Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Love…Now in Smudge Pot Form! Barbie Loves Stila (review)

Well what's not to love?


Nuff said? No way, dude.

Barbie™ Loves Stila Smudge Pots

Blurb: Get the perfect dose of eye-drama with Barbie™ Loves Stila shimmer infused Smudge Pots! The multi-tasking gel formula can be used as a liner and a shadow that stays on all day. Available in three bold, of-the-moment shades: Little Black Dress - black with pink shimmer, Purple Pumps - purple with pink shimmer, Cobalt Clutch - vibrant blue with intense shimmer.

Long ago, I submitted to my love for smudge pots, and am now even pushing them on others. I recently gave one to my co-worker (Joanna) so she could practice a cat eye (sorry, Joanna, you're blog fodder again).

You'd think I would have achieved smudge pot satisfaction by now, wouldn't you? No way, dude. My craving knows no limits - I could not wait to get my hands on these. And I was not disappointed. I won't re-describe Stila's amazing formula* (other than to say it's one of the best). Formula aside, the colors in this collection have me all twittery. "Little Black Dress" is a rich black with a twinkly pink shimmer. "Purple Pumps" is the absolute drop dead exact shade of super saturated royal purple that I love. The pink shimmer gives it depth (and keeps it from looking flat). This shade looks great as a liner and a shadow. My hands-down favorite of the three, though, is "Cobalt Clutch." Another amazing royal blue…only with shimmer! Looks amazing as a liner and gorgeous as a shadow. If I love the black and the purple, then Cobalt Clutch is my soulmate.

Okay, obviously I'm feeling a little bit of "the drama" this morning. Not a bad thing. But drama aside; I recommend you head on over to the website and consider grabbing at least one of these. They're really special and they may not be around forever. The rest of the Collection is pretty awesome looking too: stuff like canister kits, Lip Glaze, All Dolled Up Shadow Palette and a new Liquid Liner. And right now you get free shipping with any BLS purchase (use the coupon code: BARBIE).

Okay, now nuff said.

* I gush about Stila's fab formula here.


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