavy machinery. The un-heavy computer keyboard is enough of a challenge.

Aneeeeway...Today’s salute to modern pharmaceuticals is also a fairly corny tie-in to one of my all time favorite modern skin care products. From Origins.

Modern Friction™

Blurb: Nature’s gentle dermabrasion. Sand-blasting skin with coarse, chemical crystals? How painfully passé. Here’s age-smoothing exfoliation without irritation. Skin-refining Rice Starch, cushioned in cream, shows real affinity for rapidly removing sluggish cells, uneven patches and signs of skin damage and discolorations. Lemon Oil kick starts the process of illumination. Another age-sweeping action: skin-menacing molecules are mopped up. All while Aloe keeps skin calm and comfy. There’s no ouch, extra steps or other complications. No redness or flaking follows. The before-and-afters are amazing. Signs of fine lines and size of pores appear to shrink in size. Skin looks perfectly polished, smooth and luminous. And the perk-me-up aromas of Bergamot and Peppermint help you look on the bright side. Origins tested Modern Friction™ on a panel of 54 women. After just one try, of those who had undergone clinical micro-dermabrasion, 94% said they would now consider using Modern Friction™ instead.

I’ve been using this for years, and can’t believe I haven’t written about it yet. But sometimes when something is consistently reliable; it’s easy to take it for granted. Because it works. It does what it’s supposed to without any fanfare or fuss.

I first tried it when I was having issues with pigmentation, and it made a huge difference. After about six weeks, my skin tone was noticeably brighter and more even. Even better - my pores looked smaller and my skin seemed much smoother. I still apply it two nights a week to keep my skin looking good; and the mornings after I use it my skin looks absolutely radiant. It’s easy to use, non-irritating, doesn’t cause breakouts and always works. I love that!

It’s always fun to visit the website. Right now, check out the special offers, stocking stuffers and gorgeous gifts. Be sure to look at the store locations page if you want to browse in person.

Now...just in case I haven’t thrown enough “modern” at you this Monday. Check out this newfangled holo vocaloid craziness. I wonder if you’ll find it fascinating…or just wish I’d be done with the painkillers already.

(ftc disclosure: purchased myself)

Friday, December 3, 2010

Hair Care Friday: Blow Ready Set Blow express blow dry lotion (review)

I’m still limping along with my tooth/gum issue; but I visited the dentist this morning, and now I have meds. Yay! I’m also a little bit loopy (yay?).

I may be loopy, but my hair is looking mighty good today. I have an awesome blowout – thanks to a stellar hair product from Blow.

Ready Set Blow express blow dry lotion

Blurb: Using unique heat-polymer and setting technology, Ready Set Blow delivers easier, faster, longer-lasting, smooth blow-dry results. Accelerates blow dry time and "plumps" hair for a fuller heat style. Goes on to tame frizz, static and flyaways all day - even in the most humid conditions.

I would love to get a blowout at a Blow blow dry bar; but it’s a tad far for me to travel in the morning. Sooooo…enter the next best thing. Awesome products for home blowouts!

And awesome it is! This lotion made my blowout faster, easier and better looking! I rubbed a nickel-sized amount between my hands and smoothed it through my hair (starting at the ends). It had a very light scent and felt weightless. I was tempted to use more, but decided to follow directions instead and see what happened.

Good things happened. First of all my hair dried faster. It also felt very soft, and had a lot of swing. I was thrilled, though, at how great my blowout looked. Very smooth, nice shine and no frizz or flyaways. And it stayed that way all day long and into the evening. I tried it again today (dentist appointment and holiday party at work), and got tons of compliments. (Which cheered me up, and made me far less cranky about my tooth.) Love this stuff!

Blow has a pretty cool website. You can shop, Book an appointment and also check out the Retail Store Locator. You can also find Blow products at Ulta and Folica.

Have a great weekend!

(ftc disclosure: sample/product received from manufacturer or representative)

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Your Exuviance Heel Repair (review)

Hello, everyone! I’ve decided to temporarily suspend my “Your Thursday Face” series for a while. Mostly because I’ve come across a ton of really awesome products lately, and I want to have time to feature them all. It's all good.’s all good except for the fact that I am on day #2 of a toothache. I made a dentist appointment for tomorrow morning (cause I’m trying to act like a big girl); but it’s not very fun right now. So to keep my mind off of it, I’m going to focus on a beauty product that’s as far away from my face as possible. From Exuviance.

Heel Repair

Blurb: Do your heels need rescuing? Exuviance Heel Repair contains high strength Alpha and Polyhydroxy Acids (AHAs/PHAs) in an amphoteric formulation to gently yet effectively exfoliate and repair dry, scaly, even calloused and cracked, feet. Pro-Vitamin E and skin conditioning oils instantly soothe and refresh tired feet. Feet are smooth as silk, pedicure-perfect and sandal-ready. Dermatologist tested and fragrance free. 2010 Shecky's Beauty at its Best award winner.

Way to go, Exuviance! I’ve been thrilled so far with all of their fabulous face products, and now they literally have head-to-toe awesomeness! I used it twice a week and my feet are softer and smoother than they’ve ever been! They also feel great. I wish I had known about this during the summer, but I sure am glad I know about it now.

If you have issues with dry, cracked skin on your heels – go get a jar of this!

When you visit the website, be sure to check out their Best Sellers and request a catalogue. (also…3 free samples on orders over $75). You may also want to check the retail locator to see if you can browse in person.

(ftc disclosure: sample/product received from manufacturer or representative)

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Midweek Moisturizer Report: Liz Earle Skin Repair Moisturiser™ Light

Okay, I know I don’t usually have a midweek moisturizer report. I just thought it would sound all newsy and official. I got a note today that began with “Dear Editor.” Cool, huh? I’m practically a media mogul!

Before I slip completely into silliness, how about an excellent item? This one is from Liz Earle Naturally Active Skincare.

Skin Repair Moisturiser™ Light – Combination/oily

Blurb: Light and gentle, this easily absorbed moisturising lotion is ideal for combination, oily or problem skin. This finely balanced blend of naturally active skin-conditioning ingredients includes borage oil (a rich source of the essential fatty acid GLA), echinacea, hops, avocado oil, panthenol (pro-vitamin B5) and natural antioxidants beta-carotene and vitamin E to replace lost moisture and help protect your skin, leaving it soft and smooth with a naturally healthy glow. Includes borage and avocado to lightly moisturise and balance the skin.

One of the cool things about trying so many products is knowing what’s out there when friends, family, acquaintances, etc. tell me they’re looking for something. An even cooler thing, though, is trying out something that works exactly perfectly for me! Yay!!

This moisturizer fits so many of my needs it’s dizzying. I have combination to oily skin that’s also sensitive, prone to breakouts, and still requires a good moisturizer (on account of the fact that I’m no longer in my teens…or twenties…or…never mind). This moisturizer smells nice, has a lovely texture, absorbs quickly, doesn’t cause breakouts, feels weightless, hydrates, and even minimizes my pores slightly.

What’s not to love? (Answer: nothing, this is an awesome light moisturizer).

There are also skin repair moisturizers for normal/combination and dry/sensitive skin. Check out the website for details. While you’re there, be sure to browse the holiday gifts, stocking fillers, and read the expert tips.

(ftc disclosure: sample/product received from manufacturer or representative)

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Give and Get: LORAC Box Office Hit Full Face Palette (review)

I’m in shock. In about 70 minutes it will be December. How on earth did that happen? Wasn’t I just finishing up my Halloween costume?

Of course the extremely cool thing about December (besides the weather...ha!) is the gorgeous, fabulous array of holiday collections and awesome pallettes. Check out this one from LORAC and ULTA.

Box Office Hit Full Face Palette

Blurb: An ULTA exclusive! Critics are buzzing about LORAC's Box Office Hit! Create backstage beauty and take center stage with an attention-getting full face collection for eyes, cheeks, and lips. A $210 value. This luxurious Cabernet Croc Palette contains everything you need to create soft, natural looks for day-and sexy, smoky party looks for night: 12 eye shadows, 2 eyeliners, 1 blush, 1 bronzer and 8 lip colors. You are sure to be a Box Office Hit with LORAC!

This ULTA exclusive is part of LORAC’s Holiday 2010 Collection. It’s extremely giftable (and keepable). The packaging is excellent, practical and absolutely lovely. The croc case opens to reveal a really nice collection of colors. I especially loved the shadows (of course) – 12 shades that range from fresh and subtle to dark and smoky. The two pencil liners were very good, and I also loved the lip colors (housed under a genius see-through flap). The bronzer and the pink blush complete the palette very nicely.

What I also loved about this palette is that it snaps securely shut - keeping everything housed in an elegant, and extremely portable little case. It fits easily in most bags and would be perfect for holiday travel (no gels or liquids to get the TSA all agitated).

This palette is only avaible at Ulta. Visit the website if you want to know more. You may also want to check out the Special Offers section and take advantage of free shipping on all orders of $25 or more (use code: 512213). You can also visit the LORAC website to see more of the Holiday offerings.

(ftc disclosure: sample/product received from manufacturer or representative)

Monday, November 29, 2010

New Week, New Stuff: Estée Lauder Re-Nutriv Ultimate Lift Age-Correcting Eye Creme (review)

Well it looks like the weekend is actually over. I spent a hectic Black Friday scoring deals at the mall; and I just don’t have it in me to participate in Cyber Monday. I’m going to let the other bloggers tell you about all the amazing online bargains; and I’m just going to stick to my review. But it’s a fabulous review. Cuz it’s Estée Lauder.

Re-Nutriv Ultimate Lift Age-Correcting Eye Creme

Blurb: Now experience our most dramatic age-correcting results ever around your eyes. The look is strikingly younger and more lifted. Enviably radiant. Astonishingly beautiful and full of life. It's a singular achievement in visible age correction: an ultra-luxurious, all-powerful creme with our ultimate repair technologies and intense hydrators. Lifting, firming, perfecting your skin's appearance like never before. Our multi-patented Life Re-Newing Molecules™ combine proprietary, rare and precious extracts plus some of the most scientifically advanced technology. All brilliantly intertwined to help repair, recharge, and restore skin's energized, radiant appearance.

This is an absolutely gorgeous eye cream! It feels velvety soft, absorbs quickly and moisturizes extremely well throughout the day. Now that the air outside is cold and dry, and the air inside is warm and dry; I really notice the difference. This cream doesn’t feel heavy at all; but at the end of the day, my eye area still feels and looks hydrated and supple. Love this!

Visit the website to learn about the entire Re-Nutriv line. And while you’re there, be sure to take a nice long look at this year’s stunning Glamour is Golden Makeup Set. ($55 with any fragrance purchase - worth over $340.00).

Estée Lauder is also sold in fine department stores.

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Friday, November 26, 2010

Hair Care (aka “Black”) Friday: TRESemmé Naturals Lightweight Mousse and Finishing Spray (review)

Well my travels and holiday “stuff” are finally done. At least for now. I had an awesome Thanksgiving and I hope you all did too.

Today I’m gearing up for a day at…the mall. Yes, I’m actually going to brave the black Friday crowds, lines, food courts and parking lots. Mainly because I’m on a pretty strict budget this year, so I need to take advantage of as many amazing deals as I can.

So…in the spirit of value and quality. Today’s hair care Friday is all about TRESemmé.

Lightweight Mousse

Blurb: TRESemmé's new lightweight mousse is formulated with organic Sweet Orange extract, to help you get long-lasting hold with natural benefits for healthier, stronger hair.

Finishing Spray

Blurb: You don’t have to sacrifice beautiful style when choosing a natural hair care line. Formulated with USDA certified organic ingredients: aloe vera, sweet orange, and avocado. These products with naturally derived polymers will leave your hair healthier, shinier, stronger, and looking naturally gorgeous. Our unique lightweight spray formula, with organic extracts, keeps your style in place all day.

Two words: Great stuff.

Really. I used the Finishing Spray to tame and smooth my hair after a blowout. It left my hair smooth and shiny without any stiffness; and everything stayed in place in the dry air without any flyaways or frizz. The Mousse was also excellent. It really is lightweight. I airdried my hair, and got some gorgeous tousled waves! A little dab also worked very well as a curl definer. My hair had volume, but wasn’t stiff or sticky.

I was really impressed with both of these products and now I’m curious about the other items in their “Naturals” line. I like that they feature organic ingredients; and I love that they work. Oh…and they smell wonderful.

Visit the website and check out the Awards and Offers section. There’s also a really fun Backstage page. TRESemmé can be found in grocery stores, drug stores and places like and Sally Beauty.

Off to the mall…wish me luck!

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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

I know I’ve been MIA during the last week and a half. I’d hoped to post on Monday; but there was just too much traveling (and holiday preparing). Things got pretty backed up.

So instead of frantically trying to write a review, I’m just going to wish you all a happy, healthy, loving and safe Thanksgiving. I’m feeling very grateful for the people in my life and the wonderful blessings that the year has brought. I hope each of you gets at least one moment to experience gratitude for someone or something that has enriched or awakened your life.

Peace and see you on Friday!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Gone Fishing (not really)

I'm just gone vacationing. I'm going to be travelling all week visiting family and friends in upstate New York (before everything gets socked in for the winter).

I'll be back on Monday with some fun pre-Thanksgiving beauty, but until then have a wonderful week and weekend!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Monday Magnificence: Lancôme Artliner Precision Point Eyeliner (another rave review)

It’s mighty close to midnight (and therefore almost Tuesday), so I’m going to get right to the review part. Today’s (tonight’s) super fabulous eye-tem is from Lancôme.

Artliner Precision Point Eyeliner

Blurb: Emphasize your eyes with this easy-to-handle, liquid pen featuring a uniquely shaped foam tip that lets you line, shape and define eyes to create any look you like. Rich, deep, luminous pigments offer the most intense, dramatic color. Glides on smoothly without scratching, tugging or skipping and lasts all day.

The short version: I love love love love this liner! Why didn’t I try it earlier?

Long version: Well I didn’t try it earlier because I have waaaay too many liners already. But I was scouring the mall for a specific shade (a deep burgundy/magenta) and the saleslady at the Lancôme counter suggested I try their Artliner in “Plum Glimmer.” I was worried it would be too purple, but I gave it a try. I was right – it was too purple for what I was looking for. But the brush and formula were amazing!

So I bought one. And I love it. And now I want them all.

It’s a liquid liner with a “pen” applicator. However, this pen is incredibly soft and flexible – which means you get pen precision with the smooth velvety lines of a brush. A cat’s eye is a piece of cake, and so is a tiny thin line right up against the lash line. The pigment is highly saturated and lasts all day. Another A++ (that's two in a row)!

Check out all the colors on the website. Be sure to browse the What's New section, and maybe even take advantage of their special offer (4-piece deluxe sample collection and free shipping with any $45 purchase with code: ANOV). You can also find Lancôme at nice department stores and Sephora.

(ftc disclosure: purchased myself)

Friday, November 12, 2010

Hair Care Friday: NEW Samy Fat Foam Hair Color (rave review)

Wow…it’s finally Friday. It seems like last weekend was about a million years ago; and I am soooo happy that a brand new weekend has arrived. Speaking of brand new…I’m even happier to feature today’s new exceptional hair care product. From Samy.

Fat Foam Hair Color

Blurb: Even Coverage From Roots to Ends! No-mistake hand application provides even distribution, especially to those hard-to-reach areas such as the back of the head. No dry spots, it’s so simple. 100% Gray Coverage! Long lasting, rich color that covers gray completely with less application time. Conditions & Shines! Formulated with soy protein to leave your hair looking smooth, healthy, shiny and youthful. Less Mess! Non-drip whipped foam means the color wraps every strand, stays in place, and won’t drip.

Hair color is a very personal thing. I color my hair at home; and it takes a lot to get me to stray from my “usual.” But I just may have found a new “usual.” This product is that good.

From start to finish, Fat Foam worked better than any at-home color I’ve ever used. I poured color powder and a liquid into a large, plastic cup with a domed lid. I closed the lid and shook for about a minute, and the mixture turned into a foam. Then I used my (gloved) hands to apply the foam to my hair. It was amazingly easy. The foam turns to liquid on contact, and I completely covered every single bit of hair in just under 8 minutes. I’ve never gotten it done that quickly.

The processing time was 40 minutes (I have dark hair with lots of gray), so I used a shower cap to cover everything and prevent any drips. The package contains packets of both shampoo and conditioner; so I rinsed then washed and conditioned. The shampoo made excellent lather and rinsed easily. The conditioner was rich; and after I rinsed, my hair was soft and tangle-free.

The results were thoroughly fabulous. I used “Medium Reddish Brown” (a lovely, deep auburn). My hair was soft and shiny, the color was even, and the grey coverage was superior to anything I’ve ever tried. I was completely wowed. It’s been over a week since I colored, and there has been almost no fading – which is amazing with reds. The color isn’t identical to the one I’ve been mixing myself for the past few years; but it’s pretty close. And I’m so impressed with the formula that I’m thinking of switching to Samy for good. A++!

You can check out the other colors on the website – and even order directly (there’s free shipping with any purchase over $50). There’s also a where to buy page if you want to browse the colors in person.

Happy Friday Everyone!

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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Your Thursday Face: Urban Decay De-Slick in a Tube (review)

Yikes. Is it really only Thursday? There’s something about a time change week that just throws everything off kilter. I was wondering why I’d been feeling “off” all week (and why it seemed like everyone else was too). Then I remembered…time change. All of our biological clocks are being fooled around with, and they’re not happy about it. Luckily the week is almost over and soon everything will feel “normal” again.

In the meantime, there are facial products to be featured. Let’s make today about Urban Decay.

De-Slick in a Tube Mattifying Gel

Blurb: It's time to take control of your oil and put your matte face forward. Our lightweight gel performs anywhere, anytime: dab it on all day for touch-ups without ruining your perfectly applied makeup. It's completely color-neutral, so it works great on naked skin, under foundation, or over makeup. Formulated to help tighten pores for a youthful, shine-free finish. De-Slick even works to keep skin matte under hot studio lights and in the muggiest of heat (so you know this addicting formula provides fierce absorbing action.)

I got a deluxe sample of this a while back, and gave it a try last week. Very impressive! So impressive that I’m planning to go out and get a whole tube. It works. I love that.

I used a tiny bit (really…you don’t need much) and got instant mattification. My skin stayed oil-free throughout the morning and most of the afternoon. And when I got a little oiliness around 5pm; I dabbed a bit more on, and the shine disappeared. No blotting, no reapplying makeup or anything. Awesome.

Visit the website for more details. And while you’re there, be sure to check out the gift sets and the new items. Urban Decay is also sold at Sephora, Ulta, and

For any of you needing an “oasis” of calm while your biological clocks are scrambling to figure out what time it is; here’s a fine musical moment from one of my favorite movies…

(ftc disclosure: received as sample with purchase)

Thursday Things: Phyto Friends and Family Sale Starts on Monday!

Yay! Start making your hair care must-have list – Phyto’s annual F&F sale is November 15-17. You’ll receive 30%-40% off Phyto products when you visit


Thursday Things: Giving Back - Amazing Gift Sets from FACE Stockholm and Same Sky

This is one of the most beautiful gift ideas I’ve seen this season. FACE Stockholm has partnered with Same Sky to offer these limited edition sets. Truly wonderful…

A Gift That GIVES from FACE Stockholm and Same Sky

Just in time for the holiday season, FACE Stockholm and Same Sky present a limited edition holiday gift set featuring signature hand blown glass-beaded bracelets made by women artisans in Rwanda and beauty products.

Available Saturday, November 6, 2010 at exclusively FACE Stockholm.

Same Sky is a trade-not-aid jewelry initiative aimed at empowering women worldwide and exemplifies the growing ethical shopping trend. Same Sky's glass-beaded bracelets are hand-crocheted by HIV-positive women artisans who survived the Rwandan genocide of 1994, and are working to overcome the traumatic aftereffects of rape and unimaginable violence. Same Sky's women artisans are taught a marketable skill and earn a wage that is 15-times higher than found in Sub-Saharan Africa – giving them a hand-up instead of a handout. 100% of all net-profits from the sale of Same Sky bracelets go directly to training and hiring more women artisans and expanding into other regions.

FACE Stockholm-Same Sky Holiday Gift Sets can be purchased from November 6, 2010 at all FACE Stockholm stores in New York, online at or by calling (888) 334-FACE.

Each FACE Stockholm-Same Sky Holiday Gift Set sold helps lift one more life out of poverty and is truly a gift that gives back.

Same Sky bracelets are made of hand blown glass beads, (165-180, depending on size). Each bracelet is crocheted by hand on a complimentary colored, non-stretch cord. Sizes include Small (fits wrists 6.0" – 7.0") and Medium (fits wrists 7.0" - 8.0").

Thursday Things: Holiday 2010 Limited Edition Silver Travel Set from Killian Perfumes

Here’s an amazing travel set from an amazing fragrance company…Killian

Holiday 2010 Limited Edition
Silver travel set

After the success of last year gold limited edition, KILIAN brings us yet another reason to take our fragrance with us everywhere we go with a limited edition travel spray…this time in stunning silver!

One side has KILIAN’s signature Achilles shield motif, crafted with black enamel in an artisanal manner, creating an antique look and feel. The other side has an ultra glossy silver finish, reminding us of the modernity of everything KILIAN touches.

Going back to KILIAN’s brand philosophy of being “eco‐luxe”, the silver travel spray is refillable, so it’s meant to be used for a lifetime. It is sold as a set with four .25oz vials of Kilian Parfum, for a total of 1oz of fragrance. This limited edition set will be available in five scents from KILIAN’s “L’Oeuvre Noire” collection:

LOVE ~ don’t be shy
LOVE AND TEARS ~ surrender
STRAIGHT TO HEAVEN ~ white cristal
BACK TO BLACK ~ aphrodisiac

It will also be available in one scent from KILIAN’s “Arabian Nights” collection, ROSE OUD.

This precious addition to the Kilian collection will only be available during the Holiday 2010 season.

Thursday Things: GoodSkin Labs

Check out all of the great skin care suggestions for the holiday season from GoodSkin Labs…

Save Yourself From Holiday Stress with GoodSkin Labs


Thursday Things: Silhouette Eyewear’s “What to Eye Wear”

Check it out! Makeup artist, Joanna Schlip, has joined up with Silhouette Eyewear for a series of video makeovers called “What to Eye Wear.” Watch the transformations…


Thursday Things: Kat Burki Now Has Jewelry!

Really gorgeous jewelry! Ooooh….


Thursday Things: Get Mistletoe-Ready with Cake Beauty Gloss Trio

Now we’re talking! Check out the new kiss-inducing holiday gloss trio from Cake Beauty…

Sealed With A Holiday Kiss
Introducing NEW limited edition merry kiss-mass™ lip gloss trio

KISS in the holiday season with a delightfully packaged trio of delectably flavored lip gloss. Finding the perfect pink for your pout is easy as Cake. Each merry kiss-mass™ lip gloss will nourish and hydrate lips giving you a hint of color and loads of shine. Blended with natural emollients and infused with antioxidants this gloss will leave your lips smooth, sparkling and merry-kissable all season long. Add a little or a lot of shine to your kisser. Indulge.

Each lip gloss is infused with natural emollients, rosemary oil and pomegranate extract.

merry kiss-mass™ Pink Snowflake - sheer pink loaded with pink sparkle
merry kiss-mass™ Sugar Plum creamy, high shine plum pink
merry kiss-mass™ Mistletoe Berry - sheer bright berry with gold glimmer

Formulated without: parabens, sulfates, phthalates, triclosan, gmo

The merry kiss-mass™ lip gloss trio retails for $22. Each merry kiss-mass™ lip gloss is also sold individually ($10 each).

Cake Beauty is an indulgent bath, body and hair care line with multi-purpose product offerings that are infused with natural, raw ingredients, the cornerstone of Cake's success. All Cake products are 100% paraben free formulas that are 90-95% naturally based.

Available: &

Thursday Things: Strange Invisible Perfumes is Now at Anthropologie

Another place to find the fabulousness that is SIP. Inhale…

Strange Invisible Perfumes Launches at Anthropologie

Strange Invisible Perfumes is thrilled to announce their launch at Anthropologie!
The addition of the line is part of Anthropologie’s endeavor to expand their beauty offerings, their aim being to offer shoppers the absolute best in beauty, skincare and fragrance.

Strange Invisible Perfumes is a completely botanical fragrance house serving the reality, not the dream, of precious ingredients and luxury craftsmanship. Perfumer, Alexandra Balahoutis skillfully exacts the chemistry between botanical essences and compelling narratives. Her collection of strange, invisible perfumes has ended the battle of natural versus luxurious.

Anthropologie is thrilled to offer customers a certified organic collection of eaux de parfum, culled from a library of botanical, biodynamic and hydro-distilled ingredients. “There aren’t too many organic perfumes in the market and it’s even harder to find organic perfumes as exquisitely blended and sophisticated as Strange Invisible Perfumes,” says Melissa Green, Anthropologie Buyer for Beauty, Garden and Home Fragrance. “I love the brand’s ‘no synthetics’ approach to perfumery and how Alexandra hydro-distills the essences herself.”

“I am delighted that our fragrances have been embraced by a platform as savvy and discerning as Anthropologie. Their vision of beauty and fragrance is quite inspired. They truly understand the craft of perfumery and that is a very rare and refreshing thing.”
- Alexandra Balahoutis, Perfumer

About Anthropologie: Anthropologie’s beauty offering was founded as a source for the latest in fragrance, bath and body, lip balms and other novelty items. Our buyers are constantly searching for niche, hard-to-find lines handcrafted by small, independent perfumers, chemists, soap and candle makers located around the world, from Brooklyn to Australia.

We also cultivate exclusive partnerships with well-known brands that complement our aesthetic. Our fragrance offerings in particular have resonated with our customers, featuring the scents of boutique perfumers such as Royal Apothic and DS & Durga to high-end cult classics like Annick Goutal and Susanne Lang.

About Strange Invisible Perfumes: Strange Invisible Perfumes blend certified organic, wildcrafted, biodynamic, and hydro-distilled essences with genuine inspiration and compelling narratives. Each perfume is a layered composition crafted with pure botanical essences and 100% certified organic, beverage-grade grape alcohol. All are designed, hand-blended, and bottled within the botanical fragrance house in Venice, California. An in-house master distiller heads the laboratory, customizing distillation projects locally and all over the world. By producing essences and sourcing the rest directly from trustworthy distillers, Strange Invisible Perfumes relies on firsthand knowledge, not paperwork, in matters of quality control.

Thursday Things: Lierac Paris To The Rescue for Winter Skin

Check out Lierac Paris’ top 5 ideas for saving Winter skin…

Lierac Paris’ Top 5 Winter Skin Saviors
5 Steps to Revitalized and Hydrated Winter Skin

In the midst of all the glitz and glam of the holiday season, it’s easy to forget to give your skin a little – though much needed – extra attention. Lierac Paris recommends integrating these five signature skincare products into your daily routine to keep skin hydrated and rejuvenated all winter-long.

Step 1: Prep and smooth

Because the cold strips the skin of all its moisture and causes uneven tone and dryness, a gentle exfoliating cream is needed to smooth skin texture and prepare the skin for hydration. Micro-Abrasion Exfoliating Smoothing Cream ($38) contains a 25% concentration of aluminum oxide crystals for in-depth exfoliation and to stimulate micro-circulation and cell regeneration, while 3% urea improves hydration and comfort.

Step 2: Hydrate and protect

It’s not only important to rehydrate the skin, but also protect it from the harsh cold and wind. Hydra-Chrono Extreme Balm ($50) is a luxurious balm enriched with 5% protective glycerin and a 10% moisturizing complex including apricot and safflower oil to provide a specific response to the needs of dehydrated skin. The Aqua-Pump® technology works to help restore the skin deep-down and reactivate its natural hydration process. After just one hour, hydration is clinically proven to increase by 47%, and by an additional 39% after 3 hours.*

* Clinical study conducted on female subjects aged from 26 to 58 years (average 39 years)

Step 3: Don’t forget the eyes!

It is also important to hydrate the eye contour area, especially during the winter when environmental stresses weaken this already delicate area. Diopticrème Anti-Wrinkle Eye Contour Cream ($34) is an intense wrinkle repair cream that utilizes the synergistic action of botanical extracts to promote cell renewal, increasing overall skin firmness and elasticity. The alchemilla-ivy-horsetail plant synergy restores skin elasticity while calendula calms inflammation, hydrates and stimulates healing for a 93% improvement in crow’s feet wrinkles.*

* Clinical study conducted on women aged 42 to 64 years who used this product morning and night for 6 weeks.

Step 4: Rehydrate all over

Just because the rest of the body is bundled in layers of clothing doesn’t mean it isn’t affected too! The cold seeps through and depletes the skin of its nutritive and moisturizing elements, leaving it rough, dull and flaky. Specially formulated for ultra-dry, cracked skin and for the treatment of keratosis pilaris, Hydrofilia Super Body Cream ($36) contains a potent moisturizing and lipid-replenishing complex for immediate comfort and reinforced hydration. Enriched with lactic acid and urea, this luxurious cream helps diminish flakiness and skin tightness, reducing scaly and flaky skin by 98%.* Hypoallergenic.

* Self-assessment by female volunteers aged between 21 and 60 with very dry and Keratotic skin.

Step 5: Regenerate and correct damage

Nighttime is the best time to give your skin a break and let it recover from the day’s stresses. Cohérence Age-Defense Firming Night Cream ($64) lifts, firms and diminishes the appearance of wrinkles while you sleep. Cohérence Night is formulated with patented ASC III Collagen Accelerating Vectors and magnesium to stimulate the natural synthesis of Collagen III which helps hydrate the skin by reducing natural moisture loss. Skin is lifted and firmed, and skin elasticity increases by 35%*. The complexion appears repaired, renewed and perfectly hydrated.

* Clinical study conducted on women aged 45-55 who applied the ASC III ingredient to their skin for a period of 27 days.

Lierac Paris products are available at European Skincare Centers in select CVS/pharmacy and Duane Reade locations or online at, and 877-5LIERAC