Friday, January 29, 2010

A Couple of Things for Friday: Estée Lauder Love Your Lips Collection (review)

Contrary to all the anti-commercial sentiments, I think Valentine's Day is a great invention for keeping love alive. Especially in cold climates. January is all cosy and "let's keep warm by the fire;" but by February, it's very possible that cabin fever has set in, and the two of you are squabbling over whose turn it is to get the firewood. Or who said what to whom at the superbowl party. Or whatever. I'm not saying that this is true for every couple every year; but sometimes a little mid-winter pick-me-up is very welcome.

And the lead up to the day of love can be an even better thing. What will we do? Where will we go? And…what will I wear? Where will I shop for it? See? Fun is already happening, and January isn't even over.

Of course, none of this has anything to do with the things that add up to real love (caring, respect, attraction, shared values, etc.); but a little beauty and romance (not to mention a little seduction) can make a good thing even better. Today's little beauty and romance items are from Estée Lauder.

Love Your Lips Limited Edition Lip Collection
(Hydra Lustre Lipsticks and Kissable Lip Glosses)

Blurb: This Valentine’s Day, love your lips, and he will too! Estée Lauder’s Love Your Lips collection comes just in time for Valentine’s Day to give your lips that perfect, seductive look. Estée Lauder Signature Lipstick’s lustrous, creamy, comfortable formula delivers hours of moisture and wear to lips with a sensual, high-shine finish. Estée Lauder Kissable Lip Gloss is a non-tacky, cushioned formula that feels comfortable on the lips. This lustful gloss provides sheer coverage and a shimmering, kissable finish. Wear alone for a subtle look, or layer over Signature Lipstick for added shine.

The collection features 12 lipstick shades (3 new) and 4 new glosses. The packaging is adorable: the lipsticks have a special “L♥VE” logo engraved on them (and the glosses have the logo on the vials). Exactly the sort of thing you want to take out of your bag during a romantic dinner (or right before the theatre lights go out).

Besides great packaging and sexy colors, you also get Estée Lauder's unbeatable formulas. The Hydra Lustre Lipsticks are fabulous – especially in the winter. They keep my lips really soft, yet the color lasts for hours. I tried one of the new colors in this collection "Coral Kiss." It's a delicate, pale coral that would be great for an understated look - or make a nice contrast to a dramatic eye. The Kissable Lip Glosses are also excellent. A gorgeous finish that lasts without being sticky. I tried "Pink Kiss," and it made my lips look like candy. Slightly sophisticated candy, but still yummy and kissable.

These will be out in February (which starts on Monday), so they're not on the website just yet. But in the meantime, you can always take a quick peek at the other Valentine's ideas.

Happy Friday!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thursday Thriftiness: Ulta Bamboo Naturals Headband (review)

After all the red-carpet super stylishness I just posted, I'm keeping my review very simple today. Here's one of my must-have, makes-everything-better beauty regimen staples from Ulta.

Bamboo Naturals Headband

Blurb: The unique ULTA bamboo head band is soft, elastic and versatile. Great for keeping wet hair from face or while applying made-up. The perfect accessory to enhance your comfort and beauty.

You're probably wondering why on earth I am featuring a headband. Well, because a headband is just plain useful. It keeps my hair out of my face while I'm washing it (my face), while applying makeup, while tweezing, putting on sunscreen, etc. In other words, it's something I use a lot. Every day. At least once. And if I'm going to use something every day, I want it to work well and dependably.

So far this is the best headband I've ever found. Ever. It grips without being tight. It stays put, but doesn't give me "headband hair." It's also washable, durable, and keeps its shape for a long time. And when it does finally wear out (or I leave it in a hotel room…oops), it's only about $6 to replace.

I can't always find them in the stores, so my suggestion is ordering a couple from the website the next time you're there.

That's all. See? Simple.

Happy Thursday!

SAG: Cruz, Kidman, Farmiga and Ouidad

Once again, the curly girls are spectacularly represented on the red carpet!


SAG: Julie Benz and Paul Mitchell

Not only did this look lovely on the red carpet, it stayed lovely. Read on…

SAG Awards Style
Get Julie Benz’s Look with Tips from Paul Mitchell Editorial Director, Lucie Doughty

Rain didn’t put a damper on this romantic updo – Dexter star Julie Benz’s curls stayed true on the 2010 SAG Awards red carpet thanks to Paul Mitchell Editorial Director, Lucie Doughty. Here’s how she created this flirty look:

“First, I applied Extra-Body Sculpting Foam for all-over lift. Then, I protected the hair prior to heat styling with Hot Off The Press and created ringlets with a curling iron. I brushed out the curls, pinned them to the side, and finished with Extra-Body Finishing Spray – one of Julie’s favorites.”


SAG: Sandra Bullock and Fekkai

Oh my gosh…how much do I love this look? (Answer: a lot).

Frederic Fekkai celebrity stylist Adir Abergel creates a modern, carefree twist on Sandra Bullock’s tresses for the 16th annual screen actors guild awards

Adir Abergel’s inspiration for Sandra Bullock: Effortless beauty – Modern and carefree style

How To Get The Look: First, Abergel applied Fekkai Coiff™ Contrôle Ironless Straightening Balm to keep the hair frizz-free. Then, he dried the hair with a Fekkai Large Round Brush to create a smooth foundation. Next, to add shine he applied Fekkai Advanced™ Brilliant Glossing™ Cream and separated the hair into a ponytail using an elastic band. He then twisted the hair into the shape of an S down to the nape of the neck to achieve the texture of the messy bun. Finally, he secured the look by adding Fekkai Coiff™ Sheer Hold Hairspray.


Sundance: Jessica Alba and Fekkai

Red carpet gorgeousness at Sundance. Check it out…

Renato Campora for Frederic Fekkai tended Jessica Alba’s tresses at Sundance for her Premiere of ‘The Killer Inside Me’

Inspiration: A modern undone look, perfect for an evening out

How to get the look: On wet hair, Campora used Fekkai Coiff ™ Strong Hold Volume Mousse. He blow dried the hair using his fingers in order to create texture. Next, he wrapped hair around a hair stick to the back of the head and locked it into place. Campora then diffused the hair at the roots. After hair sat for ten minutes, he took the stick out and applied Fekkai Au Naturel Dry Shampoo. With his fingers, Campora created even more texture at the roots by tousling the hair. Campora secured a messy bun using bobby pins to the back of the head and added an elastic headband to give a fresh, defined look. Finally, he sprayed Fekkai Sheer Hold Hairspray throughout the hair to set the style.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wednesday Wonderfulness: Peter Thomas Roth Un-Wrinkle Pads

Hello folks! I'm back with another lovely item Peter Thomas Roth. My friend (Nancy) has been raving about PTR since forever; so I went on a little buying spree a while back and have been checking out a few things.

Un-Wrinkle Peel Pads

Blurb: Formulated with our 20% proprietary complex of alpha, beta & gamma exfoliators (including glycolic, salicylic, lactic, linolenic acids) and amino acids, which are the building blocks of peptides. These, combined with powerful botanical extracts and anti-oxidants, reveal beautiful, clear, radiant, glowing skin. Designed to work alone to exfoliate the skin for the superior glow of a professional facial peel, while also preparing the skin to allow Un-Wrinkle® and/or any treatment products to better absorb into the skin. Unique peel pads are filled with moisturizing properties to help protect the skin as it is being exfoliated. Helps to minimize pores, clarify the skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and uneven skin tone. Leaves skin soft, smooth, firm and revitalized.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, we have another winner! Here's a little jar of convenient pads that are chock full of PTR's proprietary un-wrinkle complex. It's fabulous! It works! My pores look smaller, my complexion is more even and the texture is nicer. It doesn't seem to aggravate my breakouts, and I think it was even responsible for the disappearance of a milia I had. And to top it all off, it feels lovely – no irritation. You go, PTR!

Once again, I'm checking out the website and pondering my next purchase. Right now I'm tempted to try everything in the whole Un-Wrinkle line. (Peter Thomas Roth is also available at Sephora, and QVC.)

Happy Wednesday!

New Beauty Room at Woodley & Bunny

As if Woodley & Bunny wasn't already cool enough, now they're opening a fab Beauty Room in the back! Read all about it…

Woodley & Bunny is thrilled to announce the opening of the Beauty Room!

Nestled in the back of Woodley & Bunny, the Beauty Room offers an oasis of relaxation and pampering. Clients have always been able to visit Woodley & Bunny to pick up some of their favorite (and hardest to find!) beauty products or get a cutting edge haircut or amazing color - but now, with the opening of the Beauty Room, beauty enthusiasts can leave the Williamsburg salon with glowing skin, tailored eyebrows or a perfect makeup application.The Beauty Room offers everything from mini-facials to a variety of waxing services to incredible makeup applications. Please see the attached menu for additional services and details.About Woodley and Bunny Salon: Artistic Director and co-owner Erin Anderson - a nationally recognized stylist whose credits range from various celebrity clients to editorial work featured in Vogue, Elle, GQ and many others - assembled a highly talented, creative and professional collective of cut and color specialists whose training and experience spans the industry spectrum of Bumble and Bumble, Toni & Guy, Vidal Sassoon and Sally Hershberger. Friendly and innovative, the salon has quickly garnered a reputation for exceptional color work, fashionable yet workable cuts, and men's grooming without the Manhattan price tag.

Woodley & Bunny clients love the unique environment where you can kick back with a glass of wine or beer, Oslo coffee or specialty tea (too many to count!) listen to great music, or shop the apothecary and boutique. W&B is not your typical NY hair salon: this hidden gem in Williamsburg is something everyone needs to experience.

Skip The Chocolate: My Valentine's Wish…La Mer

This is on my wish list waaaaay ahead of flowers and candy. Just got some info about two lovely La Mer items and had to post. Not that I'm dropping hints or anything. I'd never dream of doing that. Not me.

Dynamic Duo

The perfect body care duo, The Body Refiner and The Body Crème work in tandem to polish and soften the skin. Since The Max Huber Research Labs began engineering their first body treatments, they have incorporated the most luxurious ingredients. A multi-faceted treatment which utilizes precious ingredients—including 1.75 carats of pure diamond dust

The Body Refiner delivers a cushiony resurfacing treatment the instantly lifts away dull cells, gently retexturizing skin to reveal a smooth and supple new surface.

Follow with La Mer’s “seaweed-wrap in a jar,” The Body Crème, to saturate skin with a wave of long-lasting hydration. A true treat and lavish skincare experience.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Happy Convenient Tuesday: Comodynes Make-Up Remover Towelettes (review)

With all of the pretty new Valentine's and Spring launches on the horizon, I thought I'd take a bit of time to talk about something extremely useful to have around once you've actually tried out some of the awesomeness. Since removing makeup is a daily event (or at least it should be), it makes sense that something you use every day should be convenient, practical and reasonably priced. This is a job for…Comodynes.

Make-Up Remover: For Sensitive & Dry Skin With Oats

Blurb: Perfect for dry and sensitive skin types. Thanks to the soothing and nourishing properties of Oats, this formula is perfect for dry and sensitive skin types. These facial cleansing towelettes have the following effects in a single swipe: removes make-up, tones & moisturizes. Apply to face and eyes, massaging gently to remove make-up and impurities. In 1 minute your skin is left clean, soft and moisturized.

There is a lot to love here! This is one of those truly excellent products that does its job. For starters, the towelettes are nice and large. One is plenty for removing all of my makeup (you might even be able to get away with using half of one). The cloths are soft, and the (alcohol-free) formula is soothing, non-irritating and really gets the makeup off. There is a specific remover created for each type of skin (normal, sensitive/dry, combination and oily). I chose the one for sensitive skin because I concentrate on the eye area (and I'm happy to report there was no stinging). A package of 20 will cost around $6, and you can get 100 for about $28.

The website has a whole slew of products and treatments (many of them in towelette form). I get mine at Trader Joe's, but you can also find Comodynes at, BeautySak, QVC, and

Happy Tuesday!

Another Fab Promo: Jane Carter Solution

To ring in the the new year, the folks at Jane Carter Solution are currently offering some lovely discounts on their regimens. And you can save an additional $10 by using the promo code: regimen2010.

Happy New Year!

Many of you have made the resolution to eat right, to exercise, and to be better to yourself in 2010. Good for you! We would like to suggest that take great care of your hair for 2010 as well.

We would like to support you in your commitment. In order to do so, we are offering a special promotion on Hair Care Regimens. We make five different regimens. One for curly hair, a couple for straight or relaxed hair, a fourth for locked hair, and another for dry scalp.

These regimens are specifically created to address the specific needs of fragile, breaking, damaged, dry, tired or dull hair. The essential oils, butters, vitamins and botanicals and blended to nourish, repair and hydrate your hair, no matter the texture. The Scalp Treatment is designed to detoxify your scalp and get rid of dry, flaky scalp.

We currently discount the regimens on our site where you save $10-$12. Click on this link to go to the
regimens. Use the Promo Code: regimen2010 to save an additional $10.00.

And again, we wish you a Happy and Healthy New Year!


Snap It Up: Julie Hewett Discount – 15%

Julie Hewett Los Angeles has been all over the red carpet lately. Here's a chance for us non-red carpet walkers to check out some of the awesomeness with a 15% discount! Now through Valentine's day, use the special promo code (VAL15) at check out and receive 15% off of your entire order.

You may want to use your discount to snap up one of their iconic items (like rose-scented mascara), or check out some of their latest:

- Simone Bijou Lipstick- an exquisite nude with a hint of peach
- Aphrodite Ora Mineral Bronzing Powder- a beautiful new bronzer with just a hint of rose-colored blush mixed in
- Malachite Hue Crème Shadow- a shimmering jade green
- Pixie Shimmy- a lilac love of a shimmering highlighter
- Omit Concealer in Shades 1, 2, and 3 – brand new concealer to give you coverage like none other

Bobbi Brown: Pretty Powerful Tuesdays Starts Today!

Spreading the word: beginning today, you can tweet Bobbi Brown every Tuesday and be entered to win a gift set! There's also an awesome video contest kicking off this week. Start reading…

Announcing Pretty Powerful Tuesdays!

Starting on January 26th, tweet @AskBobbiBrown every Tuesday with #PrettyPowerful to be entered to win one of four Bobbi gift sets each week. Official rules can be viewed at:

In addition, you can enter Bobbi’s Pretty Powerful Video Contest which kicked off this week. For more details please visit and

This Valentine's Day…Flirt!

Okay, that was too easy. But really, check out the cute looks from Flirt! (one of the beauty brands at Kohl's).

This Valentine’s Day Be a FLIRT!


Monday, January 25, 2010

Primed for the Week: Age Intervention® Prime Face Primer by Jan Marini (review)

I could not WAIT to try this out after I read about the launch! Check out the latest from Jan Marini!

New Age Intervention® Prime Face Primer by Jan Marini

Blurb: Gives facial skin an immediate “airbrushed” effect while providing remarkable rejuvenation benefits. Age Intervention Prime features an innovative and proprietary formula that includes newly developed topical agents that target elasticity, skin volume, inflammation and wrinkling to deliver extraordinary results. Age Intervention Prime instantly perfects the skin and provides a radiant plumped and refined surface. Prime can be worn with foundation for an incredibly smooth and flawless long-wearing finish. Even without foundation, skin looks polished and beautifully reflective while pores and imperfections are minimized.

Age Intervention Prime also delivers a potent combination of anti-aging and anti-inflammatory technologies that dramatically lessen the appearance of many aging skin flaws. Skin looks and feels younger from the first application and results are progressively more noticeable with continued use.

So this is pretty much the best of both worlds. As a primer, it's completely awesome in the short term. It plumped my skin slightly, hid my pores and made my complexion look super smooth. My foundation glided over it and looked flawless. And it's got amazing things to take care of your skin over the long term: powerful antioxidants, peptides, hyaluronic acid, and extracts of pomegranate, red, white and green tea (there's a bunch of other amazing stuff too that wouldn't fit in this sentence).

If you're a Jan Marini fan, you will love adding this to your regimen; and if you're new to Jan Marini, this would be a great product to start with.

Take a good browse on the website. There's even a bit of fun stuff from Cher (sharing her beauty secrets). You can also find Jan Marini products on line at places like SkinStore and DermStore.

Mwah! Estée Lauder Love Your Lips (Limited Edition) Collection

Get ready for yummy Valentine's beauty fun. Here's a great pair of pretty things from your lips from Estée Lauder. I'll be trying them out and letting you know what I think later this week! For now, take a look…

Golden Globes: Fergie and YSL

Oh this is to die for! Check out Fergie at the globes (if you didn't see her in "Nine," you should probably check that out too – she had one of the hottest numbers in the whole movie).


Golden Globes: January Jones and Julie Hewitt Los Angeles

Oh WOW! Just when you think January Jones can't get any more stylish and spectacular! Check out the look and get the hints from the folks at JHLA…

Get this look!

On the red carpet at the Golden Globes this past weekend, we were swept away by January Jones timeless beauty and bold red lips. Here's how to get her look with some of your favorite JHLA products!

ROSE WATER MIST - prep & tone your skin with the soothing scent of roses.

ORGANIC CAMELLIA RUBY - red lips look best when your lips are properly moisturized and soothed.

ORA MINERAL MIX #1 - for a flawless complexion buff onto your face with the JHLA kabuki brush.

OMIT CONCEALER - LIGHT using the JHLA concealer brush, apply coverage where needed. can also be used on eyelids as an outstanding eyeshadow base for crease-less color, and as a reverse lip liner with a precision brush.

CUSTOM 2-PAN PALETTE with breathless & cappuccino eyeshadow. blend breathless (a sheer champagne with gold shimmer) all over the eyelid and up to brow bone, then use cappuccino (light matte taupe) for a very subtle & natural contour effect in the crease. cappuccino also works as a great neutral brow-filler

PATINE EYE PENCIL for extra dramatic lashes and eye definition, wiggle this pencil between your lashes and smudge a smoky line along your top lashes.

ROSE SCENTED MASCARA in BLACK for thick dramatic lashes use several coats of mascara, wiggling from the root to the tip. don't forget to coat your bottom lashes too!

NATURAL CHEEKIE using the chubby cheekie brush, blend this warm tawny beige onto the apples of your cheeks for a very natural flush.

ROUGE NOIR LIPSTICK & LINER a true movie-star red made for the red carpet! Apply with a JHLA lip brush and shape your lipline with the liner. blot with a tissue and apply another layer for extra staying power.

we hope you picked up some great beauty tips! stay tuned for even more beauty breakdowns, and check out even more at!

Peace & beauty, the jhla team!


Golden Globes: Diane Kruger, Tina Fey and Remington

When you've got the dress, you need to make sure the hair is going on too! Check out Diane Kruger and Tina Fey's looks (and some how-to hints) from the Globes…

Reign & Shine: Diane & Tina Ruled the Red Carpet

Inglorious Basterds star Diane Kruger and 30 Rock’s Tina Fey topped all the “Best Hair” roundups for their glam Golden Globes tresses! We checked in with the stylist who created these winning looks – Richard Marin, dishes on how you can create these ‘dos at home:

Kruger’s stunning pink tulle Christian Lacroix gown was complemented perfectly by her updated 50's retro hairstyle. According to Marin, the look is not only sleek, but very simple to create:

• After drying, make an obvious side part.
• Curl the bottom sections of the hair to shoulder length using the Remington Heated Clip Hair Setters.
• Brush out the curls several times and create the roll that sits at the shoulder.
• For extra punch, place pearl encrusted hair combs on either side of the hair, just above the ears!

Fey channeled old Hollywood glamour with her polished chignon and classic Zac Posen party dress. To recreate this style, Marin says to follow these steps:

• Begin by blow drying hair straight with the Professional by Remington Hair Dryer.
• To create volume, spray thermal protecting spray at the crown and give it a shot of hot air.
• Backcomb only the crown and the back of the hair, and place hair in snag-free ponytail holder.
• Twist the ponytail until it begins to coil into a bun and pin in place with bobby pins – add hairspray and shine spray and you’re Red Carpet ready!
Remington Heated Clip Hair Setters and Remington Professional Dryer are available at Walmart stores nationwide.

More Monday: Borghese's Forma Bella Body Contouring Collection

Head to toe heavenly! Go home this Monday night and pretend it's the weekend! Check out the cellulite-fighting collection and then pamper your toes with Piedi Vitali foot cream and spa socks!


Monday Stuff: Samy Fair Hair "0" Calories Collection

Yeah...all those cute winter hats do not necessarily equal cute hair. I know this. I know this well. Take a look at Samy's solution to fattening up your strands this winter…

From Hat Hair to Fat Hair

Temperatures outside may be dropping, but that doesn’t mean your hair has to. Take matters into your own hair with the Samy Fat Hair “0” Calories Collection – the products contain Samy’s exclusive FH4 Thickening Complex, a blend of natural extracts and proteins that doubles the diameter of each strand of hair, expanding it from the inside out. The result is thicker, fuller, healthier looking hair – say bye bye to flat, hat head, and hello to Fat Hair.

Samy Fat Hair ‘0’ Calories Thickening Shampoo, Thickening Conditioner, Amplifying Hairspray, Thickening Spray, Thickening Crème, Thickening Pomade, and Amplifying Mousse are available at Walgreens, Rite Aid and drugstores nationwide.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Time for More Hearting: Sally Hansen Maximum Growth Plus in Real Royal (review)

I know…I’m writing my Saturday review on Sunday. Tsk. But yesterday I realized that I needed a great big break from all computer-related activity. I was typed out. I hope you’ll forgive me.

Of course since I wasn’t typing, I had a bit of time to do my nails and try out my new gorgeous bottle of polish from Sally Hansen.

Maximum Growth Plus (in Real Royal)

Blurb: The first nail polish with vitamin technology! Patented formula hydrates and conditions. Soy Protein strengthens and fortifies nails. 24 fabulous shades give nails something to grow for. Toluene, DBP, and Formaldehyde free. Special Ingredients: Anti-oxidant vitamins A, C and E hydrate and condition. Soy protein fortifies nails with 8 essential amino acids. Longer, Stronger, Healthy Nails in 5 Days!

First, my apologies for the less than stellar picture. I couldn’t find a stock image, so I took this one myself. (Note to self: in the future, leave this to the professionals). But I really wanted to give you an idea of the color. It’s a dark, dark coffee with just the tiniest hint of shimmer. The effect is a great "almost" black that doesn’t look flat or make your skin look dull. Love it!!! It can be fun, edgy or really sophisticated. And it goes with everything (except maybe a pink frilly dress).

I’m a huge fan of Sally Hansen polishes. The formulas are great, they’re reasonably priced and the selection of colors and finishes is amazing. The website has all kinds of great products (and shades) to browse. And the Where to Buy page can tell you where to find what you want. Or you can check out your nearest drugstore, grocery store, Target, Ulta,, or

Again, sorry about the lame picture.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Splendid Restraint: Trader Joe's Nourish Spa Balance Moisturizing Conditioner (review)

Yikes! I finally got up the nerve to balance my budget this week. I used all the craziness from the first weeks of 2010 as an excuse to procrastinate, but I finally ran out of reasons to wait. I finished last night and now I know where I stand for the year. It's not horrible, but let's just say that I won't be buying any vacation homes in the near future.

One of the things I also do is take a look at how I spent my money last year. Guess who went a little overboard on the beauty and skincare products? Did you guess? Quite frankly I'm just a little chagrined. Not chagrined enough to stop buying things (I said chagrined, not crazy); but a little more discipline wouldn't be such a bad idea. And anyway, a bit of restraint can be good for the soul.

So in the spirit of self-indulgent moderation, today's featured beauty item is from one of the fine examples of quality and value: Trader Joe's.

Nourish Spa Balance Moisturizing Conditioner

Blurb: Enriched with Organic Botanicals. Balanced Hair Remoisturizer Ideal for Replenishing Dry, Brittle Hair. Adds Moisture and Manageability. Cruelty Free (Never Tested on Animals) - No Animal Products in Ingredients. Does Not Contain Harmful Laurel/Laureth Sulfates, Found in Most Personal Care Product Shampoos, Gels, Conditioners and Body Washes.

Kind of a modest (er…restrained) blurb, don't you think? And the price? Modest!!! It's about 2.99 in the store in my neighborhood. You heard me…$2.99 (oh, plus tax). So what do you get? Soft hair. Soft, soft, soft hair. The conditioner smells lovely, feels light, detangles and doesn't build up. It's also great for color-treated hair, as well as being natural and cruelty free. Rock on, TJ's!

Trader Joe's has a fabulous selection of bath, beauty and skincare items at ridiculously reasonable prices. I usually get my basics there too (jojoba oil, tea tree oil, etc.) Plus, you can get your high quality, high value groceries there while you're at it! It's all good (in a moderate restrained way, of course).

(P.S.: You can also get this conditioner through the Amazon Markeplace, but it's about 6 bucks.)

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Rave-worthy: Peter Thomas Roth Un-Wrinkle Pressed Powder (review)

Every once in a while I stumble on something that impresses me so much I feel like I'm always going to need it on my vanity. Today's little "something" is from Peter Thomas Roth.

Un-Wrinkle Pressed Powder

Blurb: This luxurious anti-aging pressed powder contains a patent pending blend of six peptides and neuropeptides to help reduce the appearance of expression lines, deep wrinkles and fine lines. Lightweight, translucent, triple-milled powder instantly improves the overall look of skin. Blends seamlessly for a flawless, velvety-smooth finish. An ideal finishing powder, can be worn alone, over make-up, or as a touch-up throughout the day to keep skin looking its best. Non-drying formula will not cake and helps make-up stay fresher longer.

It's no big surprise when something from Peter Thomas Roth turns out to be wonderful. And here is a fabulous item that does exactly what it's supposed to do! It's a completely translucent powder that sets your makeup, refines your look, tones down shine and fights oil. That's what it's supposed to do and that's exactly what it does. What it doesn't do is cake, flake or crease. And just to add a little extra pizzazz, it contains a bunch of peptides and neuropeptides that go to work on fine lines! You go, with your bad, un-wrinkly self, Peter Thomas Roth!

PTR is available on the website. I suggest you also check out the fab Rewards Program. Peter Thomas Roth is also available at Sephora, and QVC.

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Clean Love: Elemis Tri-Enzyme Resurfacing Facial Wash (review)

Well I’m finally getting to sit down and type up my review. My day has been pretty unpredictable. Good, but unpredictable. Now I’m home and everything is cozy. I realized I haven’t really reviewed any cleansers for a while, so I thought today (er…tonight) I’d let you know about a really awesome one from Elemis Skin Care.

Tri-Enzyme Resurfacing Facial Wash

Blurb: Revolutionary Tri-Enzyme technology is the catalyst in this safe and effective resurfacing formulation. Galactoarabinan, a Polysaccharide, enhances the non-abrasive exfoliation process, whilst Brazilian Babussu Oil replenishes moisture. Moringa protects the skin against environmental damage, whilst White Truffle, Poria Cocos, soothes and supports the skin’s natural micro flora.


I decided to try this cleanser because I loved the mask so much. Now I’m pretty sure I love the cleanser even more. It smells great, feels great and cleans really well. The main exfoliating ingredient, lactic acid, works gently without leaving my face feeling anything but clean, soft, soothed and balanced. It also shrunk my pores a little! Anyone with sensitive, breakout-prone or combination skin (or all three at the same time) should really give this a try. Only a small amount is needed, so the bottle will last a very long time. You can check out the whole Tri-Enzyme line on the website. There are lots of other interesting lines too. While you’re there, take a look at their gifts, body care and check out the latest news and offers. You can buy Elemis online at timetospa.

Free and Clean for ifp Readers! Become a CLEAN fan, receive a sample and enter to WIN!

Hey folks! The first 50 ifp readers to become CLEAN fans on Facebook will receive a sample of Clean Warm Cotton Perfume!

To become a fan, go to the CLEAN Facebook page here. Be one of the first 50 to type in the special code, “CLEANifeelpretty” and receive a sample of Clean Warm Cotton perfume.


Once you’re a fan, you’ll have a chance to be put in the running to win one of three CLEAN Grand prize gift sets or 10 runner-up prizes. Three lucky CLEAN fans can luxuriate in the refreshing soft scent reminiscent of a soft warm towel right out of the dryer with a CLEAN Warm Cotton gift set. The gift set includes:

- 2.14 FL. Oz of Warm Cotton Perfume
- 34 FL. Oz Warm Cotton Rollerball to keep in your purse
- Warm Cotton Bath & Shower Gel (6 Fl. Oz.)
- Warm Cotton Body Lotion (6 Fl. Oz.)
- Warm Cotton Clothing & Linen Spray (6 Fl. Oz.)

With notes of citrus, lilac, jasmine and hints of amber and musk, CLEAN Warm Cotton leaves the sweet smell of refreshing comfort on your skin long after the last droplet has evaporated.

Runner-up winners will receive a 2.14 FL. Oz bottle of Warm Cotton Perfume.


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Happy Groovy Tuesday: Curly Sexy Hair Conditioner & Detangler (review)

Like, wow, man. Everything feels so mellow today. No looming deadlines, no frantic schedule juggling…even the weather is mild. I'm starting to feel like I'm back in the proverbial groove. I'm also getting around to actually writing up my reviews of all the cool stuff I've been trying out. Today, let's start at the top. Here are two cool curl-enhancing items from Sexy Hair Concepts.
Curly Sexy Hair Conditioner and Curling Detangler

Blurb: Now curls can have even more attitude with NEW, IMPROVED Curly Sexy Hair. Formulated with moisturizing ingredients, including Rice and Wheat Proteins, Avocado Oil, Ginseng and Ginger Extracts, this updated line inspires curls even better than before by delivering the ultimate strength and definition. Plus, with Curly Sexy Hair, all curly hair types get long-lasting curl memory, frizz control and mega shine.

I am loving both of these products today; but they were a huge lifesaver (okay, maybe just curlsaver) when the weather got really cold dry. The conditioner activated the curl, while leaving my hair soft and shiny without weighing it down. The leave-in is also fantastic. It's weightless and even more curl inspiring. I also love using the leave in to freshen up the curl during the day, or before going out at night. Both products are reasonably priced (and I love the packaging on the spray pumps).

The website has TONS of items for whatever kind of sexy hair you'd like to achieve (short, straight, big, etc.). There are pictures, videos and more blurbs than you can shake a brush at. There's also a helpful where to buy section.

Happy Mellow Tuesday!

Il Mio Tesoro! Borghese's Valentine's Day Gift Set

Mamma mia, I'm in luuuuuv! Look at this gorgeousness! Check out this yummy collection from Borghese (complete with red satin train case thankyouverymuch) and start dropping hints…

Borghese Classic Romance Valentine's Day Gift Set

Borghese’s IL Bacio is Classic Romance. It will be love at first sight with this most romantic Valentine’s Day gift ever when she glimpses the chic Red Satin Train Case. Inside she’ll find the alluring IL Bacio Fragrance Collection. Sensual, fruity, floral and elegantly feminine, this straight-to-the-heart fragrance is composed of lavish natural essences. And this set contains it all - Eau de Parfum Spray, Bath and Shower Gel and Body Lotion. And just when she begins to fall under its spell, there’s more, a Labbro Più Paffuto Lip Plumper, B Moisture Lipstick in Red Lustro and B Gloss Lip Gloss in Carnevale Red plus Superiore State-of-the-Art Mascara in Black. (A $133.00 value, priced at $39.50).

Gift includes:
Il Bacio Eau de Parfum Spray, 1.7 fl oz
Il Bacio Bath and Shower Gel, 3.4 oz
Il Bacio Body Lotion, 3.4 oz
Mini Labbro Più Paffuto Lip Plumper
B Moisture Lipstick - Carnevale Red
B Gloss Lip Gloss - Red Lustro, 0.16 fl oz
Mini Superiore State-of-the-Art Mascara – Black
Red Satin Train Case


This Just In: Rave Reviews for Remington® Frizz Therapy Iron

Okay, I'm always the last to jump on the bandwagon when it comes to gadgets; but this looks pretty darn bandwagon-worthy. This Iron even got a Good Housekeeping Award! Check it out…

New Remington Frizz Therapy Iron
Hot Off The Press!

The Remington® Frizz Therapy Iron has already received rave reviews as one of Good Housekeeping Research Institute’s prestigious V.I.P. (Very Innovative Product) Award winners (the only beauty product of the bunch) – and was recently featured in the New York Daily News as one of the “9 Smartest Buys in 2010”!

The revolutionary Frizz Therapy Iron is the first flat iron to use frizz-resistant technology to protect hair from the outdoor elements, dramatically diminishing frizz (65% less than a traditional iron) and firmly resisting humidity all day (up to 15 hours) to maintain a silky smooth style. The iron employs next generation ceramic plates with special porous properties infused with a blend of frizz-resistant micro-conditioners that are emitted during styling. Complete with digital heat settings that range from 300°-430°F and a one-hour auto-safety shut off, the Frizz Therapy Iron is the newest must-have for sleek, frizz-free hair!

Remington Frizz Therapy Iron is available at Target, and other fine retailers.


Told You So: Elizabeth Grant Skin Care is Winning Awards

Just got this info about Elizabeth Grant Skin Care. I was really impressed by them (check out my reviews here and here); and it seems I wasn't the only one. Read on…

Elizabeth Grant Skin Care Wins TWO FASHION Magazine Readers’ Choice Beauty Awards

Caviar Nourishing Mask and 24 Hour Eye Smoothing Cream win top honours in their respective categories

The readers have spoken and Elizabeth Grant Skin Care is a beauty favourite in not one, but TWO categories. FASHION Magazine’s 8th Annual Readers’ Choice Beauty Awards winners have been revealed and- Caviar Nourishing Mask has won the Mask Over $25 category and the 24 Hour Eye Smoothing Cream has won the Eye Cream Over $35 category.

This is the 4th consecutive year that Elizabeth Grant Skin Care has received a Readers’ Choice Beauty Award, and the 2nd year in a row to win in two categories. Margot Grant, Public Relations and Marketing Manager for Elizabeth Grant International says, “It is an honour to be included in these awards and we are so proud to be a FASHION Magazine reader favourite in two categories. Thank you for choosing Elizabeth Grant Skin Care!”

Elizabeth Grant Skin Care’s Caviar Nourishing Mask is a deep treatment to intensely nourish and hydrate your skin. The advanced formulation contains precious caviar’s Omega 3 Fatty Acids that deeply moisturize and help smooth out the appearance of the skin. Nourishing the skin from the inside out the Omega 3 fatty acids, an essential nutrient for skin rejuvenation, and Torricelumn™ work together to revitalize the skin making it appear more firm, smooth, and youthful.

The 24 Hour Eye Smoothing Cream is a lightweight cream that helps diminish the appearance of crow's feet, fine lines and wrinkles, and the look of fatigue for a full 24 hours. Containing Torricelumn™, 24 Hour Eye Smoothing Cream is a superb moisturizer formulated to provide extra nourishment and support for the eye area. This amazing eye cream also contains youth preserving Vitamin E to help fight free radicals and defend delicate skin around the eye area from the environment. 24 Hour Eye Smoothing Cream helps your skin appear firm, lifted and smoother.


Try a Little Luxury (Kat Burki)

Hey, take a look at this yummy, cozy cashmere travel set from Kat Burki. Kind of makes me just want to go somewhere (okay, I kind of already did; but now I want to even more).


Monday, January 18, 2010

Start the Week Sexy: Cosmoholic Liquid Lipstick (review)

Hey I'm back (sort of)! Still a little brain dead, still behind on the laundry, and still looking for my groove; but essentially back to the usual. I still have a bunch of gorgeous products sitting on my desk with post-it notes stuck to them just waiting to appear on this blog. I thought about featuring one of them, but all the little yellow things looked a bit overwhelming. So I decided to just try one of the new things that didn't have any post-it notes attached yet. Enter Cosmoholic Cosmetics.

Special Valentine’s Day Gift Set:
(Rockstar Red & Prudish Pink in a special red gift box)

Blurb: Cosmoholic contains a nourishing “repair kit” for your lips (crafted by a chemist; a nerdy one!) that feeds the skin, forming a barrier to keep nasty irritants out, so your lips don’t look older than the rest of your beautiful face! Cosmoholic isn’t sticky. Period. Cosmoholic gives you tons of shine and no shimmer! (Except for Gold Digger - this special Cosmoholic color takes you from day to night with just a little shim-shim!) Cosmoholic doesn’t contain fragrances (those are for perfume!), but vanilla flavors and macademia nut oil for moisturizing. It also has vitamin E (nature’s miracle vitamin), vitamin C, and antioxidants. Cosmoholic comes in 7 highly pigmented shades - colors like Prudish Pink (are you a prude?) and Rockstar Red (or are you a rockstar?) - so you can have a little bit of personality in your pocket or purse.

One word: Sexy.

Really? You want more words? Fair enough.

Even though I was over-reacting to just about everything last week, I still found a bit of time to try out these glosses. It's not such a big surprise that I've tried out an awful lot of lip glosses in my day. But the bigger surprise is that these actually managed to stand out and wow me. The two colors I tried are lovely. "Prudish Pink" is a super soft, neutral pink and "Rockstar Red" is a yummy cherry.

These come in an adorable little red gift box, and the two colors are wonderful; but it's the formula that really…ahem…shone. The finish is highly pigmented, yet still sheer. No shimmer, just a soft, wet, see-through shine that is drop dead sexy. "Prudish Pink" made my lips all soft and kitten-ey, and "Rockstar Red" (favorite) made my lips look like two moist, plump maraschinos. The glosses wore well, and my lips felt soft.

To learn more about Cosmoholic, check out the super cute website. Read things like Behind the LipGloss, and make sure to check out the list of stores where Cosmoholic is available.

And just in case you're still having a bit of trouble finding your Monday groove, here's a bit of pre-80's pep from Elvis Costello and the Atrractions:

Start the Week Energized: Liz Earle Daily Energizing Offer

Check out the great offer from Liz Earle Naturally Active Skin Care. Get the Hip and Thigh Gel, Body Wash and Body Brush for $40 (a savings of $22)! Check it out…

Kick start the New Year and give dull winter skin the brush off with our new daily energising offer.

Step 1: The perfect starting point to our energising range, Liz swears by daily dry body brushing before bathing. Sweep our long-handled body brush across your limbs and torso, directing strokes towards your heart to improve circulation and leave skin soft and smooth. Daily body brushing not only improves skin tone but is also a great way to boost our circulation and lymphatic system.

Step 2: In the shower, massage our revitalising Energising Body Wash onto wet skin. Containing plant-derived foaming agents from corn and coconut it gently cleanses for soft, invigorated skin and subtly scents with a delicate fragrance.

Step 3: Finally massage Energising Hip and Thigh Gel into your skin, paying particular attention to hips, thighs, stomach and upper arms to boost the circulation.

* Offer available from January 4th through February 14th 2010, subject to availability, while stocks last.


Thursday, January 14, 2010


See? This is how little brain activity I have going on. Instead of a snappy heading, I am now resorting to telling you what day of the week it is. So sad. So very very sad.

Anyway, I posted a few more bits of beauty world news for you to read while I'm running around in a panic. I won't be posting tomorrow (I'll be traveling most of the day), but I should be back with my usual opinionated reviews once the singing has been accomplished.

In the meantime, I found some cute serotonin-producing pictures to ease some of my…er…our panic…er…stress.

Please join me in appreciating the array of cuteness (then read the beauty news).


People's Choice Awards #3

Curly Girls, we were definitely represented at the PCA's. Check out the curly vibe brought to you by Ouidad!

Trend Alert - Celebs Choose Curls!

The people may choose the winners at the People’s Choice Awards, but celebs like Mariah Carey, Jessica Alba and Carrie Underwood chose to rock curls, texture and waves on the red carpet last night.

For A-list hair, Ouidad Styling Mist is a Hollywood mane-stay. Styling Mist is a light spray designed with a dual purpose – to hold a style in place and as a setting spray to secure strands in a specific pattern. Designed for long-lasting hold while allowing movement and is never sticky – Styling Mist keeps curls famously flawless.

Ouidad is available at and at certified Ouidad Salons, select Sephora stores and

People's Choice Awards #2

Another gorgeous look at the PCA's.

Red Carpet Beauty from Julie Hewett Los Angeles

On the red carpet at the people's choice awards Wednesday night, Olivia Wilde stunned us with her natural glow, red lips and shimmering eyes. Here's how to get her red carpet look with some of your favorite JHLA products...

Cucumber Extract - prep & tone your skin with our calming cucumber mist.

Organic Camellia Balm - prep your lips to create the perfect soft canvas for red lips

Ora Mineral Mix #1 - for a flawless complexion buff onto your face with the JHLA kabuki brush.

Omit Concealer - Light using the JHLA concealer brush, apply coverage where needed. can also be used on eyelids as an outstanding eyeshadow base for crease-less color!

Custom 2-Pan Palette - with dolce & terra eyeshadow. for a soft nude shimmer blend dolce all over eyelid and along the lower lash line, then use terra eyeshadow for a very subtle natural contour effect in the crease.

Patine Eye Pencil - for subtle definition, line the upper lash line with this pencil and blend into shadow.

Rose Scented Mascara In Black - for thick dramatic lashes use several coats of mascara, wiggling from the root to the tip. don't forget to coat your bottom lashes too!

Peachie Cheekie - using the chubby cheekie brush, blend a "checkmark" from the apple of the cheeks back towards the hairline. The perfect flush for all skin tones.

Gem Noir Lipstick - a sheer rosy-cheeks red. sweep a layer on your lips using the JHLA lip brush.

Harlow Lip Lush - an extra punch of red shine for a glamorous pout!

We hope you picked up some great beauty tips! stay tuned for even more beauty breakdowns, and check out even more at!

Peace & beauty, the jhla team!

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People's Choice Awards #1

Check out Diane Kruger's awesome look at the PCA's! I am all over this "yeah, my hair just naturally looks fabulous" thing she's got going on.

Diane Catches A Wave At The People’s Choice Awards

Leading lady Diane Kruger hit the red carpet at the 2010 People’s Choice Awards in a curve-hugging Hervé Léger dress and a curvaceous ‘do to match. Celebrity hairstylist Richard Marin let us in on how he created her perfectly undone beach waves in just five easy steps:

Start by spraying sea salt texturizer in hair.

Blow dry with the diffuser attachment on the Remington Professional Dryer with hair flipped over for maximum volume. Do NOT run your hands through hair while drying as this will cause frizz. Dry 90% of the way and air dry the rest.

Next, use the Remington T-Studio Heated-Clip Rollers, alternately curling sections of hair with a 1 inch roller and 1 ¼ inch roller until the entire head is set.

Unroll when cool and shake your head around A LOT to tousle the curls.

Amp up the volume with a dry spray shampoo, and finish off the look with a spritz of hairspray to control flyaways. Shake, spray, shake some more, and you’re out the door!

Remington Professional Dryer is available exclusively at Walmart. Remington T-Studio Heated-Clip Rollers are available at Target and Walmart.


LA Girls – DO THIS (Fekkai)!

Here is an awesome event at the Fekkai Melrose Place salon, “So Chic, So Fekkai.” It's taking place TOMORROW (Friday, 1/15/10).