Saturday, November 14, 2009

Shiny And New: COVERGIRL ShineBlast Glosses (review)

Hello and Happy Saturday (evening)! I know I usually post bright and early (okay, before noon) on Saturdays; but this seems to be yet another weekend where Life refuses to follow my careful instructions. Life can be really obstinate sometimes. Could it be that just maybe I have a tendency to over plan? (Answer: Absolutely not. It is Life that is behaving incorrectly.)

Anyway, this lovely evening I am thrilled to feature my shiny new toys from the folks at COVERGIRL. I hope you all got a chance to take advantage of the presale of their new Blast Collection (if not, you can still preview until December 5).

ShineBlast Lip Gloss

Blurb: Sculpt your lips with curve-accentuating high shine and a fun flash of iridescent color. Lipwear has never been such a blast! The patented ShineSculpt™ applicator hugs the contours of lips and boasts a tapered tip for precise shaping and sculpting, while 16 shimmering shades deliver a brilliant, glossy finish and perfectly polished pout.

The patented ShineSculpt™ is a uniquely shaped applicator that delivers more shine in a single swipe than the leading gloss. Flexible scoop applicator with built in product wells designed to hug the contours of lips to help deliver a fuller, more sculpted look. Lip hugging applicator for 4X more noticeable shine vs bare lips. Tapered tip enables precise shaping and control. Polymer- and oil-rich formula delivers high shine with a lightweight feel. Luminescent droplets of pearlized pigment form a perfect amount of shimmer behind the shine. Embedded pools of shine add brilliant depth. Non-tacky formula removes “high-shine vs. sticky” trade-off, typical of traditional lip glosses.

The two colors I tried are absolutely lovely. The applicator is excellent (a curved tip holds lots of gloss, and makes it so much easier to apply – no double/triple dipping). And the formula is wonderful. It feels moisturizing, smooth and very lightweight, but still delivers tons of shine. It also lasts without being sticky. “Ignite” is a sheer tangerine, and “Sparkler” is a pretty, flattering sheer pink. Both of these colors looked great by themselves as well as layered over something darker. I layered “Ignite” over a red lip stain and looooved the result. (This just might be my go-to holiday combo.)

The other shades (which I haven’t tried yet) are: Gleam, Flare, Smolder, Firecracker, Radiate, Fire, Ember, Heat, Dazzle, Glow, Beam, Glimmer, Aglow and Ablaze. These glosses will be available nationwide beginning in January 2010.

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