Thursday, February 25, 2010

Smoothing Things Over: Perricone Ceramic Skin Smoother (review)

Well I’m afraid I was not a very cheerful girl earlier. I fully expected that today would be a snow day; so I spent most of yesterday evening getting ready and laying in supplies. I also stayed up way too late doing a fun little project (because I thought I could stay home and sleep this morning).

And…surprise! There was snow, but it didn’t stick. Which meant no snow day. Which meant I had to get up at my regular (early) time and drag my sorry, sleep-deprived butt into work. Which also meant I was kind of a Little Miss Cranky Pants for most of the day. It was rough, I tell ya. I started to snap out of it in the afternoon (the chocolate muffin may have had something to do with it); but I didn’t get all the way back to my happy place until I got home. So I’ve decided to write about something that goes…smoothly. How about some smoothness from Perricone MD?

Ceramic Skin Smoother

Blurb: Instantly fills lines and wrinkles for a flawless finish. This oil-free treatment instantly fills lines and wrinkles with Microspheres and corrects skin imperfections, while diminishing the appearance of enlarged pores. Ceramic Skin Smoother also provides long lasting anti-aging benefits and antioxidant protection with DMAE and Fullerenes.

Talk about things going as planned - this product does every single thing it claims! It’s an excellent, excellent primer that does an amazing job of smoothing out my complexion. Yet it seems to disappear almost immediately, leaving a perfect surface for foundation. I was also really wowed by how much better my pores looked. I’m a little self-conscious about my pores, but not when I’m using this primer! What also impressed me was how much longer my makeup lasted. I had this primer under a tinted moisturizer in a really overheated room, and I couldn’t believe how well it stayed put. And just to make it all that much better, Perricone added anti-aging and antioxidant ingredients into the mix. Smooth move, Dr. Perricone!

The website is choc full of product info, skin info and even diet info. You can also find Perricone at Sephora, QVC and

Happy Non-Snow Day Thursday!

Coming in Mmmmmarch: Jo Malone Vanilla & Anise

Yum. Check out the new Vanilla & Anise itemmmmms!

Introducing Vanilla & Anise
Bath Oil…Body Crème…Home Candle

Last fall, Jo Malone presented Vanilla & Anise, the fragrance inspired by the floral landscape of Madagascar, capturing the fleeting moment that the rare vanilla orchid blossoms. The fragile cream and white flowers found on the vanilla vine are a precious discovery: only one or two appear in the morning and seemingly vanish by late afternoon. To enhance your fragrance ritual, in addition to Cologne, choose from the new Bath Oil, Body Crème and Home Candle. Your senses and your home will be infused with this comforting scent.

Vanilla & Anise blends notes of bergamot, neroli and star anise to create a touch of spice sparkling above transparent layers of delicate vanilla orchid and frangipani. The warmth of vetiver, white amber and the subtlest hint of clove complete this unexpected, modern story of vanilla.

Fragrance Combining™ Tip: To fragrance combine, spray one Jo Malone Cologne, let it dry, and then spray a different Cologne on top to create your unique signature scent. Or, try a Body Crème in one scent layered over a Bath Oil in another.

Combine Vanilla & Anise with Black Vetyver Café to add a rich intensity and smoky depths to this exotic, sparkling scent.

The Composition:
Top Notes: Sicilian Bergamot, Tunisian Neroli, Wild Fennel Flower, Star Anise
Middle Notes: Oleander, Tuberose, Frangipani, Purple Vanilla Orchid
Base Notes: Creamy Musks, Madagascar Clove, White Amber, Vetiver Haiti, Vanilla Bourbon, Tonka

The Vanilla & Anise Collection
Cologne (3.4 fl oz; 100 ml)
Cologne (1 fl oz; 30 ml)
NEW Bath Oil (8.5 fl oz; 250 ml)
NEW Body Crème (5.9 fl oz; 175 ml)
NEW Home Candle (200g)

Available March 2010 at Jo Malone Shops,, specialty stores including Bergdorf Goodman, select Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue stores nationwide.


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Here's Comes the Snow…And The Sun! Blue Lizard Australian Sunscreen – Sensitive (review)

Why am I reviewing a sunscreen the day before another snowstorm? Well because snowfall is generally followed by outdoor activities. From fun things (like skiing and sledding), to slightly less fun things (like shoveling). And the bright sunshine is just a little bit brighter when it's reflected off of all those little crystals. Which means it's the perfect time to review a sunscreen. Especially if you're on the way to the store to stock up on bread and milk (and chocolate). Today it's a sunscreen from Blue Lizard.

Australian Sunscreen - Sensitive (SPF 30+)

Blurb: Chemical Free. Fragrance Free. Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide Protection. UVA/UVB Protection for Sensitive Skin. Bottle turns blue in UV light. Dermatologist Recommended

I've tried a lot of sunscreens and was still really impressed with this one. It uses barrier sunscreens (zinc oxide and titanium dioxide), and comes in a cool bottle that turns blue in UV light (how cool is that?).

I was told to apply a generous amount. At first I was a little worried at the white cast; but it absorbed quickly and the cast disappeared. And once it was absorbed, there was no odor or greasy feeling. In fact, it felt really comfortable. My neck is really sensitive (especially in the winter), and there was no irritation at all. I even tried it on my face and was pleased at how well it sank in. And it sat almost as well as a primer under my foundation.

If you want to stock up, you might want to visit the website and take advantage of their Winter Customer Appreciation Specials (1. All orders over $75 receive 10% off their order, free shipping and a free sample of Sulfo Lo Soap - enter Promo Code: 75 at check out. 2. All orders over $100: receive 15% off the order, free shipping and a free sample of Sulfo Lo Soap - enter Promo Code: 100 at check out). Blue Lizard can also be found in grocery stores, drugstores, and online at sites like, Amazon and CVS.

Find out NOW! Online Advice from Curél Skin Advisor

The folks at Curél have come up with a cool online tool (called the Skin Advisor). Check it out:

Curél Launches the Skin Advisor

On February 18th, Curél launched a new interactive, online tool, the Skin Advisor that offers skin analysis and provides advice on common skincare issues.

Dr. Sapna Westley partnered with Curél to create this tool: “I partnered with Curél to create the Skin Advisor, an interactive tool on designed to help users identify and address skincare concerns like dryness, itching, allergies and eczema, to name a few. 10-20% of children have eczema, and many continue to suffer in adulthood. One of the most common complaints I see in my office is dry skin, itchiness and skin prone to rashes. People don’t know what regimen is right for their skin and many times parents are also confused what they should be using for their children’s skin.”

“I worked closely with Curel to develop a series of questions that recreate the experience of visiting the dermatologist’s office. When users answer the questions provided, the Skin Advisor generates a customized analysis of their skin concerns as well as lifestyle tips and Curel product recommendations to treat those concerns. The advisor is very detailed, asking questions about skin type and very specific questions about symptoms people experience, just like I ask my own patients. The analysis generated is also very detailed and gives very useful tips and recommendations for people to start treating their skin. There is also a helpful allergen guide that people can navigate if they suspect they may be allergic to something they are coming into contact with. It actually can help target a specific ingredient that they can look for on product labels.”

“Once consumers complete the Skin Advisor questionnaire, they can read more about the various skin issues covered at If users still have additional questions, they can submit those questions online and I will answer them personally and provide additional insight.”

“While serious skin conditions require a dermatologist’s attention, the Curel Skin Advisor offers an advanced skin analysis and provides valuable advice for people seeking relief from common skincare issues, putting the cure in Curel.”

Olympic Winter Beauty Tips: Intraceuticals

Winter is everywhere today. Over here we're battening down the hatches and waiting for another storm. Would this be a good time to contemplate a few beauty tips? Answer: yes it would. Read on…

Winter Skincare Tips from Makeup Artist Kris Evans
Just in time for the Winter Olympics!

Makeup artist Kris Evans is onsite at the Olympic games, and shares a few secrets to keeping skin looking great in harsh winter weather in places like Vancouver, home of the 2010 Winter Olympics.

Keep Skin Hydrated from Within
Maintaining hydration in the body helps to keep skin balanced and glowing.

“The cold can wreak havoc on the skin because of the dryness. There are a number of things one can do to help keep the skin moist and hydrated. I am a firm believer in working from the inside out. Drinking lots of water is a given but also taking the skin vitamins is a must. Those are Vitamins D, E and C as well as fish oil and
B complex. We tend to consume more hot drinks when it is cold and usually with lots of caffeine. Caffeine depletes the moisture in the skin that is so important.”

Replenish Moisture
Skin can become red and irritated when it’s easy problem to solve with the Intraceuticals two-step hydration systems that supplies the skin with moisture then seals it in to protect skin from harsh climates.

“Wind and cold tend to chafe the skin, especially if you are outside a great deal, so it is really important to protect the skin. I really like
Intraceuticals Rejuvenate skin care regime because it replenishes the moisture in the skin. The Hydration Gel is a great product to counteract skin dehydration that is so prevalent to cold weather. The Moisture Binding Cream really soothes and conditions the skin with its squalene and hyaluronic acid.”

Protect Skin from Further Damage
UV rays are damaging to the skin even on cold, gray days. Spending a lot of time outside for sports or other winter fun can make you particularly susceptible to damaging rays.

“I cannot stress enough how important a good sunscreen is for your skin. Because it is cold we tend to forget that the ultra violet rays can be as strong in the winter as in the summer. Combine that with the wind and cold and your skin can take a real beating. I suggest a high SPF especially if you are skiing, as the snow acts as a reflector and intensifies the sun’s rays."

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See what others are saying about Intraceuticals here:

Intraceuticals Infusions® and take-home products are available at
top locations worldwide. Take-home products are also available online.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Great Value and Great Hair! Remington Professional Dryer (review)

So now it seems like I'm all about the hairdo these days. I got a new cut; so I've been trying out straight and wavy styles on my naturally curly hair. It's pretty fun. It's like getting brand new hair.

When I tried doing a blowout on my own, though, I realized two things. One: I'm not very coordinated; and two: my ancient hair dryer needed to be replaced. Since I'm also trying out sticking to my budget; I decided to check out the dryer from Remington. I reviewed their flat iron recently, and was really impressed with the value and quality.

Professional Hair Dryer

Blurb: The Professional line, a collaboration between Remington and celebrity stylist Richard Marin, was created so women could achieve celeb-sexy style without breaking the bank. AC motor for 3 times longer life and faster airflow. 1875 watts. Narrow airflow concentrator attachment for precision styling. Airflow diffuser attachment to maintain curl. Internal electronic ion generator continuously emits millions of ions for maximum therapeutic benefits. Removable intake filter for easy cleaning. 6 power settings. Cool shot button to set style in place. Lightweight and ergonomically designed for comfortable handling.

Awesome job, Remington! What a huge difference having the right dryer makes. I'm still getting the hang of the blowout thing (especially in the back); and this dryer made things a lot easier. For one thing, it has three heat settings in addition to the cold button. Love that – my ends dry much faster than the rest of my hair and don't need (or want) the high heat. I also found the dryer very lightweight and easy to handle (as well as relatively quiet). I'm thrilled that I'm getting this quality at an excellent price!

The Professional is available exclusively at Walmart, but you might want to take a look at the Remington website too (there's an outlet center).

Saving Face (in March): La Mer The Regenerating Serum

Really? Truly? Yes indeed - another exciting launch from La Mer! A new serum with La Mer’s proprietary Miracle Broth™, and the new Regenerating Ferment™ (derived from marine plant stem cells) with superconductor, Colloidal Gold, and anti-oxidant, Lime Tea. Start reading…!

Introducing The Regenerating Serum
Heritage of Healing

Crème de la Mer was conceived under extraordinary circumstances. Years ago, aerospace physicist Dr. Max Huber set out to create a cream to help heal the appearance of the scars he had suffered as a result of severe burns from a lab accident. To this day, the miraculous powers of The Miracle Broth™ —Dr. Huber’s potent elixir known for its healing energies—remain at the heart of Crème de la Mer and are at the core of La Mer’s latest innovation in skin care: The Regenerating Serum.

The Next Wave: The Regenerating Serum

Current scientific studies suggest that lines and wrinkles are “micro-scars” to skin’s underlying support network. Their formation is thought to be triggered by chronic inflammation caused by a variety of internal and external stressors such as UV sunlight and free radicals. These inflammatory stressors can lead to the destruction of collagen, which in turn provokes premature skin aging.

Inspired by these findings, The Max Huber Research Labs have created The Regenerating Serum, La Mer’s new anti-aging powerhouse. Four years and hundreds of hours of lab work in the making, this ultra-luxe elixir is the result of the combined effort of physicists, marine botanists and biologists around the world. Not only does it contain a high concentration of La Mer’s proprietary Miracle Broth™, but it also includes the new Regenerating Ferment™, derived from marine plant stem cells.

Selected for its vigor and ability to withstand and resist stress, the stem cells of a marine plant Eryngium Maritimum are harvested and grown in a lab through sustainable processes. The cultivated cells and the liquid that contains them are then fermented, using sono-chemistry that helps to boost the activity of the ingredients to create The Regenerating Ferment™. It’s a process similar to that which Dr. Max Huber pioneered when he created its predecessor, the Miracle Broth™ in Crème de la Mer.

The Regenerating Ferment™ helps skin trigger its natural production of collagen, elastin and other “youth proteins,” harnessing the power of the skin’s ability to renew its appearance. In a day, skin looks rejuvenated. With continued use, the appearance of lines, wrinkles and pores is radically diminished for a seemingly ageless look. And this multi-action serum accomplishes all of these feats with a lightweight suspension formula that’s friendly to all skin types.

Powerful Anti-Aging Ingredients:

Miracle Broth™: The original fermented elixir, known for its healing energies, developed by Dr. Max Huber.

The Regenerating Ferment™: A new bio-ferment containing potent marine plant stem cells. The Regenerating Ferment™ assists in the skin’s renewal, helping support its natural structure, restore its integrity and protect it from external aggressors.

The Marine Peptide Ferment: An anti-age marine algae and peptide complex which helps firm the look of skin and boost its natural collagen production, reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

Colloidal Gold: A skincare super-conductor that effectively delivers skin smoothing, firming and anti-irritant benefits to the skin.

Lime Tea: A unique lime peel extraction, and one of Dr. Huber’s original ingredients included in Crème de la Mer—a perfect antioxidant companion to the Miracle Broth™.


Cake's On A Plane! Cake Beauty Travel Friendly Kits

This seems to be the week of delicious beauty. Check out these little yummy travel "snacks!"

Good To Go!
Introducing Cake Beauty’s Travel Friendly™ Kits

Bags: Check. Tickets: Check. Cute travel companion: Check. Packing: Ugh. Make packing a whole lot less complicated with Cake beauty’s plane friendly™ 5 piece travel kit and NEW satin sugar™ multi-tasking must haves kits. Each ensemble of petite must-haves is perfect for gift giving, gym totes and travel bags (and are sure to please airport security). Sweet! From cleansing to moisturizing each kit houses five delicious essentials to pamper and nourish your skin and hair perfectly. So go ahead - buckle up and indulge.

Plane friendly™ 5 piece travel kit is a quintet of deluxe travel sized, body loving products housed in a reusable bag.

• It’s a slice™ supremely rich bath and shower froth
• Desserted island™ supremely rich bath and shower froth: formulated with: Virgin Oil de Coco Crème and Vitamin E
• Desserted island™ supreme body mousse
• It’s a slice™ supreme body mousse: formulated with: pure coconut oil, aloe vera, mango butter, macadamia nut oil, sunflower seed oil and Vitamin E
• Milk made™ velveteen hand crème: formulated with: marshmallow extract, shea butter, milk powder, mango powder, and glycerin

Formulated Without: parabens, phthalates, sulfates, triclosan, synthetic dyes, gmo

NEW satin sugar™ multi-tasking must haves (for lighter hues and for darker hues) combines five essential, award winning travel companions whether it’s a wash day or an off day!

• Satin sugar™ hair and body refreshing powder (for light hues and for darker hues): formulated with: calendula, chamomile and corn starch
• Satin sugar™ revitalizing hair shampoo for all hues and hair types: formulated with: raw honey, golden jojoba oil, and 9 essential amino acids
• Satin sugar™ replenishing hair conditioner, leave-in and styling aid for all hues
and hair types: formulated with: wheat protein, soy protein, and anti-static agents
• Satin sugar™ hair and body refreshing mist for all hues and hair types: formulated with: aloe vera oil, glycerin, Vitamin B3, lactic acid, and fructose
• Handy dandy handbag size portable brush

Formulated Without: parabens, phthalates, triclosan, synthetic dyes, gmo

Cake Beauty is an indulgent bath, body and hair care line with multi-purpose product offerings that are infused with natural, raw ingredients, the cornerstone of Cake’s success. All Cake products are 100% paraben free formulas that are 90-95% naturally based.

Available:,,, and

BAFTA - Julie Hewitt Los Angeles

Oooh…one of my favorite things. A glamorous Hollywood red lip (visiting the UK)!

Red carpet beauty – Julie Hewitt Los Angeles

organic camellia balm: when lips are properly prepped, color goes on softer and smoother. camellia balm is high in anti-oxidants and vitamins to soothe & promote healing. can also be used to prep the eye-area and on hands to heal cuticles.

ora mineral mix: start off by perfecting your complexion - find your perfect shade and buff this healing mineral foundation onto your face using the fluffy end of the double blush brush. claire looks like a #1

omit concealer: omit can be used several ways when achieving this look. Using the JHLA concealer brush, cover blemishes, sun spots or under-eye darkness, then use as a "reverse" lip liner by drawing on the outside of your lips. This method keeps your lip color from bleeding in addition to enhancing the shape of your lips. claire looks like a light.

bronzer – sun: a very important step in red carpet makeup. sculpt & define your face by sweeping along your cheekbones, jawline and hairline. can even be used to lightly shape the nose.

eye shadow: claire's silver tinsel eyes can be achieved easily with these two simple steps. create a custom 2-pan palette with "lilies in the snow" cream shadow (a shimmering snow-white), and mica eyeshadow (platinum silver with shimmer). using the sponge-end of the JHLA eyeshadow brush OR your ring finger, blend lilies in the snow all over your eye area - from lash line to brow bone. Then, using the fluffy end of the JHLA eyeshadow brush, blend mica shadow all over your lid area including the inner corners of your eyes and lower lash line.

rose scented mascara: create thick luscious lashes - apply two coats wiggling from root to tip.

rouge noir lipstick & liner: a true movie-star red that will suit all skintones. use the JHLA lip brush for precise application - and remember, a little goes a long way!

lip lush – Harlow: for a little bit of sheen & moisture, add a sweep of harlow gloss on top.

we hope you picked up some great beauty tips! stay tuned for even more beauty breakdowns, and check out even more at!

peace & beauty, the jhla team!


Monday, February 22, 2010

Toys! Urban Decay Alice In Wonderland Book of Shadows (review)

Last Friday I happened to mention that I love makeup and beauty products in general, because they allow me to play up the features I love and downplay the features I don't love so much. But that's only one of the many things that have lured me into beauty junkiedom.

One of the biggest reasons for my ongoing love affair with "stuff" is: Playing with all pretty colors. Every morning (and some evenings), I get to spend a few minutes playing with my pretty, colored toys. I'm guaranteed a little bit of girly fun at the start of each day.

Well, you can just imagine how many cartwheels (imaginary cartwheels) my "inner girl" turned when Urban Decay launched their new Shadow Palette.

Alice In Wonderland Book of Shadows Palette

Blurb: What a dream come true! When Disney called to ask if we would design a product for the launch of Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland, we were like, “Um…. Yes!” The result is this truly amazing (and seriously collectible) Book of Shadows.

Open the palette to reveal a pop-up scene of Alice in the mushroom forest. Her “drink me” bottle discarded, she staggers past towering mushrooms, only to cross paths with a very peculiar, hookah-smoking caterpillar. A large mirror rests behind the scene – you feel as if you are transported into the film itself.

Hidden inside a secret drawer are 16 best-selling Eyeshadows, given topsy-turvy names like White Rabbit, Jabberwocky and Oraculum. Alongside them lie travel sizes of Eyeshadow Primer Potion and two 24/7 Eye Pencils. From smoky neutral eyes to flashes of hallucinogenic green and purple, the looks you can create are as endless as the rabbit hole itself. Anyone who loves Urban Decay, Tim Burton, Disney, or Alice in Wonderland absolutely MUST have this palette. Even the Mad Hatter would say this Book of Shadows delivers it all.

You already know I’m a big fan of UD shadows. Check any of my earlier reviews if you want to know all about the excellent, wearable, long lasting, highly pigmented formulas. In this review, however, I plan to just go on (and on) about how much fun this palette is to play with.

To begin with, the box is gorgeous, fun and has a bit of the UD/Burtonesque edge to it. There's an awesome pop-up scene of Alice among the mushrooms. And like the other "Books," it has the built-in mirror and the cool slide-out drawer.

And the colors! Whoa, Man! There are 16 of UD shadows (with cool Alice-inspired names). My hands down favorite is "Alice." It's an awesome shade of Aqua - kind of like Alice’s dress, but more shimmery (sort of how her dress would look if she had opted for sequins). "Jabberwocky" is another standout. It's a versatile sparkly black that is a dramatic dry shadow and a crazy edgy wet shadow (or liner). The other one I especially loved was "Curiouser" (a sparkly lavender). "Curioser" was great as a creamy wet shadow.

Visit the website for more info. (Also, February's deal of the month is a free Sin Primer Potion sample on orders over $35.) You can also find Urban Decay at Sephora, Ulta, and

Keep the Love Coming! FusionBeauty gets all Kissy

Celebrate Valentine's Day all month long! FusionBeauty has resident "sexpert" and sex columnist, Valerie Gibson to answer your questions. Ask your questions and check out the new Sweet To Sexy Kissing Kit (only $49 for the next two weeks).

Woo Hoo (and Bow Chick-A Bow Bow)!

FusionBeauty is celebrating the art of locking lips with their XXX-Rated Guide To Kissing.

Readers can ask their steamiest sex questions to resident “sexpert” and sex columnist Valerie Gibson, get helpful daily beauty tips and learn everything they need to know about kissing.

Cupid or not, we want to make this February the sexiest Valentines yet, so we have created a limited edition Sweet To Sexy Kissing Kit! The Kit contains 5 of our signature products ( LipFusion Dual-ended Lip Plump, LipFusion Color Shine in Sweet & Sexy, and LipFusion Lip Plumping Pencil in Pretty and Glam) only $49 for the next two weeks!


Fashion Week: Bobbi Brown Looks

Check out the looks created by Wendy Rowe for Fashion Week!

J. Mendel Fall 2010

“The J. Mendel woman for fall is strong and chic, and has an effortless and modern sex appeal…” -Wendy Rowe for Bobbi Brown Cosmetics

Ultra chic and sophisticated, the makeup for J.Mendel's Fall 2010 Collection is fresh and youthful. Skin is clean and glowing, but cheekbones are pronounced and structured. Eyes are precisely defined with a thin line on outer corners, mixing drama with innocence. A barely there lip completes the look.

Skin: Hydrating Face Cream, Hydrating Eye Cream, Skin Foundation, Tinted Eye Brightener

Eyes: Flesh Eye Shadow, Woodrose Eye Shadow, Slate Eye Shadow, Black Kohl Eye Pencil (Black Velvet, Fall ’10), No Smudge Mascara

Cheeks: Tawny Blush

Lips: Crystal Lip Gloss

Brows: Natural Brow Shaping Gel

Brian Reyes Fall 2010

"The Brian Reyes girl for fall is modern and sophisticated from head to toe, but she has an edge, which her makeup reflects. She's a very cool girl who is comfortable in her own skin." -Wendy Rowe for Bobbi Brown Cosmetics

Makeup for the Brian Reyes Fall 2010 collection captures the strength and confidence of the Brian Reyes woman herself. A fresh face showcases a dramatic eye. Top lids are glossed with aubergine and the lower lashline is lined with mint green shadow. Skin is clean and matte, and lips are a youthful pink, allowing the eyes to electrify with modern sophistication.

Skin: Hydrating Face Cream, Hydrating Eye Cream, Foundation PStick, Creamy Concealer, Corrector

Eyes: Snow Shimmer Wash Eye Shadow, Eggplant Shimmer Wash Eye Shadow, Long-Wear Cream Eye Shadow in Aqua and Black Plum Kohl Eye Pencil (Black Velvet, Fall ’10) as liner, No Smudge Mascara on lashes

Cheeks: Sandstone Blush

Lips: Beige Lip Color

Brows: Natural

Tibi Fall 2010

"The Tibi woman for Fall 2010 is always pretty, but doesn't know it, and didn't try to be. She's a youthful woman with round, soft features, but dramatic eyes. She is disheveled, yet elegant all at the same time..." -Wendy Rowe for Bobbi Brown Cosmetics

Unaware of the beauty she possesses, the Tibi woman always exudes disheveled elegance in the most unintentional, yet glamorous way. A fresh, dewy face provides the perfect canvas for showcasing a 60s-inspired “cat eye” with winged liner and dramatically defined lashes. A bit of pink blush on the cheek and a nude lip polish off this soft, youthful look that marries pretty with powerful.

Skin: Hydrating Face Cream, Hydrating Eye Cream, Skin Foundation, Tinted Eye Brightener

Eyes: Heather Long-Wear Cream Shadow and Slate Long-Wear Cream Shadow on lower-lid, Blonde Eye Shadow in crease, Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner in Black Ink, Perfectly Defined Mascara

Cheeks: Powder Pink Pot Rouge, Opal Face Highlighter (Fall ’10, Denim and Rose)

Lips: Beige Lip Color

Brows: Brow Pencil

Friday, February 19, 2010

Cover Up? Gasp! COVERGIRL & Olay Simply Ageless Concealer and Corrector (review)

For the last few days, I've been having a very enthusiastic email conversation about truth and honesty. I like to think I'm a pretty open person. I like to think that; but I'm not always sure if I actually manage to live up to my ideals. I deeply value honesty and open communication; but sometimes I fall short of the mark by taking the easy way out with a white lie, or something less than full disclosure.

Now I certainly don't think it's always appropriate to be 100% honest and open. There are plenty of things that should be kept to myself only...but there are also times when I place someone else's opinion above being truthful and authentic. Lately, when I've been catching myself at this, I try to remedy the situation by coming clean. Guess what…it's way more embarrassing to "fess up" than it is to tell the truth in the first place.

In the case of beauty, however, I think artifice is 100% perfectly absolutely fine. Actually, it's one of the coolest things about it! Bringing out my best features and downplaying (okay, hiding) the ones I'm not so fond of is a-ok in my book. That said; let's mosey on over to our two products from Cover Girl & Olay designed to help with the "refashioning of perception."

Simply Agless Concealer

Blurb: This creamy formula covers imperfections, conceals under-eye circles and visibly brightens skin. Like all Simply Ageless makeup, it's made with advanced Olay Regenerist Serum, and it stays suspended over fine lines and wrinkles, for younger, firmer-looking skin.

Simply Agless Corrector

Blurb: Dark circles can make you appear older. Simply Ageless Corrector with advanced Olay Regenerist Serum contains specially blended pigments that can cover even extreme dark circles. Use it together with Simply Ageless Concealer to make under-eye circles virtually disappear, for a younger look.

Last August, I posted a glowing (heh heh) review of a blush from this collection; so I was pretty excited to check out these two items. Happily, I was also impressed by how well both products worked. I used the Concealer under my foundation and got great coverage. Right now I have a little scratch in the corner of my eyelid. It's healing, but it still shows. The Concealer completely hid the scratch and sat well under my foundation. The Corrector was also excellent. It did a fabulous job of hiding the "I woke up in the middle of the night worrying about a bunch of stupid stuff" dark circles. Both items had a nice smooth formula, and both also contain Olay Regenerist Serum for an extra skincare boost.

Check out the whole Simply Ageless Collection on the CG website. You might also want to visit Facebook and enter the Lashes + Fashion Photo Contest. Cover Girl is found at places like Ulta, Walgreens, CVS, duane reade, etc. and on sites like

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Switch It Up! Kilian Collection Discovery Set (review)

It's not going to be much of a surprise that I LOVE this collection by Kilian. So let's just dive in:

L'Oeuvre Noire Discovery Set

Blurb: For the 1st time since the launch in 2007, KILIAN has created a set that will allow women and men to discover the entire collection of “L’Oeuvre Noire” at once. “Kilian Collection” features the 8 fragrances packed in an elegant gift box, adorned with the brand signature black tassels on both ends of the box. 8 scents to discover or rediscover KILIAN's unique and luxurious fragrance wardrobe. The “Kilian Collection” set also includes a pump so the wearer can easily insert each scent into their KILIAN refillable 1oz travel spray, if previously purchased.

The first thing I love about this collection is that you can change it up so many ways it will make you dizzy. The scents are designed to be unisex; so you can decide to keep them all to yourself, share with your best friend, Mr. Right, or even Mr. Right Now. I also love that you get all eight fragrances from the collection. One for each mood, situation, event, time of day, day of the week/holiday...

And the actual fragrances!!! They're beautiful, luxurious and a little bit unusual. I liked them all, and three of them were real standouts. "Love, Don't Be Shy" was exotic and spicy, "Back to Black, Aphrodisiac" is down right lovely (the "prettiest" scent of the bunch), and I'm completely smitten with "A Taste of Heaven, Absinthe Verte" – so seductive! It's an amazing treat to have all eight to choose from!

(I'm obligated to tell you that this would make a great gift; but you will have a hard time not keeping it for yourself.)

The website has more details about each fragrance in the L'Oeuvre Noire collection. The fragrances will also be available at Bergdorf Goodman, select Saks, and as well as Apothia, Lucky Scent and Aedes de Venustas.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My So Called Double Life: The Socializer from Elizabeth Grant (review)

Did I ever tell you that I live an exciting double life? That's right – I'm an unassuming opera singer/database coordinator by day; but at night I have steamy adventures and go to wild debauched parties where all sorts of unimaginable things occur. The kind of secret life where I have a succession of risky rendezvous that curl my toes and barely leave me any time to learn my music.

What? You don't believe me? Sigh! No one ever believes me. The people at work didn't even believe me when I said that I use swear words (FYI: I really do use swear words…terrible ones…frequently).

Well, despite what people may believe; I do manage to scrape together a fairly decent social life. (Besides friends and fun, it also means extra chances to try out new beauty products.) And talking about my social life is just about the most perfect seamless way to tie-in to today's cool product from Elizabeth Grant.

The Socializer™ Bright Lights and Late Nights

Blurb: Ulva Lactuca– a unique algae that helps improve the skin's elasticity and support fibers Matrixyl– increases collagen synthesis, reduces the appearance of wrinkles, regenerates skin Allantoin- relieves irritated skin, healing Chamomile- soothes and calms the skin

Bright Lights (AM): Late night last night? No problem. With The Socializer™ Bright Lights you can go straight from owning the bar to owning the boardroom. It’s all the hydrating, cooling, soothing, de-puffing, dark-circle-erasing, illuminating action we could fit into one tiny tube.

Late Nights (PM): From flashing lights to goodnight, The Socializer™ Late Nights is your key to looking like it never happened. It’s your too-much-fun-too-little-sleep remedy; apply before you crash and wake up looking like you slept like a baby.

First – I know I don't usually talk about packaging when it comes to skin care; but this packaging deserves a mention. Because it's adorable and fun...and the little clicker pens are hygienic, convenient and portable. The Late Nights (pm) felt very soothing right before bed. And I noticed some especially nice results with the Bright Lights (am). It was cooling and tingled a tiny bit; and my eyes definitely looked better a few minutes later.

So even if I don't happen to be attending wild parties and having crazy hook-ups; there are times when I do go out, stay up late and get less than my perfect amount of beauty sleep (or sometimes I just stay home and watch TV, and I my allergies act up). And I was really impressed at how well my puffy, dry peepers responded.

Now you must know by now that I'm going to send you off to visit the website, don't you? So, go on then! Otherwise I'll have to start using some of my fiendish swear words.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Aaaaand We're Back to Tuesday!

Hello Everyone!

No I didn't disappear, I've just been busy playing catch-up. I had a ton of stuff to do, and much of it got interrupted by a couple of snowstorms (with a small power outage thrown in for good measure).

I can't believe it was only a week ago that I was getting ready to hunker down for our big mid-Atlantic winter weather event! Happily, the streets around here are plowed, the car is dug out, and various chores and errands have all been run. Sadly, I still have not vacuumed, dusted or finished up the dishes; but now I feel a little more confident that they will get done before my guests show up on Saturday.

I don't have a review today. Instead I've posted some of the beauty news that has piled up over the past few days. Now that I'm officially caught up (and dug out); expect a nice review tomorrow!

Happy Tuesday!

Oh Yum! White Caviar from La Prairie

Take a look at this, will ya? La Prairie is launching something pretty darn awesome…

Luxury Swiss beauty company La Prairie is dedicated to keeping skin as young looking as possible, as long as possible, and that means launching high-performance products to target lines, wrinkles and now, age spots. Introducing White Caviar Illuminating Système, which includes:

- White Caviar Illuminating Cream
- White Caviar Illuminating Serum
- White Caviar Illuminating Eye Serum

This feast for your skin is an innovative three-part system that works to reveal a brighter, clearer complexion, free of future age spots and pigmentation patches. At the heart of White Caviar Illuminating Système is Golden Caviar, sourced from environmentally-regulated farmed sources, combined with clarifying Whitening Complex with Larch Tree Extract, detoxifying Swiss Garden Cress Sprout Extract, Vitamin C and various bio-technology. As a signature La Prairie touch, attention to detail applies not only to the formulas but also the packaging. To that end, White Caviar Illuminating Système is housed in substantial white pearlescent jars with La Prairie's silver caviar beads around the cap.

This white hot system is a must for women of all ages who are looking to fight aging and skin discoloration. On-counters NOW, La Prairie White Caviar Illuminating Système is available at Bergdorf Goodman, Bloomingdale's, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue and

From Retro to Rad: Remington

OMG I totally remember fighting over this hair dryer with my sister! Check out the old and the new…

Then & Now: Remington Stays True to its Roots

The retro Remington 700 Super handheld dryer was all the rage in the 70s – along with Farah Fawcett’s sexy feather cut. The modern day version, the Professional by Remington Dryer, is still the best price for the quality. The Professional line, a collaboration between Remington and celebrity stylist Richard Marin, was created so women could achieve celeb-sexy style without breaking the bank. Marin styles Denise Richards’ updated version of Fawcett’s iconic look with Professional by Remington tools – which goes to show, everything old is new again.

Standout features include:

• Tourmaline, titanium, and ceramic even heat protection
• Salon-powerful motor and airflow
• AC motor lasts 2-3 times longer than standard DC dryer motor
• Ionic conditioning
• Lightweight and quiet
• 1875 watts; 3 heats and 2 speeds
• Concentrator/Diffuser included

The Professional by Remington Dryer is available exclusively at Walmart.


Kat Burki Sale at One Kings Lane

I missed this in time for yesterday, but there's still today and tomorrow to take advantage of this sale! Click here!


Single Laydeez: Tips from Samy

Here are some lovely style tips from Samy…


Single is SEXY – style accordingly as you’re getting ready for a girls night out, and paint the town red with these tips!

“Boost Your Hair Up”

It’s all about va-va volume to guarantee all eyes on you, create lift at the roots and amp up hair with Samy Mucho Volumizing Mousse before blow-drying for great body.

“All The Blingin’ Ladies”

Nothing says sexy sophistication like a sparkly hair clip or barrette – accessorize an updo or glam up an ordinary straight style by clipping on one side of hair.

“Put A Ring(let) On It”

Curls equal confidence – whether you pin them up or let them flow, coax your texture and curves with Samy Curls Defining and let your natural beauty shine through.

Samy products are available at Walgreens and drugstores nationwide and online at


Hollywood Laydeez: Fekkai February Events

Some cool events this month at the Fekkai Melrose Place Salon!

February Events at Frederic Fekkai
Melrose Place Salon

Frederic Fekkai Melrose Place Salon invites you to join us for our February events!

Come mingle and enjoy champagne and hor d’oeurves with our Beauty Expert Panel including skin experts from Kate Somerville and P&G Grooming Director Teresa Wheeler. Guests will be invited to an hour panel discussion following with complimentary nail and make-up touch ups and a chance to win a Fekkai makeover and ultimate Kate Somerville Package!

360 Degrees of Beauty
Thursday February 18, 2010
6:30pm – 8:30pm

Also, our monthly So Chic So Fekkai event which includes a blowout, polish change and make up touch up for only $75

So Chic So Fekkai
Friday February 26, 2010

Frederic Fekkai Melrose Place Salon
8457 Melrose Place
West Hollywood, CA 90069


Spring Colors from Essie

You don't know how happy I am to post this after another giant bout of snow. We even had a little sprinkle last night. Check out the harbinger of spring!

Introducing THE ART OF SPRING Collection

Spring ushers in a warm, high-spirited bouquet of pretty shades and sultry silhouettes. At the Spring 2010 shows, designers expressed a super-sexy return to elegance with a pop art palette of colors. Body-clinging pieces with flurries of tulle, silk and organza flowed alongside crepe skirts, linen kimonos and shantung gowns in never-ending shades of lilac, rose and cerise.

From the Expert: “When I go to the fashion shows, I don’t just see clothes, I see artistic expression and color,” says Essie Weingarten, founder and president of Essie Cosmetics, Ltd. “Art and fashion go hand in hand, and this season’s collections reminded me of the pop art fashion explosion. My spring color collection is a reflection of that movement.”

Tip From the Expert: For polish to last longer use a base, like First Base Base Coat and top coat, like Good to Go! – the base coat prepares the polish to adhere and the top coat seals in color. Also, wait 2 minutes in between color applications so that the polish can set. A few days later, apply Shine-e to refresh polish to a top shine finish.

The Essie Art of Spring Collection joins the award-winning lineup beginning February 2010 at and fine spas, salons and beauty destinations nationwide.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Post-Snow Day Thursday

Hi everyone! I just got my power back this morning! Hooray!

I also got a lot of reading done as well as a ton of goofing off!

However, I didn't get much else accomplished. So instead of a review, I will be doing various productive things like clearing the snow off my car, tidying up and generally getting things back to normal around here!

Hope those of you hit by the storm stayed safe and warm! And I hope you all have a great day today!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Pre-Snow Day Tuesday: Jan Marini Bioglycolic® Facial Cleanser (review)

Today we are all waiting for the snow again. I know we just did that, but this snow is different. This is weekday snow. Which means…SNOW DAY!!!!!! Woo Hoo!!

Growing up in Southern California, I was tragically deprived of snow days. All we had were "smog alert" days. Not only did they completely suck, but we didn't get to miss any school either. We just had to stay inside during recess and lunch time. Yes it's true. My and poor disadvantaged childhood (cue the tiny violins).

So what does all this have to do with today's product from Jan Marini Skin Research? Well…erm…nothing. That's right. I'm too goofy over the idea of a snow day to come up with even the cheesiest of tie-ins today. So please enjoy the lack of corny segue ways and read all about this lovely cleanser.

Bioglycolic® Facial Cleanser

Blurb: Gentle Cleansing and Resurfacing for All Skin Types. Jan Marini Skin Research Bioglycolic Facial Cleanser with glycolic acid is a gentle cleanser suitable for all skin types and encourages a soft, smoother and more refined skin texture. This formula is soap-free, nonirritating, and rinses completely without the need for a post-cleansing toner or astringent. Our thorough deep-cleansing product also contains sorbitol, a natural humectant derived from berries, which leaves the skin soft and hydrated. By incorporating glycolic acid as a follicular cleansing agent, the skin is further prepared for other product application.

I have never heard a bad thing about Jan Marini skincare; but I was a little concerned that this cleanser might be too irritating during the Winter months. Well, I needn't have worried. In fact, I'm doing the oppostive of worrying…I'm appreciating this cleanser big time. It does an excellent job of cleaning and removing makeup; and the glycolic acid promotes cell turnover, smaller pores and a smoother complexion. For maximum potency, this is best used on dry skin (you heard me right). What I also loved is that my skin felt smooth, calm and balanced after I rinsed. And over the last couple of weeks, my complexion has been looking fabulous.

If you happen to be snowed in tomorrow, you can spend a bit of time at the website checking out the products and testimonials. You can also check out the Where to Buy page if you don't happen to have a foot of snow outside of your door.

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, February 8, 2010

The Color of Monday: Ripe Papaya - Estée Lauder Pure Color Crystal Lipstick (review)

All of us in the Mid-Atlantic region had a whole lot of Winter this weekend. Abundant snow. The cool thing was that I got to do some serious relaxing. I watched TV, read, talked on the phone, crocheted and just generally puttered around. I even got to feel all east coast-ey and dig out my car.

We're supposed to get more snow this week, so I'm taking a short break from Winter and busting out with a little bit of spring color. Don’t' be alarmed…I'm not going full on pastels ahead of time. But since Valentine's Day around the corner and I need a little sparkle, I thought this would be a nice day to enjoy a little pink. So how about some more lovely pink from Estée Lauder?

Pure Color Crystal Lipstick (in Ripe Papaya)

Blurb: Sheer color, super shine. Dazzling crystal effects. Light Up Your Lips. Cool, crystalline, high fashion shades with sheer coverage. Prismatic crystal effects create a dazzling brilliance and dimension. Delicately fragranced with a delectable fresh fig scent. Pure impact. Pure brilliance. Pure thrill. Pure Color.

I know I already reviewed the Love Your Lips Collection, but this lipstick also deserves some serious attention. I love this formula. The finish is sheer and fresh with lots of pretty sparkle. It also has a gorgeous feel - super smooth and mosturizing. It's especially great when the weather is cold and dry. It's also great when I want more than a hint of pretty color, but I'm not in the mood for the full coat of lipstick experience. "Ripe Papaya" is a lovely, versatile pink. It's feminine without being too sweet. It even has a light, pretty scent.

Of course, you can check it out on the website; but if you really want to chase away the winter doldrums, I suggest visiting a nice department store and playing with all the pretty colors there.

Happy Monday!

Valentine's Alert! New Kilian Fragrance Collection

Check out the gorgeous new collection from Kilian! Mmmm! Kilian's celebrity clients include Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban, Salma Hayek, Tom Brady, Dita Von Teese, and Timbaland. This collection of small vials of his unisex scents an awesome Valentine's Day gift. Good for her, good for him…everybody wins!

Launch of “Kilian Collection”

For the 1st time since the launch in 2007, KILIAN has created a set that will allow women and men to discover the entire collection of “L’Oeuvre Noire” at once.

“Kilian Collection” features the 8 fragrances packed in an elegant gift box, adorned with the brand signature black tassels on both ends of the box. 8 scents to discover or rediscover KILIAN's unique and luxurious fragrance wardrobe. The “Kilian Collection” set also includes a pump so the wearer can easily insert each scent into their KILIAN refillable 1oz travel spray, if previously purchased.

Prelude to Love, Invitation
Love, Don't Be Shy
Beyond Love, Prohibited
Liaisons Dangereuses, Typical Me
Cruel Intentions, Tempt Me
A Taste of Heaven, Absinthe Verte
Straight to Heaven, White Cristal
Back to Black, Aphrodisiac

These fragrances will be available at Bergdorf Goodman, select Saks, and as well as Apothia, Lucky Scent and Aedes de Venustas.


Now It's Official: Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel Patent

Okay, none of us actually needed the U.S. Patent Office to tell us that Juice Beauty's Green Apple Peel is awesome. But they've awarded the patent, so now everything is all tidily, officially and legally awesome. Read on…

Green Apple Peel Patent Awarded Just in Time for Earth Day

Juice Beauty, creators of the innovative organic juice-based Beauty Collection is the Organic Solution. The Company is paving the way in organic beauty with their high efficacy and authentically organic products. The Juice Beauty team is bubbling with excitement over receiving their recent formulations patent (US 7,632,527,B2) on the award winning: Green Apple Peel.

Juice Beauty’s Green Apple Peel has become a favorite of Hollywood celebrities who have their make up artists perform a rejuvenating facial after hard days under the bright lights and heavy make up.

Juice Beauty’s Green Apple Peel zaps both wrinkles and blemishes and although one can see results immediately, long term use will yield dramatic results. Although all of Juice Beauty’s products are 85 – 98% organic (for EVERY Juice Beauty product), the Green Apple Peel really packs a punch.

This Patent Award comes just in time for Earth Day as Juice Beauty is the leader in Eco Commitments ...going beyond “Natural”… as they source all of their ingredients from USDA Certified Organic Farms, they use Recycled cartons and Soy Ink; and they manufacture over 80% of their products using Solar Power.

Key Product Ingredients and Benefits that Result in Less Blemishes AND Wrinkles:

- Organic Alpha Hydroxy Acids Exfoliate and Improve Tone and Texture with Malic Acid from Organic Green Apples, Glycolic Acid from Organic Raw Cane Sugar, Citric Acid from Organic Lemons, and Tartaric Acid from Organic White Grapes

- Organic Peptides Exfoliate with Lactic Acid

- Organic Aloe Soothes and Replenishes with over 75 Nutrients

- Organic Algae Extract provides Minerals and Hydrates

- Full Strength Peel adds Willow Bark for an additional Beta Hydroxy Acid Boost in Exfoliation
About Juice Beauty - Juice Beauty was launched in 2004 and is based in Northern California’s Marin County, a worldwide center of organic innovation. Juice Beauty offers over 100 different powerful age-defying skin, body care, and color makeup products.

Juice Beauty’s clinically validated formulas deliver optimum age-defying results validated by clinical studies that have shown an 85% reduction in free radical skin cell damage. Juice Beauty’s patent-pending, antioxidant-rich, organic juice base brings their total organic content up to 98%. Juice Beauty products have powerful action without parabens, petroleum, propylene or butylene glycol, sodium lauryl sulfates, pesticides, phthalates, artificial dyes or synthetic fragrances.

US Retailers that carry the Green Apple Peel include Sephora, Whole Foods, Pharmaca,, and many high end spas and boutiques. International Retailers include: Harvey Nichols, Isetan, David Jones, Seibu, and Robinsons.

At the Grammy's: Ouidad

Hey, curly girls! Check out JLo's look on the red carpet at the Grammy's!

Hot off the Red Carpet – Curls!

The music industry rocked sultry styles at the 2010 Grammy Awards with sexy, playful curls. According to Ouidad “Nothing is sexier than curls on the red carpet, and with the right products and technique – anyone can create them.”

For easy gorgeous curls a la Jennifer Lopez, Ouidad suggests:

Apply Ouidad Curl Quencher Moisturizing Gel and dry hair. Set large rollers on the top of the head and medium on the rest of hair. Remove rollers and softly brush through with a wide natural bristle brush. Run fingers through to separate the tendrils and curls will spring back to life. Finish with Ouidad Clear Control Pomade to define curl waves at the bottom of hair.

Ouidad is available at and at certified Ouidad Salons, select Sephora stores and

New from COVERGIRL: Simply Ageless Concealer and Corrector and new online Tool!

Check out the new additions to COVERGIRL's Olay Simply Ageless collection. Then check out the cool online tool (helps you match your favorite department store product to a COVERGIRL product)!

Two new additions to the COVERGIRL and Olay Simply Ageless collection: Simply Ageless Concealer and Simply Ageless Corrector. The Concealer and Corrector work together to visibly brighten the skin under the eyes and hide the look of dark circles.

- COVERGIRL’s first creamy Concealer with Olay Regenerist serum glides over lines and imperfections, providing even coverage that blends well, leaving skin looking and feeling smooth.

- COVERGIRL’s Simply Ageless Corrector with special yellow intensive pigments and Olay Regenerist serum counteracts and neutralizes dark circles around the eye.

Online Tool: COVERGIRL launched an online Tool that allows consumers to enter the name, brand and shade of their favorite department store beauty products and then recommends a COVERGIRL match. Women no longer need to compromise their beauty choices with this new tool, they’ll get the looks and quality they love without the department store price!

View the tool at, which features application tips directly from COVERGIRL makeup artist, Molly R. Stern.

Rock and Flirt: Flirt! Show Us Your Inner Rock Star Contest

Check it out! The Veronica's have teamed up with Flirt! for an awesome fragrance and contest! Check out the fragrance here and enter the contest here.

If You Wear Red Every Day: "Rita" from Brow Diva

Last week was the big lead up to Wear Red Day; but some of you redheads were so there already! Read up about Brow Diva's new line just for you…

Listen Up Redheads!

Brow Diva to the rescue with eyebrow products in hues just for you!

True redheads often face challenges when it comes to their brows. Oftentimes it is because their brows are naturally lighter than a blonde even. And without the right products, brows can get lost or look washed out. With so few products on the market to address this hard to match (yet universally coveted) hair color,

Brow Diva is proud to offer “Rita” Brow Base and Brow Powder (

Inspired by the gorgeous and timeless Rita Hayworth, “Rita” Brow Base and Brow Powder are specially formulated to meet the needs of all redheads, from light strawberry reds to vibrant coppery reds.

The Brow Base is a wax based product that is a must have for anyone suffering from sparse brows. May be used alone or in conjunction with other Brow Diva products for more intense color. Apply the Brow Base onto the brow using the Duo Brow Brush. Use short light strokes starting closest to the nose, filling in sparse areas and places where new growth is desired. Soften application using the spooly end of the Duo Brow Brush for natural, soft cover.

The Brow Powder is a uniquely formulated powder that offers lasting color with the ease of sheer, soft application. This product is appropriate for all brow types. If you have naturally dense brows, this may be the only product you need. Using the angled end of the Duo Brow Brush, dab brush into powder and blend the powder into the brush by dabbing on the back of your hand. Apply to entire brow area using a light touch and short strokes starting at the base of your brow closest to the nose and blend up and out to naturally enhance your brow shape.

Created by brow sculpting expert, aka “The Brow Diva” Deanna Netti Cahill, the Brow Diva product line consists of all the necessities for making eyebrows look their best. With over 20 years of experience in the brow sculpting industry, Deanna developed a product line that would work for everyone, with a selection of colors that complement different skin tones and shades of hair. In addition to a product line, Deanna opened the Brow Diva studio in Rochester, NY in 2005, the only one of its kind specializing exclusively in women and men’s brow sculpting and grooming. “Eyebrows are one of your most noticeable and important features,” says Deanna. “I love how my customers leave the studio looking automatically refreshed and radiant and now with the product line everyone can feel gorgeous and confident!”

Cool, Man: Bobbi Brown Corals

For those of you longing for a fresh Spring look, take good peek at the new corals from Bobbi Brown!

Cautious about corals? Give us 5 minutes. We’ll make them cool.

Love the color, but worry it’ll look too bright or chalky? Bobbi’s modern formulas and juicy colors take an old-fashioned favorite for a fresh, modern spin.

NEW Cabo Coral Pot Rouge: Bobbi’s purse-friendly Pot Rouge is now available in a new sunny shade of coral. Creamy and easy to blend, pat on lips and cheeks for a beachy pop of color.

Shimmer Bricks: Bobbi’s iconic Shimmer Brick Compacts are hand-made in Italy and have five bars of luxe, pearlized pigment for a shimmering glow. Run the Face Blender Brush across all five bars and lightly dust over cheeks and forehead, or brush on eyes for subtle glimmer. Available in two new shades: Nectar and Pink Quartz.

Metallic Lip Color: Made with a unique combination of high-shine emollients and light-reflective pearls, this formula offers medium coverage with multi-dimensional shimmer. Introducing three new shades: Coral Reef, Coral Glaze, and Calypso Glaze.

Lip Color: Bobbi’s classic lipstick— rich, full coverage with a soft matte finish in two new shades: Cabo Coral and Guava.

Shimmer Lip Gloss: Infused with subtle sparkle, Shimmer Lip Gloss is perfect worn on its own or over your favorite lipstick. Aloe extract soothes, Vitamins C and E offer anti-oxidant protection, and Jojoba and Avocado Oils keep lips soft and moisturized. Available in three new colors: Sunset Beach, Golden Nectar, and Coral Sand.


Friday, February 5, 2010

Red Lips Kiss My Blues Away! Go Red For Women – Part 5 (info and review redux)

Today is Go Red for Women Day (also known as National Wear Red Day). I've been doing a little feature (aka: featurette) each day this week to give the day a bit of attention.

Go Red for Women Day was founded by the American Heart Association to promote awareness of heart disease for women. By wearing red today, you're helping to raise awareness about heart disease. You can also check out the Go Red website for more opportunities, events and ideas.

Today's Link: Learn to protect your own heart! Check out the ABC's of Prevention from the American Heart Association.

Red Beauty Suggestions: A parade of lovely red lipsticks! You're probably dressed already (if you're not, I'm horribly jealous of you). So instead of suggesting clothes, I thought I'd spotlight one of my favorite beauty items…red lipstick. Here is a revisit of some of my favorites…

Bésame Cosmetics Voluptuous Lip Color Set (Red Velvet)

This is one glamorous, gorgeous lipstick. The color is a rich, deep crimson with a luxurious, satin finish. My lips looked absolutely lavish. (Think warm nights, expensive cocktails, tangos and Antonio Banderas.) This is knock-em-out, dressed-to-kill, femme fatale red. It also has great staying power (femmes fatale need staying power). For something a little different, I also smudged this on my lips with my finger and got a fab I-look-really-hot-in-just-my-jeans lip stain.

Josie Maran Lipstick (Desirious)

This one goes on silky, silky smooth. It feels like it’s hydrating and softening. It's meant to nourish and condition – and it does. It's also exactly the right shade of brick red. It goes on in a thin layer, and it's highly pigmented. The result is smooth, even texture and deep color. It even left plenty of pigment behind after some of the shine had rubbed off – making my lips look slightly stained. Very nice.

A sheer, yet vibrant cranberry in Clinique's super comfy, shiny, moisturizing Butter Shine formula. I love the soft shine combined with the flattering (and festive) cranberry color.

pürminerals Mineral Shea Butter Lipstick (Red Ruby)

Fab! It's called "Ruby," but it's really a sweet, delicious, fun cherry red. Perfect for a pretty cherry pout.

Stila Long Wear Lip Color (Paramour and Rendezvous)

These are a great cross between a gloss and stick. The packaging is excellent for keeping in your bag or desk drawer (or even your pocket). "Paramour" is a medium brick red, and "Rendezvous" is a brownish red with a bit of shimmer. Both are highly pigmented. They feel really lovely and soft on the lips and have better than expected staying power.

YSL Fard À Lèvres Rouge Pur (Opium Red #131)

I am still in hot freaky love with this lipstick - highly pigmented, creamy color that glides on and feel absolutely weightless. And it looks stunning – full coverage lipstick with a lovely sheen. It also lasts like you wouldn't believe - eating, drinking, talking, singing, whatever. And when the lipstick finally does rub off, there's still color left behind on the lips. This is the kind of drop-dead, gorgeous red that could only come from a French company. A warm, deep, velvety shade that flatters almost every skin tone. Sexy, voluptuous and decadent. Sigh!

DuWop Private Red

Just when I thought my obsession for red lipstick had run its course; this one pulled…me…back…in! I can't vouch for each person, but it sure worked for this particular person (aka: me). The color looked a little orangey when it went on; but within a couple of seconds, the shade changed slightly and looked exactly right for my complexion. The formula is smooth, creamy and has a soft shine. It also leaves a gorgeous stain that lasts forever.