Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Maximum Convenience and Adorableness: MATCH BOOKs from TINte Cosmetics (review…and discount)

So it's almost two o'clock and I'm finally publishing my review. Yikes! Today is super ridiculous crazy and I am way behind schedule (oh how new). But the bright side is that my schedule challenges allow me to point out the convenience (as well as cuteness) of the new kit I tried out from TINte Cosmetics.

MATCH BOOK in Natural Beauty

Blurb: The Natural Beauty MATCH BOOK includes: Two eye shadow colors (a vanilla base shade and a natural bronze contour shade), a deep chocolate brown cream eyeliner, blush, two lip glosses and two brushes. They are quick and simple to use. Just follow the five instructional steps on the back to achieve a gorgeous new you!

Doesn't this seem like a slim, convenient, all-purpose beauty kit that fits easily into your bag and puts all kinds of makeup solutions right at your finger tips? Well that's exactly what it is. This little kit is super slim, portable and complete. It contains two shadows, a liner, blush, two glosses, two brushes and step-by-step instructions for application. Perfect for anyone who didn't have time to sit at her vanity this morning…or most mornings. Or even if you did, maybe you will need to do some touching up during the day…or evening.

I tried out the "Natural Beauty" kit and I am in love! To tell the truth; I thought at first that the colors would be a little too "natural" for my taste. But then I tried them on my actual face, and they are gorgeous. The shadows are pretty and fresh, the blush is super flattering, the eyeliner is a striking (and versatile) dark brown and I am in love with the two gloss colors. And since the palette is so neutral and flattering; this look can go anywhere.


Right now, you can get a sweet discount of 20% by entering the code "GLOSS" at checkout.

I am now eyeing the other two kits, Blushed Beauty and Smoky Eyes. Also thinking about how I can justify getting the super cute Painted Lady Kit. Check out the website and take a look at other stuff like Shimmering Face Pearls and the Celebrity Fans.

Paste Invites You to Feel Your Boobies!

I did not make that title up (although I wish I did) was in the subject line of the email I got from the Boobicon people.

Speaking of Victoria's Secret and Lingerie and Bras and whatnot; here's a little something from the folks who brought you the Obamicon. This time you can spread the word, forward the cause of breast health and still do lots of non-productive goofing off! Awesome. Read all about it…

Remember how much fun you had making your Obamicon last winter? You'll have a great time and support a great cause making your new Boobicon to spread the word about National Feel Your Boobies Week brought to you by the Feel Your Boobies Foundation and powered by Paste.

In honor of the 3rd Annual National Feel Your Boobies Week, Feel Your Boobies® brings you Boobicon.Me so that you can create your own customized Boobicon to help you remind your friends to "feel their boobies". So what are you waiting for? Create a Boobicon and Remind a Friend.

Head to to make your Boobicon—and spread the word via Twitter & Facebook. You can also order a t-shirt or mug with your Boobicon on it. Shoot, even men are invited to participate—but hey, keep it focused on the point: Reminding the women we care about to protect themselves.

Not a Secret Now: Victoria's Secret Model Search

Last Friday Victoria’s Secret announced it will hold open casting events to find the next Runway Angel (to join the likes of Alessandra Ambrosio, Miranda Kerr, Doutzen Kroes and Marisa Miller)

Casting events will be held in New York City, Miami, Los Angeles and Chicago beginning Saturday, Oct. 3. You can also enter online at and from Thursday, October 1 through Saturday, October 24. Read on…


Open Casting Events And Online Public Voting Will Determine The Next Runway Angel To Appear In The Show.

Victoria’s Secret will open its legendary runway to the public as it holds open casting events to find the next Runway Angel to join Supermodels Alessandra Ambrosio, Miranda Kerr, Doutzen Kroes, Marisa Miller and many others as they walk in THE VICTORIA’S SECRET FASHION SHOW, to be broadcast Tuesday, Dec. 1 (10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

Casting events will be held in New York City, Miami, Los Angeles and Chicago beginning Saturday, Oct. 3. Contestants can also enter online at and from Thursday, October 1 through Saturday, October 24. A Victoria’s Secret panel of experts will narrow the field to 10 finalists and will then hand over the selection to the public, who will have the opportunity to cast their vote to choose the winner in an innovative online video and voting process.

Ten finalists will be flown to New York City where the Victoria’s Secret Angels will host “Angel Boot Camp,” a series of challenges that will give the contestants the chance to prove to the world that they have what it takes to be the next Runway Angel. Contestants will need to show their photogenic qualities, prove their abilities as a spokesmodel, show off their red carpet star quality and radiate charisma while walking a runway in lingerie.

Beginning Wednesday, October 14, and will air weekly webisodes featuring footage from the live castings and Angel Boot Camp. The public will be able to vote on which contestants will advance to the next round of voting and will ultimately choose the winner, who will get the chance of a lifetime to walk in THE VICTORIA’S SECRET FASHION SHOW, which has launched the careers of modeling legends including Tyra Banks, Heidi Klum and Gisele Bündchen, and is broadcast annually on CBS and around the world in more than 90 countries.

Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Model Search Open Casting Events include:

• New York City, October 3 at Yankee Stadium, 8 – 10 AM
• Miami, October 10 at Gansevoort South Beach, 8 – 10 AM
• Los Angeles, October 17 at W Los Angeles – Westwood, 8 – 10 AM
• Chicago, October 24 at W Chicago – Lakeshore, 8 – 10 AM

Candidates must meet all the eligibility requirements. For more details and the official rules, visit and is the official online home of THE VICTORIA’S SECRET FASHION SHOW on CBS. is the exclusive destination for all things Victoria’s Secret featuring coverage of the world famous Supermodels, behind-the-scenes at photo shoots, star-studded store openings, special events and more.

THE VICTORIA'S SECRET FASHION SHOW returns to New York this year and will feature such Victoria's Secret Supermodels as Marisa Miller, Alessandra Ambrosio, Doutzen Kroes and Miranda Kerr in a holiday infused lingerie runway show, which will also include musical performances, red carpet interviews, model profiles and a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the world's most celebrated fashion show.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

More Tuesday TLC: Jurlique Rose Hand Cream (review)

Yesterday was actually a little windy and chilly...and today is actually a little windy and chilly. I'm still grimly holding on to my summer wardrobe; but I realize that sandal time is nearly over. On the plus side, it also means saying goodbye to my makeup nemesis: humidity. And it's also the time to have various moisturizers strategically placed so they're available throughout the day. Since I cleaned out my bag yesterday, I'm starting with something for that – a really spectacular hand cream from Jurlique.

Rose Hand Cream

Blurb: A rich protective hand cream, rich in the living energy of rose, calendula and viola, to deeply moisturize and restore smoothness, leaving hands feeling soft and supple.

This fabulous (fabulous!) cream is thick and rich, but absorbs immediately with no greasy residue (meaning no goop on my keyboard or steering wheel). It’s very soothing, moisturizing and really lasts. My hands feel soft, soft, soft. The fragrance is lovely – it actually smells like flowers instead of perfume. It comes in a perfect, slim tube for a handbag (and it’s also a great overnight hand softener).

Hand cream is where I usually get a little extra fancy. If I’m having a rough, rushed or difficult day, it’s nice to take out something really luxurious and soothing. And a small tube of really nice hand cream is pampering but doesn't stress the budget.

For anyone who wants to go all out; Jurlique has a Rose Body Care Lotion, Body Oil and Shower Gel. And Jasmine scented products are coming on October 5.

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Smashbox Rules (I mean, Reigns)! Smashbox Reign Jet Set Palette (review)

Since I’m a crazed unrepentant eye liner junkie; you can probably imagine that any new color is going to have me all in a dither. Well today’s dither catalyst (I know...“dither catalyst”? Please forgive me) is from the fab folks at Smashbox.

Smashbox Reign Jet Set Palette (Limited Edition)

Blurb: Get the ultimate high glam look that won't budge all day and night with Smashbox Cosmetics REIGN Jet Set Palette. It is 4 shades of their innovative gel liner that stays blendable for 60 seconds, allowing you to create the look you want without unwanted smudging and smearing. The stylish palette includes their bestselling deep black shade along with three new shades: matte deep brown, metallic deep gold, and metallic bronze. Ideal for those of all skin types and colors who want a sensual, smoky eye. Mica adds a gentle shimmer and shine. Titanium Dioxide protects against sun damage and provides rich mineral color.

First, I love the packaging. It’s a luxe leather-looking (very giftable) chocolate brown box. Inside are a slanted brush and four shades (three of them new!) Have to mention that I also loved the brush. I usually forgo brushes that come with kits in favor of my own; but this slanted brush had excellent precision and still gave good coverage.

Of course, all four liners have Smashbox’s great formula that stays blendable/smudgeable for about a minute and then sets to an absolutely budgeproof finish. Loved the black (of course) and the deep brown is a nice addition to what I have (a smooth, rich, matte coffee color).

The two shades that have me all “dithery,” though are the Metallic Gold and Metallic Bronze. The Gold is a deep, sophisticated (not glitzy) shade that looks both bright and soft at the same time. And the Bronze is rich, dark and smoky; but also beautiful and soft. My favorite way to wear these is to line the bottom of my eye with the Gold and use the Bronze to line the top lid. They work perfectly together, and the shimmer in both shades is just enough to flatter. The effect is glamorous, but in a diffused, soft-focus way.

It took me a while to try this palette, and it was limited edition; so you’ll have to look around to find them. But I recommend snapping one up asap. Items from the Reign collection are on sale at both the Smashbox and Sephora websites.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Trying New Things: Clairol Perfect 10 High Gloss Haircolor (review)

My fortune cookie on Thursday said, "Why not go out on a Limb? Isn't that where the fruit is?" Okay, that isn't technically a fortune; but it's a pretty darn good thing to read after eating too much orange chicken with brown rice.

As a matter of fact, I've been going out on various limbs since last spring. The last few months have been all about changes and trying new things. New blog, new hobbies, new operas, new people, new ways of looking at life. In general, lots of exploring and experimenting.

What's funny (to me at least) is that even though I've made some truly major life changes; I fully balked at the idea of (hope you're sitting down) trying out a different hair color. Really. I did. I received a new product to check out; and it felt like I was going to be trying out a new head or something. I stared at the box for a few days before finally snapping myself out of it. Silly girl.

Okay, I think I crossed the TMI line about 5 sentences ago; so I'll just get busy with my review.

My usual not-from-nature color is dark brown-red with a tinge of purple that I mix up myself. I chose "Dark Auburn" since it was the closest.

Clairol Perfect 10 High Gloss Haircolor (Dark Auburn)

Blurb: It’s the most-awarded hair color by beauty editors. Perfect 10 is hair color so incredibly quick, gorgeously glossy and technologically advanced. And it’s earning accolades for beauty and science alike. Only Perfect 10 has an advanced color crème with micropearls to target hair's melanin, gently accelerating the color development process. It's a formula you'll get exclusively from Clairol. And it gives you all that high gloss hair color in half the time.

I'm so glad I tried this! I can totally see why it got all the awards and kudos – it absolutely lived up to its promises!

For one thing, it really does develop in 10 minutes. Really. It does. I actually colored my hair in the morning before going to work. (How's that for going out on a limb?) I'm a zombie in the morning; but I had serious roots and I had already procrastinated, so that was the only time I could fit it in. The thick consistency combined with the brush applicator bottle is great – it was so easy to get to every bit of hair quickly without making a mess (especially the hair at my temples and around my ears). And after everything was all rinsed, conditioned and dried, I really did have glossy, freshly colored, dark auburn hair. The gray was covered and everything looked the way it was supposed to by the time I got to work. Amazing!

I'll probably stick with my usual brown/red/purple combo; but I'm planning to use this when I don't have time for my lengthy DIY version. I'm thrilled to have something gorgeous, effective and reliable on hand when time is short.

You can learn a little more about the science behind Perfect 10 and check out all the available colors by visiting the website. You can purchase online at places like and CVS; and you can also find Clairol in most drugstores.

"You will have a great weekend."

Friday, September 25, 2009

More Friday Fabness for Fall …from LUSH

Okay, LUSH has once again come up with spectacular items to herald the change of seasons. Featuring inagredients like BEER, henna and figs.

And beer.

Read (the product with beer is first)…

Fresh for Fall

Looking for new and fresh ways to fall into the harvest season? With the changing climate, LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics has just what you need to prepare your skin and hair for the nippy fall months ahead.

Munich’s Oktoberfest (the unofficial kick-off to the fall and a celebration of all things beer) is one of the most famous events in the world with over 6 million in attendance each year. If you’re stuck in the states, you can bring the beer stein to your bathroom with Cynthia Sylvia Stout Shampoo, made with fresh-brewed Irish Stout to add weight to fluffy hair and smooth down hair cuticles to give locks a mirror-like shine.

While the leaves are turning to vibrant new colors, why not color your hair to match? Go brown, auburn, red or black with LUSH’s Caca Henna Hair Dyes. Each 100% natural henna hair dye glazes hair with a coat of lustrous, glossy color that will last you until winter.

Don’t forget about your skin’s needs – moisture is key to keeping your skin supple in the cold weather. Try Figs and Leaves Soap which feels more like a moisturizer than a soap. Infused with fresh fig fruits, earthy ylang ylang, nourishing aloe vera and scrubbing fig seeds, your skin will be in prime shape to slip into (or out of) your favorite cozy sweater by the fireside.

Dear Beauty Fairy…Stila Holiday Smudge Pot Collection

Look at this!!!! I am so excited – I love all things Smudge Pot. And the collection from last year is how I got turned on to Stila Smudge Pots in the first place.

This Holiday collection has a mini brush and four mini Smudge Pots in "Black," "Starry Night," "Violet" and "Kitten." Kitten! Kitten Smudge Pot, people! ("Starry Night and "Violet" are new SP colors).

And…this week only (until 9/27 at 11:59am to be exact), you can get free shipping with the promo code: FALLSHIPPING

Looking Back at Fashion Week: Sally Hansen at Tracy Reese

This time it's the nails. Sally Hansen (8th season with Tracy Reese) created a limited edition collection for spring inspired by Tracy’s Spring 2010 collection. Read all about it and check out the specially created shades. I love this look...simple and really hot.

Tracy Reese for Sally Hansen Returns with the 2010 Spring Runway Collection

A fashionable collaboration between nail color expert Sally Hansen and designer Tracy Reese at her Spring 2010 Runway Show. For the eighth season in a row, Sally Hansen has joined forces with fashion icon Tracy Reese to create the ultimate accessory for the feminine yet modern spring wardrobe, inspired by Reese’s visionary spring collection. The runway look was created with Sally Hansen Complete Manicure in Midnight In New York which provides a deep ebony base, while Hidden Treasure brushes on an unexpected finish of molten metallic, for an exclusive, never-been-seen before manicure. This collection will be available nationwide in April 2010.


Thursday, September 24, 2009

More Caviar: Laura Mercier Caviar Eyeliner in “Midnight” (review)

So yesterday it was caviar for the body. Today it's caviar for the eye from Laura Mercier.

Caviar Eye Liner (in "Midnight")

Blurb: Laura Mercier Caviar Eye Liner is an innovative semi-crème eye liner with a velvet matte finish that delivers long-lasting pure colour with a rich texture similar to the Laura Mercier Kohl Eye Pencils. Perfect for creating a classic, smudged line or smoky eyes. Mistake-proof formula never drops colour onto the cheek or face. Use dry for a smoky look.

Now my optometrist* would shoot me for saying this; but this is the best formula ever (ever!) for tightlining. (Note: I'm not recommending this.) Since I wear contacts, I know I shouldn't tightline; but sometimes I can't resist a cool, squinty bad-girl eye. And this liner goes on easily, dries quickly and doesn't irritate. Of course I only use an immaculately clean brush. But once again, I am not recommending – just describing.

Anyway, even if you never followed my bad example, you would be thrilled with this liner. For a liner junkie, it's a must-have. I wish it came in more colors because the formula is unique and fabulous. I use a wet brush and get inky, flawlessly smooth, saturated color (matte) that stays for absolutely ever. I also get a really clean line. (And a dry brush produces a smudgy, smoky look.)

Right now, the website has a great Foundation Primer Offer (3 days only - receive a free .5 oz Foundation Primer (0.5 fl.oz.) with any $40 purchase, and receive a travel-size deluxe and full-size Foundation Primer with any $80 purchase).

* My optometrist is a wonderful doctor, but hates all eye makeup. I once had to listen to a dreary speech about the evils of bacteria-laden mascara at a check up. Then he praised me for not being one of those people that wears eyeliner inside the lashes. Oh the guilt!

And The Winner Is: Morris Organics…Oh yeah, and YOU!

Just found out that The Avocate® SkinCare line from Morris Organics won a 2009 Top Gear of the Year Award!!

If you're not familiar with Morris Organics; then I guess that means you were just too busy and important to read my review last Friday. That's ok; because a busy and important person such as yourself will be thrilled to know that the folks at Morris Organics are so excited that they are celebrating with an extra 15% off individual products. YAY!!!

This is a great chance to either try out or stock up on their fabulous organic products. This is also a great chance for me to say "I told you so," but I wouldn’t dream of doing that. No, I'll just tell you to check out the website and start saving.

This Looks Hecka Cool: Biolustré Hair Repair

Ooooh….more hair repair on the horizon. This info is from the folks at Biolustré. Biolustré is a 4-step hair-care system that promises to restore hair to a virgin condition in just one application! Already popular in Europe, Biolustré had its US launch in 2009, and is available in top salons across the country. I am intrigued…start reading…

Patrick Melville, owner of the renowned Patrick Melville Salon in New York City, has used Biolustré on his celebrity clients, including Brooke Shields, Mandy Moore, and Heidi Klum, to name a few. Eva Longoria-Parker is also a fan of the product line.

No matter what the damage, Biolustre has the remedy using "Lustreloc" technology, a synthetic polymer that binds to the hair and rebuilds it to its silky natural state. The innovative combination of ingredients in the following 4 products help to reverse the damage left by too much chemical processing and blow-drying, as well as overexposure to sun and saltwater.

1) Release Cleansing Shampoo: This gentle, low PH cleansing shampoo removes excess oils and product build-up preparing the hair for the Biolustré Revive Repair Treatment.

2) Revive Repair Treatment: This patent-pending formula is clinically proven to actually repair hair to a near virgin (not processed) state. It can increase strength of hair by 25% to 250% depending on the level of damage.

3) Restore Maintenance Treatment Shampoo: This innovative formula contains Biolustré's exclusive Lustreloc Technology, which delivers low levels of polymers to provide added strength and shine to hair.

4) Renew Daily Conditioning Sealant: A lightweight, daily conditioner formulated with ingredients like mint and tea tree oil for a soothing sensation. Renew is designed to help smooth the hair cuticle and seal in moisture, andt should be applied after restorative beauty treatment or after daily shampooing.

Change is Good: New From La Mer – The Hydrating Facial

Just got info about La Mer’s next big launch, hitting counters next week (just in time for the new season) - The Hydrating Facial. In addition to the amazing Refining Facial and Radiant Facial, La Mer's new Hydrating Facial is a mask to hydrate and condition the skin. Read a little…

The perfect product to get skin prepped for the change of seasons, this two-zoned mask delivers superior hydration through a luxurious, sensorial, spa-like experience to reawaken the appearance of youth. In minutes, dry complexions are renewed, visibly transforming the skin. Skin is left hydrated, nourished, smoothed and conditioned with a resilient healthy glow, ready to receive the benefits of Crème de la Mer.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Ahhhhh: La Prairie Skin Caviar Luxe Body Emulsion (review)

Last night I needed some serious down time. So before my class; I knocked out a few necessary tasks, and then gave myself a little pampering.

But not just any pampering. I needed luxury. I needed extravagance. Luckily, I happened to have the very thing from La Prairie.

Skin Caviar Luxe Body Emulsion

Blurb: A luxuriously rich body lotion formulated with caviar extract that drenches the body in an extravagant gift of moisture replacing weak, dull and dry skin with firmed, toned and illuminated skin. Skin Caviar Luxe Body Emulsion contains La Prairie's exclusive Cellular Complex that helps stimulate the skin's natural repair process, moisturizing and energizing with nutrients that encourage optimal functioning.

I don't think it's any great big surprise that I loved this. The Body Emulsion is old school, super fancy, pamper-yourself-silly luxury. It was rich, silky, and made my skin rich and silky. It absorbed quickly, had a lovely fragrance, and also had a very slight shimmer to it. Kind of made me wish I was going out somewhere (except that I desperately needed to say in...and I also had those pedicure things between my toes).

The Emulsion is part of the The Caviar Collection. And available at Bergdorf Goodman, Bloomingdale’s, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue and the La Prairie website.

Mad and Rad: La Mer at the 2009 Emmys

So happy that Mad Men rocked the Emmy's!

Seems like La Mer did a little rocking too - especially with the incredibly perfectly MAD Christina Hendricks. And the utterly totally RAD Toni Collette. Read on…

2009 Emmy Awards

Secrets from the pros – makeup artists Gita Bass and Georgie Eisdell share some of their La Mer must haves for the big night!

Prepping Christina Hendricks for the evening, her makeup artist Georgie Eisdell says, “The look we went for with Christina had a little 20's influence. I wanted it to keep Christina's makeup really fresh, clean and elegant. I prepared her skin with La Mer’s The Moisturizing Lotion – it’s perfect to hydrate the skin with being greasy and a perfect base for foundation. Next, I love La Mer’s Treatment Fluid Foundation SPF 15 for Christina. It is light on the skin but gives excellent coverage where needed. Under her eyes I used La Mer’s new Radiant Concealor SPF 25 - a genius product, it goes on so easily and does not cake under the eye. Before I started on her eye I lathered her lips with La Mer’s The Lip Balm. I love using this on Christina; she has full lips so keeping them hydrated is really important and when it's time to apply lipstick it goes on beautifully.”

A big winner last night – Best Actress in a Comedy – Toni Collette’s makeup artist Gita Bass also shares some her La Mer favorites that helped her get Toni looking red carpet ready. Her top picks? “Prepping for the Emmy’s we used La Mer’s The Body Lotion, The Lip Balm and La Mer’s new Radiant Concealer SPF 25.” A big win and a great beauty look had Toni glowing all evening.


Get your Flirt! On (Facebook, that is)

Flirt! Cosmetics is now on Facebook. Check it out for product news, tips, special offers and info about store events. Use this link:

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Masked Blogger: Crema Mask & Clay Mask from Chellá Skin Care (review)

One of the deep beauty questions I often ponder is: "How can I serve my readers and the beauty community as a whole while shamelessly promoting the opera I'm in?"

Oh it may sound easy to you; but manufacturing vague connections between my singing life and my beauty blogger life requires scouring...that's right, scouring!...the English language.

Well the Universe cut me a serious break this time; because the title of the opera I'm rehearsing is "Un Ballo in Maschera" (or "A Masked Ball"). Get it? Mask? What could be easier? Thank you, Universe!

I decided to review some kind of "mask" each week until the performance. And making this even easier are two fabulous, fabulous masks from the folks at Chellá Skin Care.

Enzyme Formula Exfoliating Crema Mask with Lactic Acid and Sugar Cane

Blurb: This creamy, gentle mask is a combination of enzymes that exfoliate dead cells and excess sebum from the skin and encourages cell turnover for more radiant, even toned and younger looking skin. Gentle enough for use on sensitive skin or skin with acne or rosacea. Gently removes dead skin cells and excess sebum. Encourages cell turnover and promotes growth of new skin. Smoothes skin to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Improves clarity and evens skin tone so skin has youthful glow. Helps restore moisture so skin is smooth and soft.

The Crema Mask is really wonderful. It felt creamy and soothing; and after a few minutes, there was some tingling. After rinsing, my skin was baby soft and balanced. There was no redness, irritation or stripped feeling. And the next morning, my skin still felt wonderful. This mask is a great combination of powerful enzymes and soothing moisture.

Balancing Clay Mask with Hectorite Clay & Copper

Blurb: This non-drying clay mask is a combination of calming and hydrating minerals that work synergistically to draw out toxins and impurities, refine pores and leave skin clean, balanced and younger looking. This clay mask can also be used as a spot treatment on blemishes.

Since my skin is oily, sensitive and prone to break outs, I'm always up for a good clay mask. And this one is better than good. It goes on smoothly, is fragrance free and rinses off easily. After rinsing, my skin was super smooth, super refreshed, and my pores were spic and span. What I really like about this mask is that I get all the clay mask cleansing and oil control, and my face feels calm and soothed. Another bonus is that this can be used as a spot treatment.

Both masks now have a place in my skincare regimen. Since they seem to agree with my skin so well, I'm planning to alternate them throughout the week.

Chellá seems to have a lot of good stuff going on. For more info, check out their products page.

More Excellence from Bobbi Brown: FEED 10 Pouch

Bobbi Brown and Lauren Bush have collaborated to create the FEED 10 Pouch. Each purchase of a FEED 10 pouch will provide ten women with food through the United Nations World Food Program. The “Food for Work Program” enables women to thrive by offering much-needed job training and work in exchange for food.

Made from sustainable materials (using fair trade labor), the canvas pouch contains three lip gloss shades (Petal, Rose Sugar and Aubergine). The FEED 10 pouch will be available in October at Bloomingdale’s. Read on…

The World Food Program is an incredible organization that recognizes and answers the dire need among disadvantaged women for the most basic of necessity in life— food. With the purchase of this bag, you are joining us in a single, kind gesture that will help a woman in need gain her independence and self-esteem and empower her to change her life and that of her family members.

1 in 6 people around the world live in extreme poverty, 70% of them are female. Women are generally the last to eat a meal—after their husband and children—and suffer most from hunger and malnutrition.

WFP’s Food for Work Program enables women to thrive by offering much needed job training and work—and providing food in exchange. This simple exchange allows women to break the poverty cycle by alleviating their daily struggle to secure food for themselves and their families. In return, they are able to invest time and energy in learning new job skills that are important for a sustainable future and hope for their children, their families, and their communities.

Thank you for supporting the movement to empower women to feed themselves and their families. We hope you enjoy your FEED 10 pouch! With it, you have provided 10 women with hope for a brighter future.


Bobbi Brown at Fashion Week

Still have a few more treats from Fashion Week to share…

This season, Bobbi and the Beauty Team collaborated with top designers including Rachel Roy, J. Mendel, Brian Reyes, Yigal Azrouel, Tibi and Elie Tahari to create the makeup looks for their Spring 2010 collections.

Yigal Azrouel: Yigal’s spring line is feminine, yet deconstructed, so to play off of the collection, Bobbi created a natural look featuring a strong ‘smudged’ smoky eye.

J. Mendel: Spring at J. Mendel is about ethereal silhouettes and soft textures, so the makeup reflected this inspiration through clean, matte skin, light pink cheeks and lips, and an elongated smoky eye that is pretty, yet powerful.

Elie Tahari: Natural, clean, fresh makeup with sun-kissed skin.

Brian Reyes: This spring, the makeup at Brian Reyes was all about fair skin with a hint of color. Winter white skin was clean and crisp, highlighted with frosty cheeks. Stained red lips added a touch of color, but remained soft enough for the spring season.

Rachel Roy:
Complementing the colors and textures of Rachel Roy’s spring collection, the makeup featured a beautiful and precise eye channeling the 70s, but modernized for today’s woman.

Tibi: Tibi’s spring collection is simplistic in structure, allowing the signature bright prints and colorful palette to make this season’s statement. The makeup for the show was bold, yet pretty, featuring a vibrant electric pink eye with hints of yellow and green, juxtaposed with a nude lip.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Pretty and Under Protection: Dr. Denese Skincare/Suncare (glowing review)

First I want to give a big, supportive, empathetic, sympathetic shout out to my friend, John, who is having massive dental work done this morning (even as I type). That's right, folks…DENTAL WORK! Let's all take a moment and send some nice thoughts his way.

Now that I think about it…let's all just take another moment and send nice thoughts to anyone who might need them this morning.

OK? Did you think something? Good.

And now back to beauty business. For those of us in the northern hemisphere (of Earth); tomorrow (5:18pm EDT) is the beginning of Autumn (aka "Fall"). For some reason, I always hate to say goodbye to summer. Even though I dislike both heat and humidity; I love long days, warm nights, sandals, not wearing a coat, and the general feeling of ease. But now I'm starting to remember what's great about fall – especially early fall. For one thing, it's still warm enough to wear my summer clothes and sandals; but now the weather is comfortable instead of hot and humid.

Also, my complexion loves this weather. Not too hot or cold, not too humid or dry. Which means my skin is clearer, less red and more balanced. Which also means I can wear tinted moisturizers instead of regular foundation. To kick off fall, I tried out two excellent items this week from Dr. Denese Skincare.

HydroShield Tinted Moisturizer

Blurb: Discover flawless, radiant coverage--from a moisturizer! This oil-free, hydrating formula has a sheer hint of self-adjusting color that helps you achieve a practically poreless, perfected complexion. Applied each morning, it provides broad spectrum UVA/UVB SPF 15 protection to help protect skin from the aging rays of the sun. It is one of the best kept secrets, a true cult item in our brand. It comes in three shades, Light, Medium and Tan.

I love tinted moisturizers for daytime. They go on quickly, and the sheer coverage is so pretty and natural. This tinted moisturizer has thoroughly won me over. It's oil free and hydrates without making me shiny. I used "medium" and the color really did self adjust. It was absolutely invisible, and gave me the right amount of smoothness and coverage for "good skin" day.

And…did you think for one moment that I wasn't going to mention sunscreen? I certainly hope not. Okay…here goes: Fall absolutely does not – I repeat, does not – mean the end of sunscreen. In fact, protection is just as important as in the summer months. There may be fewer hours of sunlight; but you still need protection while the sun is shining. (Harping over…see, that wasn't so bad.)

That said, HydroShield provides excellent broad-spectrum, barrier-based (zinc oxide/titanium dioxide) protection while it's making my skin look all smooth and nice.

SPF 30 Defense Eye Cream

Blurb: Our SPF 30 Defense Eye Cream is the only broad spectrum UVA/UVB SPF 30 eye cream on the skin care market today that you can take up to the eye lashes, cover your upper eye lids with no tearing and no irritation. Our SPF 30 Defense Eye Cream serves three functions: it is an advanced peptide based eye cream with two patented peptide ingredients, to work on the appearance of already existing lines around the eyes. It conceals: it is tinted by our unique and proprietary self adjusting color to conceal and immediately diminish dark circles, uneven skin tone and imperfections under the eyes. Our unique self adjusting color is based on Melanin, the inherent color pigment of the skin so it matches nearly any skin tone. Third: it gives you an SPF 30 UVA/UVB protection to prevent future signs of aging if you wear it on a daily basis. If you are lucky enough not to have crows feet yet, start immediately so as to prevent, if you have them already, it may prevent them from getting worse.

This is probably the best eye sunscreen I have ever come across! Ever! Really…it's that good. It's broad spectrum (with a high percentage of zinc oxide), glides on, sinks in immediately and feels like absolutely nothing. No irritation, no creasing. It's also slightly tinted, so it evens out skin tone and works pretty well as a shadow primer. Throw in a few peptides and you have a damn near perfect product as far as I'm concerned. A++

So now I am all kinds of interested in Dr. Denese. Since I've got protection on my mind today, I'm also thinking of checking out their SPF 30 Defense Day Cream for when winter rolls around. Check out their website. In addition to their skincare, they also have beauty supplements, fragrance and makeup.

Happy Monday!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

More Saturday Happy Hair: Rejuvenating Serum from Warren Tricomi (review)

Again, after we’re all done looking at the amazing hair from Fashion Week; the time comes when we have to attend to our own hairdos. After Fashion’s Night Out, I decided to try out something from Warren-Tricomi. I’d never tried any of their products, but I've been loving the whole posh vibe of their salons.

Blurb: Joel Warren and Edward Tricomi are legends in the world of hair color and hair styling, respectively. Together however, they are an unrivaled duo whose shared expertise defines hair trends season after season. In their twenty years as partners they have become the go-to hair salon for New York City’s elite, established a network of salons across the country and created the first collection of hair products produced by a colorist and a stylist. It is this collective expertise that is bottled into the duo’s namesake product collection, Warren-Tricomi Haircare. Every formula in the line is created with both their points of view taken into account, resulting in products that address the needs of hair on every conceivable level – from the integrity of its color and texture to the state of its body and shine. In other words, no other line approaches hair care as thoroughly, with such passion for and knowledge of hair than Warren-Tricomi.

For the last six days, I used the Rejuvenating Serum

Blurb: An intensely healing serum for all hair types. Rejuvenating Serum renews and restores damaged and unhealthy hair. A nano-technology delivery system transports a slew of nourishing ingredients to correct and prevent damage. Vitamins A and E protect with antioxidants while conditioning, aloe hydrates and calms the hair, and rosemary provides calcium and vitamin B6 for improved strength and vitality. The hair becomes healthier, easier to manage and youthful in both shine and softness.

Folks, it works! Six days of this serum made a noticeable difference in my hair. More softness, shine and prettier curls. Even the ends (in desperate need of a trim) looked better. And somehow my hair looks better first thing in the morning. !!

And it's super easy to use. Each day after shampooing/conditioning, I opened up an ampule, worked it through my hair, then dried/styled as usual. That’s it! It’s recommended that this be used once a month. I’m thinking I may want to follow this recommendation.

As always, I recommend you check out the website and browse all of the other fab products and tools. You can buy their products online and at sites like and

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Get Seasonal: ZO Skin Health Oclipse Sunscreen + Primer SPF 30

Okay, I am finally beginning to accept that summer is over and fall is approaching (in like 3 days…omg). If I take deep breaths and remind myself that I still have a several weeks of sandal wearing left, then everything is OK again. Change is good...change is good...cute sweaters are good...autumn makeup colors are good...

Anyway, the folks at ZO Skin Health (Obagi) sent me some info about their combo Primer and Sunscreen (and Kristen Bell). Since the end of summer absolutely does not mean the end of sunscreen, go ahead and read…

Take a cue from trend setting industry insiders and celebrities like Kristen Bell by updating your skincare routine this fall to include the season’s must-have product: ZO Skin Health Oclipse Sunscreen + Primer SPF 30.

Kristen’s makeup artist, Simone Siegel, used Oclipse on Kristen while on the set of her new flick “Couples Retreat” and got rave reviews from Kristen and the other makeup artists on set.

Kristen loves that Oclipse has sunscreen in it, and it’s a staple in Simone’s kit for all her A-list clients. She loves the finish and swears by the product because she finds that makeup stays on nicer when applied over Oclipse.

The sun may be taking the backseat for a few months, but SPF protection is more important than ever. Arm yourself with broad spectrum SPF 30 UVA/UVB protection and the natural sunscreen protection of melanin every day.

Don’t let skin get dried out! Moisture is key as we hit colder months, and by using a multipurpose product to hydrate skin you receive added benefits like collagen production and reduced photo aging, which your skin will thank you for.

Changing seasons also means a change in schedules – and chances are you’re going to be busier than ever this fall. Do yourself a favor and trade out your moisturizer, primer and sunscreen for an all-in-one that cuts down the time it takes to get ready.

You deserve the best, and so does your skin. Why not use a product that does more for your skin than the average moisturizer/primer/sunscreen? ZO Skin Health’s Oclipse Sunscreen + Primer SPF 30 does all of the above, plus it gives pores a break from all the layers you usually pile on it. At $65 you’re giving your wallet a break and your skin a treat that’s loved by some of Hollywood’s biggest stars. What could be better?

Added bonus for those of you not ready for the end of summer: Oclipse has a tint of hint so your skin will glow like you’ve been pool side, just like Kristen Bell in “Couples Retreat!”

Friday, September 18, 2009

It's all Green: Avocate® SkinCare from Morris Organics (review)

TMI: I love avocados, but can't eat them (they do not love me back). But that won't keep me from using avocado on my skin. Avocado is fab-u-lous for skin! And the Avocate® SkinCare line from Morris Organics is all about avocados (and avocado butter. Mmmm…butter). Um, anyway…

Blurb: Introducing Avocate® SkinCare. Ultra luxury, exclusive formulas. Superior quality ingredients. 90-100% natural with organic ingredients. The scientifically studied active benefits of avocado, combined with the most expensive essential oils in the world: Avocate® SkinCare! It's unique ingredients help to re-build lost collagen while adding luminance to the skin. An exclusive formula that works with your skin’s own unique chemistry, it reverses the first sign of aging - loss of volume in the skin. Formulated for the most sensitive skin, it's safe for the entire family! Artificial fragrance free, color free and paraben free. Try it for yourself and see your own beauty, redefined. Naturally!

I've been trying out a couple of items and am here to faithfully report!

Pure Beauty Body Lotion

Blurb: 24 hour hydration without oily residue or drying perfumes? Wish granted. Nourish every square inch with collagen building organic Avocado butter, soothing Aloe Vera, and the beautifying essential oils of Ylang Ylang, Egyptian Jasmine, Frankincense. Complete 24 hour hydration with the nourishing protection of avocado and aloe vera. Suitable for every part of the body, including delicate facial skin. 90% natural, True, 24 hr, one application hydration, Formulated for sensitive skin, Fragrance free.

Loving this body lotion! It smells great (kind of earthy and feminine at the same time), and it's very creamy. What really stood out is how incredibly quickly it absorbed. After a minute or two, it had completely sunk in; but my skin still felt soft and hydrated without any greasiness or stickiness. And my skin stayed soft and hydrated.

Collagen Intensive Eye Repair

Blurb: Searching for a miracle? You've found it. Overnight, this concentrated hydrating and refining eye cream reduces fine lines, crepiness & under-eye bags from the inside out. Its rich, silky formula absorbs rapidly and nourishes the skin with intense collagen re-building avocado butter. Discover how great mornings can be with Avocate® Collagen Intensive Eye Repair. 90.8% natural, perfect for sensitive skin & contact lense wearers, free of fragrances, parabens, and artifical color.

Again, this eye cream absorbed really quickly and left me with soft, hydrated skin. I think that's why it sat so well under my eye makeup. I was worried that the softness would be gone in a couple of hours, but that wasn't the case. My eye area was still looking good at the end of the day.

The website is having Back-To-School sale right now. You can get the lotion and eye cream together and save about 15% and get free shipping. Actually there quite a few nice sets and kits worth checking out.

Happy Friday!

More Hot Fekkai Hair

I know, it's all done for now, but check out a little more fab hair from Fekkai that was walking during Fashion Week. The Proenza Schouler appeals to my California roots; but I'm going all dreamy-eyed and girly over the ballerina looks at Marchesa.

Proenza Schouler

Didier Malige, lead stylist for Frédéric Fekkai was inspired by the California surfer girl at the Proenza Schouler show. He created beachy, tousled waves by prepping hair with Fekkai Beachcomber Leave-in Conditioner and then spritzed hair with Fekkai Coiff™ Oceanique Tousled Wave Spray. He finished the look by pulling Fekkai Coiff™ Magnifique Ultra-Light Finishing Crème through the hair with his fingers. The result was natural, sexy and sun-kissed.
Products Used:

Fekkai Coiff Océanique Tousled Wave Spray: Create a tousled, wavy look with this lightweight styling mist. Touchable polymers help to form and rejuvenate waves with flexible control.

Fekkai Marine Summer Hair Beachcomber Leave-in Conditioner: Instantly detangles and boosts moisture, softness and shine with an exclusive blend of Marine extracts help to revitalize, moisturize and repair hair.

Fekkai Coiff™ Magnifique Ultra-Light Finishing Crème: This airy soufflé-like formula floats through layers to add definition and style. Simply “rake” crème through the hair concentrating on the ends to whip hair into its softest, sexiest shape.


“The Marchesa collection is always breathtaking and elegant; it is exhilarating to create a red carpet look that matches the ultimate glamour and sophistication of the clothing” – Frederic Fekkai

Renato Campora, lead stylist for Frédéric Fekkai, created an ultra shiny and striking look for the Marchesa Spring 2010 show. Campora mixed the Fekkai COIFF™ Extra Control Styling Gel with the Fekkai COIFF™ Strong Hold Volume Mousse to slick hair into a ponytail in the middle of the back of the head. He then wrapped the ponytail into a tight bun. The look was completed with Fekkai Brilliant Glossing Cream for added shine and brilliance.

Products Used:

Fekkai COIFF™ Extra Control Styling Gel Never flaky or sticky, this lightweight medium hold gel keeps hair exactly where you want it. The innovative all Day Style-Memory Lasting Complex shapes and controls the hair throughout the day…and night!

Fekkai COIFF™ Strong Hold Volume Mousse - Durable hold with Hydrolyzed Hibiscus Protein to condition, Rice Protein to volumize, Jojoba Protein to repair, and weightless polymers to help you maintain that just-styled look throughout an active day.

Fekkai Brilliant Glossing Cream- This frizz-fighting, soft seeking shine cream works for nearly every hair type. Encapsulated olive oil reboots shine throughout the day for brilliant hair.


Thursday, September 17, 2009

Check out what's NEW from Kat Burki (and maybe even score a free sample)

Kat Burki is introducing all NEW Candles and Soaps to their Bath and Body collection…and…the first 50 shoppers will receive a FREE Body Crème sample!

Pretty x 5 = Sumptuous Color Bold Volume™ Lifting Mascara from Estée Lauder (review)

A couple of weeks ago, I shared an announcement about the new color mascaras from Estée Lauder. I have finally gotten to try them out, and they absolutely lived up to my eye makeup junkie expectations.

Sumptuous Color Bold Volume™ Lifting Mascara (Limited Edition)

Blurb: Indulge your lashes in a full fantasy of jewel tones and big, bold, weightless volume. This sumptuously rich mascara contains a calculated blend of light-weight gels, polymers, waxes and pigments to lift and plump even sparse lashes into big, lush lashes that are all lightness and flirtatious curl. The exclusive BrushComber™ brush delivers all the thickening effects of a brush with the definition of a comb. Together, the fibers thicken and volumize lashes in one fast coat without clumping. Ideal for even the sparsest of lashes, Sumptuous Color Bold Volume™ Lifting Mascara is fragrance free, ophthalmologist tested, and safe for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.

The formula alone is fabulous. Zero clumping and I got a lovely, long, full fringe. The colors are rich, beautiful, and stayed put all day without flaking or smudging. And everything came off in a swipe at the end of the day.

And the colors! The softest was "Amber," a golden, tawny brown. The shade was very subtle on my dark lashes; and I think this would be amazing on a redhead or blonde. "Sapphire" was a bright (and slightly edgy) blue that both flattered and popped. "Emerald" is a vibrant, fresh green. "Amethyst" is a luscious to-die-for shade of purple - really beautiful and super flattering. My hands-down favorite, though, was "Garnet" (happens to be my birthstone btw). It's a deep, dark red (almost a burgundy) and made my eyes look amazing. I will be wearing it a lot.

Since they're limited edition, I'm planning to stock up. I strongly suggest running (okay, maybe walking quickly) to your nearest Estée Lauder counter and checking them out. You can also take a look at the website and see some of the suggested "partners" for the mascaras. My personal recommendation is that you pick up a tube of Lash Primer Plus (my HG) to use underneath your new pretty mascara. Just sayin.

End of Summer Awesomeness: Carol's Daughter

Some excellent suggestions from the folks at Carol's Daughter. I have loved every single thing from CD that I've tried; and even reviewed the fab Hair Milk last June. Read more…

Quench your beauty thirst!

Did you spend a lot of time in the sun this summer? Even if you didn’t, now is the time to moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!! The frigid, winter months are not far away, what better time than the current to “winterize” your beloved locks?

- Try one of Carol’s Daughter Shea Souffles to bring moisture and subtle sheen (not “greasy”) to dry, sunburned skin.

- Hair feeling like hay? Indulge yourself in a scrumptious Hair Smoothie. Great as a daily conditioner or an intensive deep treatment.

- Need to retain moisture on parched tresses? Try our all time customer favorite, Hair Milk- curls truly drink up!

More Hot Runway Hairdos: Aveda at Rodarte and Christian Siriano

Check out more of what Aveda has been up to during Fashion Week:

Show: Rodarte
Lead Hairstylist: Odile Gilbert for Aveda
Aveda Lead: Dennis Clendennen, Dionysis, The Woodlands, Texas

The Look: The look is edgy and daring, yet natural, with hair pinned away from the face in a thin veil of black wool. Hair is matte, roughed-up and textured, and raked back into a braid-like cascade.

Aveda Products Used:
Aveda Phomollient™ Styling Foam
Aveda Pure Abundance™ Hair Potion
Aveda Hair Control™ Hair Spray

Odile Gilbert Quotes:

Q: What was your inspiration for this look? How did you collaborate with the designer to create the look?
A: “Kate and Laura wanted something different—a bold hair look that would be unique to Rodarte, and really echo their collection. They were inspired by the work of photographer, Edward Curtis, who captured stunning images of the Native American peoples. They were also moved by the idea of a young girl from the country who wants to be sophisticated but doesn’t have much, so she twists a thin veil of black wool stylishly through her hair. The netting of black wool echoes the collection’s knits and textures. The look is raw, hard, and organic.”

Q: How could a woman achieve this look on her own?
A: “This look can be worn with or without the black netting, and can be striking for evening wear. Begin by prepping wet hair with Aveda Phomollient™ Styling Foam and blow-drying loosely with fingers. Layer hair generously with Aveda Pure Abundance™ Hair Potion and rake through to create texture and volume. Pin the sides back securely to create a roughed-up cascade that is swept away from the face. Finish with Aveda Air Control™ Hair Spray for hold.”

Show: Christian Siriano
Lead Hair: Antoinette Beenders, Vice President Global Creative Director for Aveda

The Look: This is a low, sleek ponytail adorned with a textured bouquet of waves; a play of smooth versus rough. Hair is sleek and groomed on each side of the head and through the ponytail, with a slightly rough, matte finish on top and elegant, textured waves pinned above the pony. The finished look is chic and contemporary with a bit of attitude.

Aveda Products Used:
Aveda Light Elements™ Texturizing Creme
Aveda Pure Abundance™ Hair Potion
Aveda Air Control™ Hair Spray

Antoinette Beenders Quotes:

Q: What was your inspiration for this look? How did you collaborate with the designer to create the look?
A: “Christian and I worked together to create a hair look that reflects the inspiration behind his collection: waves and the ocean, with shimmering silks, silvers, and blues. I call this look the “wave” because of the back-combed wave that floats atop the ponytail. Since Christian is a young designer, the hair look is elegant yet very modern.”

Q: How could a woman achieve this look on her own?
A: “This is an elegant, alternative version of the ponytail—beautiful for evening. Using a fine comb, separate the front/top of hair and part it into a horseshoe shaped section on the top of the head. Tie the rest of hair into a low ponytail. Rake the front/top of hair back with Aveda Light Elements™ Texturizing Creme, and curl with a curling rod. Brush through curls and backcomb slightly, then pin teased hair to the base of the ponytail, creating loose, textured waves. Finish look with Aveda Air Control™ Hair Spray.”