Thursday, November 12, 2009

What I Need Right Now: The Yenta Report!

Where was this when I lived in LA? Hmmm? Answer me that! Former celebrity assistant and knower of just about everything Angelino; Lorin Elkins, is now powering up to give you the benefit of her wisdom and experience.

L.A., you should be so lucky to learn from Lorin. Opens Its Virtual Doors

Your guide to all things LA from one bona fide Yenta!

Whether you’ve lived in The City of Angels all of your life, or just moved there last week, The Yenta Report ( is an online resource to help you navigate through all of the LA meshugas and find the best that Los Angeles has to offer. And yes, it’s all filtered through the voice of nice Jewish girl from the “Valley”, Loren Elkins.

“Life in LA is fabulous, especially if you know where to go, what to do, and how to do it,” according to Elkins, who has spent the last 13+ years working as a Celebrity Personal Assistant for a bevy of Type A’s.

Says actress Amanda Peet: “Every time I was wondering where to eat a good salad, or needed to buy someone a gift, or needed a quick getaway, or a good pedicure, I would ask Loren. She would have the answer in about two minutes. I don’t know how she does it, but I really wish she would move in with me so that somebody that competent would be around all the time.”

Having accumulated a particular skill set that only one who lives and works in the rarified air of LA is privy to (she’s done everything from buy multi-million dollar homes to book lavish vacations and arrange brilliant parties), Elkins became a walking talking LA-lexicon. “Friends, family and colleagues were always coming to me for: What’s the best for this? What’s the best for that? I figured, there had to be something I could do with all this stuff floating around in my brain.” And that’s when Elkins had her “Aha” moment, and was born.

However, is not just a listing of five star establishments. Elkins’ experiences of living in a world of limos, cameras and fancy parties hasn’t skewed her reality as she is very practical minded, always shopping for deals and printing out coupons before heading out the door. A third generation Angeleno, Elkins was born and raised a by Jewish CPA and Senior Citizens’ Activities Director, so if anyone knows how to stretch a dollar, it’s this Yenta. At, you can find the best deals for picture framing to the hippest wine bars and even the best date spots on a budget.

“Loren was a great assistant, and as a twenty-first century power Yenta, she could probably bring an end to the war, and solve the economic crisis,” says actor Nathan Lane. “So finding fabulous eateries and sports bras is a piece of cake for her. Just ask, and you shall receive great advice with a smile.”

This month, The Yenta Report is also launching its “Yentawood” t-shirt line…no explanation needed. Available in pink and black for women (sizes: small to XL, $30) and black for guys (sizes: small to 2XL, $30 or $33 for 2XL), this is a must-have gift for any Yenta in your life. is divided into four main areas:

The Y List: An online resource list for stuff including eyebrow waxing, green car rentals and the best NY style pizza.

TYR Query: A weekly, online magazine piece featuring interviews of fascinating LA Insiders.

The Y Blog: Loren’s musings on LA-living.

Ask the Yenta: Got a burning question that you don’t know the answer to? Email Elkins and she guarantees you an answer.

"Loren was my assistant for four years and I can honestly say I couldn't function without her,” says actor Bradley Whitford. “Family, work, charity events...whatever my crazy life threw at her, she is was on it!”



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