Thursday, June 30, 2011

Have a Wonderful Holiday!!

I'm still trying to get caught up on the chaos that is currently my summer (and google is still being ornery); but that doesn't mean I don't have time to wish you all a wonderful Fourth of July!

I wish you a beautiful weekend full of fun, leisure, and judicious use of sunscreen!

See you all after the holiday!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Saturday Edition: My Wish List at Zalando!

Yes – it’s actually Saturday! After getting all caught up on my reviews at the beginning of the week; utter and complete chaos ensued (and then google blogger starting acting weird). So I got all cranky, and decided to take the week off from blogging to get everything straightened out and back to “normal.”

Of course, in addition to straightening things out, I also spent way too much time on the web checking out cool sites with pretty stuff. And I found this really awesome (not to mention comprehensive), super stylish European site. It’s called…Zalando

First portion of wishlist...clothes. Like this short dress from miss sixty.

And some cool dresses from French Connection

And…more dresses

Second portion: some mighty cool…sigh!

Like these Minna Parikka heels

Or these yummy suede boots from Clark's

I’m also craving these mad fab Adidas high tops

Okay…back to business. I have family visiting this weekend, so it should be nice and relaxing. And...I’ll be back all bright eyed and ready with the prettiness!

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Monday, June 20, 2011

Pretend Hair Care Friday! Salerm Hi Repair Mask (review)

Yup – it isn’t Friday either. But that doesn’t mean I would just randomly skip my weekly hair care item! Nope. It’s a few days late, but it’s here. Something from Salerm.

Hi Repair Mask

Blurb: Hair is restored from root to tip, without leaving a greasy residue. Protects against hair aging caused by chemical or natural processes. Patented molecule made up of a fast acting silk-silicon-alkali, which restructures the hair deep down.

As my hair gets longer, conditioning becomes even more important. I also color my hair, so that’s another level of conditioning need. I’m always on the lookout for new conditioning products; and lately, I’ve really been appreciating what I call “mini-masks.” They’re halfway between daily conditioner and overnight treatments. About two mornings each week; I saturate my hair, wrap it in a towel for about 3-5 minutes, then rinse.

I gave this Mask a try, and thought it did an excellent job. I didn’t even need to comb it through my hair; and when I rinsed, my hair was silky and tangle-free. I let my hair air dry, and was thrilled at how soft and shiny it was. I only needed a tiny bit of leave-in (to control fly-aways), and I was good to go. I had soft, pretty hair all day long; and by evening it still looked great.

Visit the website and take a look at the giant selection of products. There’s a what's new section, and an online catalogue that even includes salon furniture.

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Happy Pretend Thursday! Olay Purely Pristine™ Body Wash, Bar Soap and Body Lotion (review)

I know…Thursday was a few days ago. I wrote my Thursday and Friday reviews last week; but then things got so hectic and crazy that I never had a chance to actually post them. I could have written “Happy Pristine Thursday” if I had been on time with my postings. But instead…last Thursday is being brought to you now. Along with some fine items from Olay.

Cleansing Body Wash and Moisturizing Body Wash

Blurb: Discover the clarifying crispness and pristine beauty of the Nordic region while you refresh and cleanse to purify your skin with this oxygen-rich lather infused with mineral crystals and seaweed extract.

Massaging Bar Soap

Blurb: Refresh and cleanse your skin with minerals crystals and seaweed extract using this body bar with a massaging design.

Body Lotion

Blurb: Discover the clarifying crispness and pristine beauty of the Nordic region while you invigorate your senses and nourish your skin with this rich moisturizing lotion infused with minerals and seaweed extract.

This line features refreshing spa-like fragrances, and soothing formulas that feel lovely and pampering. The Body Washes had a wonderful, crisp scent, cleaned well and left my skin soft and smelling pretty. The body bar had a textured side, that not only cleaned, but gave my tired muscles a gentle massage. The lotion felt soothing, softened my skin and had a slightly warmer version of the Body Wash/Bar fragrances.

I really enjoyed this line (and each of these items is somewhere in the neighborhood of $5 each). Fabulous value!

Check out the website for more information. You can also browse the new products and offers. Olay products are sold in drug stores, grocery stores, Walmart, Target and ULTA.

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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Mid-Week Refreshment: skyn ICELAND Arctic Face Mist (review)

My long weekend is starting to become a distant memory. It’s only Wednesday, but this week has been jam packed. I’m starting to droop. Time for a little facial (glacial) wake up call. From skyn ICELAND.

NEW Arctic Face Mist

Blurb: Has your frantic lifestyle led to a surge in stress-related hormones and histamines? If so, your skin may be irritated, exhausted and depleted of vital hydration and nutrients. You need relief and protection against future damage — and you need it fast. Our newly reformulated, dye-free Arctic Face Mist instantly helps calm and stabilize irritable, depleted skin with a cooling burst of natural mineral water, while fortifying it against the aging effects of free radicals and environmental stress. Powerful antioxidants and a daily dose of multivitamins for skin help energize and replenish for a radiant, healthy glow.

First I’m going to tell you about all the good things that are in this. Things like vitamins A, B(complex), C and E. It also contains Thiotaine (a natural antioxidant), yeast extract and cucumber water (to calm irritation and tone), and white willow bark (to prevent breakouts and skin congestion). That’s a mighty action-packed spritz!

It’s also an incredibly refreshing spritz. I deeply appreciate all the things that are good for my skin; but today I loved the minty, cooling, freshening I got when I sprayed it on. In the morning, it makes a wonderful toner, and in the afternoon, it’s a great refresher. It’s soothing, doesn’t irritate at all and has a very light, lovely scent.

I love visiting this website. There are lots of great facts about Stress and Skin, as well as cool products (like their TSA-approved detox kit). Right now you can find out how to recruit 10 friends and wiln $100. Skyn Iceland is also sold at Sephora and Saks Fifth Avenue.

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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

For Dad’s Day: LUSH Dirty Collection - Body Spray, Springwash Shower Gel & Shaving Cream (review)

Many many things need to get done this week. You may know something about that. In addition to my regular goings on, there’s also Father’s Day business at hand. For those of you that are still wondering what to get the Dad (or Dads) in your life; here’s a nifty collection. From LUSH.

Dirty Body Spray

Blurb: Squirt our Dirty spray over your body, day or night, for portable deodorizing when you're on the move. Dirty spray is a deep and powerful freshener any time that you feel rushed off your feet; sandalwood helps to combat unwanted odours and that famous Dirty scent of tarragon, lavender and subtle spearmint will fool even the bloodhounds. Complete your layers with the deeper levels of Dirty. Get guys to ‘can' their aerosol body sprays and start using this freshly fragranced one instead. Plus it's made with real fragrance that will last a lot longer.

Dirty Springwash Shower Gel

Blurb: Like a dip in a mountain spring. After a dirty night on the tiles, jolt yourself back to reality with our tingly spearmint shower gel. Springwash is like a dip in a mountain spring, just in time for the weather getting warmer; spearmint and menthol crystals will make your skin feel cool in a hot shower and give it a sweeter scent than peppermint. Your bits will feel fresher in no time. Mo invented this refreshing and tingly shower gel, adding sodium bicarbonate to soften the water and deodorize the skin, making it absolutely perfect for 'Dirty' guys. There's also glycerine and sea salt in the recipe to soften the skin and hair as you're washing with it.

Dirty Shaving Cream

Blurb: Chin up! Slather, shave and soothe your face with a generous helping of Dirty shaving cream. Calming oat milk, shea butter and honey are great for calming irritations and red marks on sensitive chins. No one enjoys smooching when there's a hairy, scratchy beard face to contend with! Dirty boys should use this softening shaving cream to help the razor glide over the skin and leave their chins looking sharp. Scented with lavender and sandalwood, it's another layer to the Dirty fragrance blend. Not only should the men in your life being using Dirty shaving cream for a slick, fresh face, ladies can also enjoy the feeling of silky smooth, hair free skin on their legs and under their arms with a good dollop of this softening cream.

I love this line! I love to give beauty gifts, but generally the guys aren’t always as eager to “feel pretty.” This line pretty much satisfies everyone. The packaging is straightforward, modern, and has a “no frills” look while still remaining stylish and giftable.

And the products are excellent. Now I have to admit that I was the only one who tried the Shaving Cream. I kept it all for myself, and I loved the scent. I did have an actual guy try out the Body Spray and Shower Gel, though. He thoroughly loved both of them. The peppermint/sandalwood/tarragon combo is fresh and botanical without being girly. Not only did he enjoy the Body Spray, but I enjoyed it on him. We both gave the Shower Gel a try (he showered with it, and I used it as a bubble bath). It was heavenly and refreshing. The mint was more noticeable, and I felt incredibly clean and fresh afterwards.

The website has the entire collection, and there’s also very nice Get Dirty Gift set.

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Monday, June 13, 2011

Get Your Glow On: Neutrogena Healthy Skin Custom Glow™ Blush & Bronzer

Alas…my “staycation” is over. It’s back to going to specific places at specific times (and doing specific things). I actually love my job; but I really loved my long break. A friend of mine told me that when you stay home for vacation, every day becomes Saturday. He is wise. He also likes to steal plastic traffic cones – so he knows all about how to have a good time.

Today, I’m easing into the week with a couple of pretty (and fabulously priced) items. From Neutrogena.

Healthy Skin Custom Glow™ Blush & Bronzer

Blurb: Perfectly coordinated blush and bronzer duos that blend effortlessly to deliver a healthy, sun-kissed glow anytime. Patented blend of antioxidants helps enhance skin's healthy look over time Lightweight, velvety texture. Mirror and brush included. Available in 6 shade duos.

Healthy Skin Custom Glow™ Bronzer

Blurb: Get a healthy, sun-kissed glow anytime of the year. The lightweight, velvety bronzer with light reflecting pearls blends effortlessly for a naturally radiant look. Formulated with a patented blend of antioxidants, it helps enhance skin's healthy look over time. Mirror and brush included.

Ever since I reviewed a compact; I’ve had a new respect and curiosity for this line. I love the idea of effective beauty products that are good for my skin, and also reasonably priced. Both of these items have kept the respect going.

The Blush/Bronzer duo is perfect for summer. I tried the “Berry Glow” palette, and loved the sweet, pretty color of the blush. The bronzer is lovely and shimmery, complimented the blush, and worked well as both a bronzer as well as a contour color. Both are highly pigmented and have excellent staying power. The solo Bronzer is also excellent. The color goes from light to darker, so I was able to get exactly the right shade. I also used some from the darker side on my shoulders and collar area for a nice sun-kissed glow.

Check out website, and visit the special offers page. Neutrogena is sold in grocery stores, drugstores, and online at

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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sunday Edition: LUSH Retro Favorites

Check out the fab retro fab favorites that LUSH has brought back for the summer…

Ask [LUSH] And Ye Shall Receive...

Here at LUSH it’s all about innovation and keeping things fresh. This exciting modernization also means having to say goodbye to some products to make room for the new ones. But what about those loyal fans who can’t live without X, Y or Z and like to tell us so? Don’t worry we’ve got them covered with our Retro line of re-released discontinued products that are available exclusively online at Here are just a few of the fan favorites that are making resurgence in the LUSH line-up this summer:

In the Nude Bath Melt: Get in the nude this summer! This naked bath melt is small and discreet, yet it’s rich in moisturizing cocoa butter and scented with the divine combination of almond oil, lavender oil, rose absolute and chamomile oil.

Shave The Planet Shaving Cream: The antioxidants and vitamin-rich ingredients soothe and reduce redness while repairing and softening skin. Fair trade organic shea butter and cupuacu butter condition skin as the rose absolute and bamboo infusion soothe it. Vitamin-rich pumpkinseed and cold pressed rosehip oils make for a smooth shave and calm skin. LUSH’s 100% PCR packaging make sure that as you shave you save the planet.

Milky Bar Soap: This creamy, comforting soap smells like hot milk, which is nice to wash your body with just before going to bed. Milky Bar Soap is made with nourishing soya milk (so it's vegan!) and toning sweet orange and patchouli oils. Give a chunk to all the sweet people you know for glowing, touchable skin to slip into the sheets for a good night’s rest. (Vegan)

Smitten Hand Cream: LUSH customers asked very politely (but persistently) for a lighter, daytime hand cream scented with the same deliciously mouth-watering almond fragrance as our Snowcake soap. LUSH founder and product creator extraordinaire, Mark Constantine, created Smitten in response. Smitten is a fast-acting, deliciously scented, chamomile and coconut butter hand protector enriched with wheat germ to make your hands feel soft and luxurious while smelling like delicious almond frosting.

Sunday Edition: Perfect Brows with Parissa

Check it out – mini wax strips for perfect brows!

Sunday Edition: Scented Handles from Schick Quattro for Women

How fun is this? Schick Quattro for Women has just come out with scented handles! Take a look…

A Girls’ On-The-Go Guide to “Berry” Smooth Legs!
NEW Schick® Quattro for Women® Disposable razors with Scented Handles
In #1 Skintimate® Signature Scent™ Raspberry Rain

No matter the season or where you may be, count on the NEW Schick® Quattro for Women® Disposable razors with scented handles in #1 Skintimate® Signature Scent™ Raspberry Rain™ to awaken your shave routine. See how the sensorial shaving duo keeps your skin and life berry smooth!

7:00 AM: Shower Your Senses

Perk up your shower routine with the sweet smell of raspberries from the fragrance-infused handle. Pair it with Skintimate® Signature Scents™ in Raspberry Rain™ to moisturize skin with olive butter, Vitamin E and Pro-Vitamin B5. Whether you’re showing off legs in a summer dress or hiding them behind tights this autumn, you’ll be smooth and prepared!

Smooth tip: You know when it’s time to dispose your razor when the blades are dull!

6:00 PM: Strong, Sexy and Smooth Post-Workout

Don’t forget to pack your disposable razors and shaving cream into your gym bag for a quick and easy shave to show off those toned legs!

Smooth tip: Avoid a shower that’s too hot and repeat passes of the blade for a nick-free shave

8:00 PM: Champagne and Raspberries

Whether you’re meeting up with girlfriends or the apple of your eye, get ready in a jiffy with your disposable razors and shaving cream. Schick Quattro for Women and Skintimate leave skin so smooth that you could skip a day or two—perfect for that second date!

Smooth tip: Skintimate is designed to cling onto hair and lather—don’t use soap if you’re in hurry!

Weekend Getaway: Smooth Sailing!

If you’re packing for a weekend excursion, don’t forget to include your must-have shave essentials. After shaving, simply toss and go!

Smooth tip: Don’t hesitate to pack your disposables in your carry on—they’re TSA-approved!

If you’re a girl on-the-go, don’t forget to keep your Schick Quattro for Women Disposables fully stocked and legs Skintimate smooth so you’re ready for wherever the day may take you!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Hair Care Friday…Saturday Version: Rusk Deepshine Oil Protective Treatment (review)

Yes, this week Hair Care Friday falls on a Saturday. Mainly because I spent most of last night fiddling around with a dessert idea that just didn’t work. But I did learn two valuable lessons. First, don’t wait until the last minute to try out your new dessert idea. And second, whipped cream collapses and turns to runny goo in 90+ degree weather.

Earlier in the week I also learned that it’s a terrible idea to try out a new hair coloring product the day before an event. On the bright side, I learned how to fix said problem with the help of a fine product. From Rusk.

Deepshine Oil Protective Treatment

Blurb: A marine mineral-enriched argan oil treatment that smoothes the cuticle, eliminates frizz, and improves elasticity and hydration, leaving hair soft, silky and manageable. Deepshine Oil is perfect for all hair types. Deepshine Oil smooths the cuticle, eliminates frizz, and imparts incredible shine and condition. This lightweight, alcohol-free formula imparts brilliant shine, while advanced marine therapy infuses the hair with superior condition, renewing the natural integrity of the hair. Used as a styling or finishing product, Deepshine Oil helps seal the cuticle, prevent color fading with subsequent shampoos, and protect against damage caused by chemicals, excessive heat from thermal styling, and environmental factors.

Short version: This Treatment saved my hairdo!

I tried out a temporary color product that a friend of mine had been raving about. I was going somewhere, and I wanted to do something fun…but temporary. Well, the color was cute (and temporary), but it completely dried out my hair. I was appalled…and kind of peeved at my friend.

Luckily, I had a bottle of this Treatment that I’d been waiting to try out. It claimed to smooth the cuticle, and add lots of shine and conditioning. I gave it a try. I smoothed it in my damp hair, then gently combed it through. And…my hair was fixed. Totally and completely fixed. Instead of colored straw, I had colored hair. It was shiny, pretty and the curls came back. Whew!

Even better, my hair felt soft and pretty all night. Thank you, Rusk!

I chucked out my friend’s “suggestion,” but I’m going to keep this Treatment for use after I do my regular coloring. It says that it’s also great for use during the coloring process. I believe it!

The website has the entire Deepshine collection. You can also check out the fashion, culture, and attitude pages. Deepshine is available at leading salons (including ULTA) and online at

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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Thunderous Thursday: Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips (review)

Well the whole day wasn’t thunderous. Most of today was wretchedly, ridiculously hot. But then the heat broke thanks to a big thunderstorm. So now it’s pretty pleasant. End of weather update.

This is day #2 of my “staycation,” and it’s been mighty nice so far. Wednesday was clean and pamper day, today was relax and have fun day; and tomorrow I’m hanging out with the girls. End of staycation update.

Oh wait, isn’t it time for a review? It is! Here’s something super fun from Sally Hansen.

Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips

Blurb: Sally Knows nails are the best accessory. Now, Sally makes it easy to get a designer-inspired salon effect anytime, any place. It wears like nail polish because it IS nail polish. No dry time, so you’re ready to go.

What the blurb above doesn’t say is that these are really, really fun! It took me a couple of minutes to get the hang of applying them; but once I got it all figured out, it was incredibly easy. Simply peel off the backing, peel the polish stip away from the plastic, lay carefully on the nail, snip off the excess, and then use the orangewood stick to rub/buff it on to your nail. I also used the edges of the stick to tuck the ends under the edge of my nail. After they were all applied, I used the file (included) to file off the edges that were sticking out and any excess that got tucked under. I got a perfectly neat application on every nail.

What’s more, there was no drying time, it lasted for 8 days, and came off easily with polish remover.

And they looked fabulous! I first tried “Girl Flower” (second row, far left), and got tons of compliments. Same with my favorite, “Laced Up” (second row, far right). I got compliments from friends, co-workers, and even grocery store cashiers. I am having a blast with these!

Check out the website to see all of the great designs; then visit the where to buy section for a listing of grocery stores and drugstores where Sally Hansen is sold.

I feel like I conveyed my enthusiasm, but my explanation of how to apply wasn’t all that great; so I’m going to refer you to another blogger’s video tutorial for a little bit better demo…

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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Warm Weather Is...Afoot: AHAVA Dermud Intensive Foot Cream (review)

The heat has definitely arrived! Record-breaking temperatures! Yuck.

First I want to send a shout out to all my friends at Americade who are camping (you heard me right…camping) in the heat. I wish you safe travels, plenty of shade, and big bottles of water (and/or beer).

Here at home, I’m spending the day barricaded in my air conditioned apartment and doing things like coloring my hair, cleaning, and later on giving myself a mani/pedi. One of the fine things I’ll be using to make my feet pretty is something nice from AHAVA.

Dermud Intensive Foot Cream

Blurb: This soothing cream is a real difference maker for my dry feet. It's hydrating Dead Sea mineral mud formula relieves itchiness, redness and scaling. It leaves my feet feeling remarkably soft, supple and comfortable. Aloe Vera and Shea Butter extracts soften and smooth very dry and sensitive skin. Coconut and Jojoba oils helps to lock in moisture for all day comfort. Provitamin B5 and Vitamin E protects and rejuvenates.

I like to wear as little footwear as possible (except for the occasional pair of cute high heels). I only own about 4 pair of socks because that’s how rarely my feet are covered. That means my tootsies are visible to the elements (and the general public) most of the time. Even more in the spring and summer. So I know from foot cream.

This particular Foot Cream is excellent! It’s a very thick, soothing cream; and it also absorbs very quickly. It makes my feet look softer and better immediately. My feet also feel great – even the roughest parts. What I especially love is that there’s no stickiness or greasiness - which is aweseome when I don’t feel like sliding around in my sandals.

The website is full of wonderful things for your skin. Orders over $50 ship for free, and you get free samples with each order. You can also find Ahava at And…this Friday (June 10); tune into HSN (8am to 10am) to learn about the Foot Renewal Treatment Duo and Bath Salts Trio.

And now here's something kind of bikery for my motorcycle riding friends. Kind of. My sister and I were crazy about this song when we were kids. I remember singing our own version of it with our little neighbor friend. Imagine 7 and 9-year-olds singing “you’ll see the world from my Harley.” Kinda cute (and slightly alarming). This youtube version features tv clips instead of the band (I have no idea why).

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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Heat Wave a' Comin! COOLA Mineral Face Matte Finish (SPF 30) & Tint (SPF 20) (rave review)

I’ve been walking around in a fog all day because our local township thought it would be a really good idea to repave the street where I live. I totally agreed with the whole repaving idea, but I did not agree with the idea of doing it in the middle of the night. Really? Yes, really. There were trucks and bright lights outside all night long.

Cheltenham Township…you do NOT rule. You don't rock either.

There. I said it.

Anyway…in other news, a gigantic heat wave is supposed to descend upon the Philadelphia area beginning tomorrow. That means there will be sunshine everywhere. Wouldn’t this be a great time to feature some awesome sun protection products? (Answer: yes, it would.) How about two lovely items from COOLA.

face spf30 matte finish cucumber natural mineral sunblock

Blurb: Say hello to your new everyday sunblock. A natural, mineral matte formula that gives you SPF 30, broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection while it hydrates your skin with vitamins, antioxidants and repairing extracts like Shea Butter and Borage Seed Oil that target early signs of aging. Soothing organic Cucumber balances skin’s moisture and delivers a refreshing scent. Naturally water-resistant phyto-protectors like Plankton boost SPF protection make this the perfect beach companion. 70% Certified Organic inactives, 95% Natural.

face spf 20 tint rose natural mineral sunblock

Blurb: Feel rosy without getting too rosy with this natural mineral, sheer SPF 20 sunblock that is sure to keep your delicate facial skin even, hydrated and protected. Rose Extract soothes the skin and the senses with its natural toning and aromatherapy properties. And while combining the super antioxidant and anti-aging powers of Xylinum Black Tea and Organic Grape Seed Extract, this formula delivers lasting broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection and is still light enough to feel perfect under makeup everyday. 70% Certified Organic inactives, 98% Natural.

Wow! Just Wow! This is powerhouse sun protection, skincare and beauty all rolled into one. Or…two.

The matte finish sunblock is a zinc-oxide/titanium-dioxide sunscreen that also makes an excellent primer. It went on smoothly, absorbed quickly, and left no white cast. It had a very mild and pleasant cucumber scent, and felt light, hydrating and soothing. There was no heavy feeling at all. It dried to a matte finish that worked fabulously under my foundation.

I tried the tint rose sunblock both alone and layered over the cucumber sunblock, and got great results each way. The rose sunblock has a consistency somewhere between a tinted moisturizer and a light foundation. The coverage was sheer to medium and slightly buildable. It blended easily, and did an excellent job of evening out my skin tone (it also had a pretty rose scent). The finish was very fresh and natural. And again…excellent zinc oxide-based protection.

Each of these products is fabulous on its own; amd layered together they provide super effective (and pretty) sun protection, coverage and skincare. I feel like I can go anywhere this summer and look great while my skin stays in the shade. A+…and bring on the heat wave!

Take a look at the website and learn more about sun science, and a few other organic facts. There’s also a very comprehensive where to buy section. COOLA is also available at Spas, beauty centers, Dermstore and

Here’s another kind of heat wave. From Martha & the Vandellas.

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Monday, June 6, 2011

Aaaaand…We’re Back! Thymes Agave Nectar Body Wash (review)

As I mentioned earlier, last week was a giant, hectic, crazed festival of stress. I had an amazing Memorial Day weekend; but then had to hit the ground running Tuesday morning. And I kept running. Then I ran some more. By the time I stopped it was the weekend again.

But once I did stop? Beauty treats to soothe my spirit. Starting with this gorgeously scented body wash. From Thymes.

Agave Nectar Body Wash

Blurb: Whether used as a shower gel or body cleanser, awaken your ability to thrive with skin-quenching lather blooming with fresh fragrance. Glycerin attracts moisture and softens skin while agave extract helps soothe. Agave Nectar is an oasis for your skin, tapping the resilience of the desert. Agave nectar, cocooned within the quenching agave plant, forms a warm, honeyed base note. Above, layers of ruby red grapefruit, delicate lemon blossom and tangy guava pulse with refreshing citrus, radiating a bright, cheerful optimism. And soothing aloe leaf and subtle crystalline musk deliver a clean, fresh finish.

After last week was over, I seriously needed some pampering, refreshment and rejuvenation; and this Body Wash was more than up to the task. I got loads of soft, bubbly lather, and my skin was clean, balanced and soft. I love citrus fragrances, and this one is a standout. It’s a heavenly balance of tart and sweet with a bit of warmth and softness. It’s an excellent pick me up. I immediately felt a whole lot better.

Check out the website, and take a look at the Complete Agave Nectar Collection. There’s also a beautiful gift section, and a handy store locator. Thymes is sold in fine independent specialty stores across the United States and Canada (and in certain international markets).

Here’s to smooth sailing this week!

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Almost Back: Jessica Biel and Revlon Grow Luscious Mascara Commercial

Take a sneak preview of this commercial before it starts running in movie theatres on Monday…

Revlon’s brand ambassador Jessica Biel
Starring in “Hypnoteyzed,”
Revlon’s new commercial for their new Grow Luscious Plumping Mascara.

Biel and musician Pharrell Williams star in the 60 second film noir-inspired commercial, which was shot entirely on black and white film. In “Hypnoteyzed,” Biel draws Williams in with her plumped eyelashes and with each bat of her lashes, nearly knocks Williams off his feet. Revlon Grow Luscious Plumping Mascara conditions and plumps eyelashes by 200% with every use!

As of today, Revlon Grow Luscious Plumping mascara is available in drugstores and mass retailers nationwide, and “Hypnoteyzed” will begin running in US movie theaters on June 13.

Almost Back: Liz Earle Wins Two CEW Awards!

One of my favorite brands just won two (count em – two) CEW UK Awards! This is huge (and well deserved) – go Liz!

Liz Earle Naturally Active Skincare Wins Best British Brand...And More!

Liz Earle Naturally Active Skincare won two prestigious awards at this year’s Cosmetic Executive Women (CEW) UK Awards ceremony. The awards are known as ‘The Oscars’ of the UK beauty industry, so to win two of these highly coveted prizes is a wonderful achievement!

In the brand’s 16th year, it was an honor to be recognized by the CEW with the
Best British Brand Award.

Also, as the ‘one-for-all’
Botanical Shine Shampoo is still in its first year, we are especially excited about the Best New Haircare/Styling Product Award. This shampoo has already found a place in the hearts of many of our customers, as well as the Liz Earle team!

Even better there were three other finalists from the brand. The original and only
Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser was a finalist for Best Classic Beauty Product: Prestige category, the uplifting Energising Body Lotion was a finalist in the Best New Bath and Body Product: Prestige category, while the crème de la crème for more mature skin types, Superskin Eye & Lip Treatment, was a finalist for Best New Skincare Treatment Product: Prestige category.

About the CEW AwardsCEW Awards nominations are proposed and judged by a panel of around 600 ‘beauty insiders’, including top experts and professionals who are all members of the CEW. As these awards are recognized as the beauty industry’s highest honor, winning one acknowledges a product is the very best in its category.

Almost Back: Spring Beauty from Kate Somerville

Kate Somerville has some wonderful things going on this Spring…

Bright and Beautiful Spring Offers from Kate Somerville

Limited Edition Summer Essentials Kit: Here comes the sun. You’ll be ready for summer in just 3 easy steps. First, get velvety smooth by gently sloughing away dead cells. Then, develop a healthy-looking tan without exposure to damaging rays. And, finally, protect your skin with an incredibly lightweight daily serum that provides broad spectrum coverage

Ageless Correction Kit: This age defying product regimen aggressively fights lines and wrinkles with the most advanced ingredients available today. Kit includes: Deep Tissue Repair (0.5 oz ), Line Release Under Eye Cream (.5 oz ), HydraKate Line Release Face Serum (.33 oz), Total Vitamin Antioxidant Face Serum (.33 oz)

Free Samples: Now your order will include three complimentary samples!

Almost Back: Bigen Sweepstakes!

Wow – Spring is full of fab giveaways. Check out this one from Bigen…

Win a Trip to NYC with the “Bigen Big Apple” Sweepstakes

Start Spreading the News – Bigen, experts in brilliant, rich, salon quality hair color, are offering the chance to win big with the “Bigen Big Apple” sweepstakes! The lucky winner will choose one of the four fabulous NYC prize packages listed below including hotel and travel accommodations for two:

· Rock out with tickets to Broadway smash Rock of Ages
· Dance the night away at the hottest concert of the summer
· Cheer for one of New York’s baseball teams at their new stadium
· View world-class works of art on a museum tour

Simply “Like” Bigen on Facebook and follow the “Bigen Big Apple” sweepstakes instructions to enter – click
HERE to get started!

Sold in 70 countries worldwide, Bigen is the #1 selling permanent powder hair color. Regardless of natural color, texture, condition or length, Bigen produces optimum darkening results and offers gentle formula and salon quality color.

Almost Back: Julep and Summer Pedicures

One of my absolute favorite things about warm weather is…SANDALS! And pretty pedicures. Check out the fabulous products and tips to make your toes all pretty…

Show Your Stuff in The Hottest Summer Pedicure Colors

Julep’s new
Summer Collection consists of three vibrant colors all named after confident and inspiring women.

* Niecy is the perfect pink to bring out on a bright sunny day
* Blake screams buttery, delicious bliss (without the dreaded calories). Yellow is a sizzling summer color as Lady Gaga and Willow Smith were both recently spotted sporting the shade
* Jaime is an electrifying and sandal-wearing blue

Pair the new collection with
Julep's Essential Cuticle Oil and Nail Growth Revitalizing Serum and your pedicure instantly becomes a coveted Julep pedi-care!

Julep Founder Jane Park’s Summer Tip: “When you have to dash out the door, especially after a DIY pedicure, you can ‘set’ your polish by dunking your feet in ice water for 30 to 60 seconds. Then coat with cuticle oil (or olive oil works too in a pinch) to help protect your polish from chips and dings.”

Julep brings their mission of empowering girlfriends to life through
Powered by Girlfriends, an ongoing program that donates $1 from the sale of every Julep Nail Vernis to organizations that empower and support women. All Julep products feature 3-Free formulas and do not contain carcinogens such as formaldehyde, toluene, and DBP.

For additional tips, colors and product information including
Julep’s Spa Pedicure At-Home Party, visit

Almost Back: Weleda Sweepstakes!

Check out (and like) Weleda’s Facebook page for a chance to win awesome skincare (and a grand prize of a year’s supply of Weleda skincare).

Weleda’s Celebrate Your Timeless Beauty Sweepstakes

For 30 days, Weleda is giving away its NEW Pomegranate Firming Facial Care to three winners DAILY! One grand prize winner will also win a year’s supply of Weleda natural skin care products*.

Here’s a link:

Containing precious organic pomegranate seed oil, rich in antioxidants and essential fatty acids, Pomegranate Firming Facial Care is the ideal companion to your skin’s natural aging process. Featuring four beautifully formulated products including, Pomegranate Firming Day Cream, Firming Night Cream, Firming Eye Cream and Firming Serum, which aid your skin’s own ability to regenerate, reduce signs of aging, and protect from damaging free radicals.

*Only users who “Like” Weleda North America are eligible to enter.

Almost Back: Summer with LUSH

For some people, Memorial Day weekend was the unofficial beginning of Summer. If you’re feeling the Summer vibe a little bit early, check out some ideas from LUSH…

Kick Off The Summer With LUSH!

Time to fire up the barbecue, break out the bikinis and get ready for fun in the sun! LUSH has all the beach-inspired goodies you’ll need to transport your beauty routine to a summertime state of mind. Check out these seaside staples that should be in every satchel this season:

Ocean Salt Facial & Body Scrub: This stimulating, exfoliating facial and body scrub vigorously polishes to detoxify and remove dead skin cells, leaving the skin glowing. Made with both coarse and fine sea salts, the granules of salt themselves contain minerals which are beneficial to the skin.

Seanik Solid Shampoo: This powerful shampoo bar is packed with sea salt which gives hair much needed volume as it nourishes, while Irish moss and Japanese nori seaweed work to soften hair. (Vegan)

BIG Shampoo: Combine shine-enhancing citrus juices with the beautifying, hair-buffing impact of sea salt and genuine sea water and you’ve got a BIG body-building regimen your fine hair won't sweat over. LUSH has added a massive 50% of sea salt crystals to counteract the effects of soft water, to pump up the volume. (Vegan)

Big Blue Bath Bomb: Bring the splendor of the sea straight to your bath tub with this blue wonder. Packed with detoxifying sea salt, vitamin-rich seaweed, relaxing lavender and fresh lemon, topped with a crust of coarse sea salt, this bright blue bath bomb gives you a deep turquoise bath with pieces of skin-softening arame seaweed floating around in the water. (Vegan)

Beside the Seaside: Beside the Seaside gift is all you need to recreate a beach getaway if you can’t get away. It also makes for the perfect hostess gift if you do go away and are staying at a friend’s beach house! Contains: Sandstone soap, Blue Skies and Fluffy White Clouds bubble bar, Big Blue bath bomb & Happy Hippy shower gel.

Almost Back: Schick and Katy Perry - Dare to be Spontaneous Sweepstakes!

Check out this cool giveaway going on right now through July 8! Visit the Schick Quattro for Women Facebook page for a chance to win a vacation!

Schick® Quattro For Women® Announces
The Dare To Be Spontaneous Summer 2011 Program And
Katy Perry Getaway Sweepstakes

Schick® Quattro for Women® razors, the official partner of the Katy Perry California Dreams tour, launches the Dare to be Spontaneous summer program encouraging women to embrace the freedom that comes from having legs so smooth you can skip a day or two.

To kick-off the Dare to be Spontaneous program, today through July 8th, Schick® Quattro for Women® fans eighteen years of age and older can enter the Dare to Be Spontaneous Katy Perry Getaway Sweepstakes on the Schick Quattro for Women Facebook page. One lucky winner will receive a spontaneous getaway vacation with three friends to an undisclosed, secret location in the United States. The trip will include hotel, airfare, tickets to a Katy Perry concert, and a chance to meet Katy in person!

Almost Back: Elke von Freudenberg and Perfect Wedding Brows

I had a wonderful, wonderful vacation, and I meant to start posting again last Tuesday. Unfortunately, The Universe had other plans. Plans that made my life a crazy, hectic kind of…thing. And in the meantime, more fabulous beauty news found its way into my inbox. So before I post my review, here’s some great info. Starting with a bit of brow advice…

Perfect Brows Can Make The Perfect Wedding Photo
From NYC Celebrity Brow Specialist Elke von Freudenberg

Top NYC Celebrity Makeup Artist and Eyebrow Specialist, Elke Von Freudenberg does more than just create the perfect brow for her bride. She also makes sure that on that special day, their brows are the perfect shape in their wedding photos.

"Brows are just as important to creating your perfect bridal look, as your hair and makeup. And uneven or badly shaped brows can create an unwanted look in your wedding photos is you're not careful." shares Elke Von Freudenberg. With photos being a concern for the bride, uneven, or badly shaped brows can ruin a wedding picture.

The most common brow mishaps that you can see in a photo are:

1. Uneven brows - where 1 brow is higher than the other: This can make you look like you're raising your eyebrow, or that the bone structure and facial shape is uneven. Let a brow pro reshape and even out the brows so that they are perfectly even. Brows are supposed to be exactly the same, not slightly different. A professional knows how to fix and correct the shape.

2. Too Thick/Thin brows - where the brows are very thick from beginning to arch and very thin from arch to ends: This can create an angry, hard look to the face, especially in photos because the focus of the brow is on the front of the brow, near the nose. To soften, thin out the brows slightly from beginning to arch, and pencil in the brows from arch to ends to create a better balance and a softer look. Avoid the severe trends in brow looks and focus on the best brow shape for you. "Too thin, light or super thick brows can date your look when you're looking back on your wedding photos years from now."

3. Too Dark Brows - where the brows look too extreme: Avoid harsh trends for your wedding photos. Go for a more classic look on your wedding day. Use brow shadows and pencils to create a soft brow that compliments your hair color and works great with the style of your wedding dress. Too dark brows can make the face look heavy and pulls the attention away from the eyes. "For your big day you the focus to be on your hair, makeup, and eyes." To keep a more natural looking brow, choose brow pencil or shadow that's 2/3 shades lighter than your brow color. "We use our Blonde Day Brow Shadow a lot in dark brunette or brown brows. It fills in the brow without making the brow darker."

Shown top to bottom: Day Brow Shadow in Ash Brown, Dark Brunette, Auburn and Blonde

4. Too Light Brows - where the brows disappear: Use brow shadows and pencils to softly create a brow shape. A photo with a missing or too pale brow takes away the expression of your face and creates a lifeless image. If your hair is very light, you can keep it light, but make sure the dimension is there so that you see the brow framing the eye.

5. Avoid a very frosted or glittery brow highlight for those wedding photos. Flash photography can create a glare effect in the photos, and while it looks pretty in person, apply a brow highlight that has more of a soft shimmer, than a strong frost to compliment and bring out the brow shape. The highlight "Glowstick" is a perfect soft cream with soft gold highlights that compliment a wide array of skin tones. "This color is so beautiful, that we actually call this our 'Bridal Highlight'. Looks gorgeous on the skin, and can also be used on tops of cheekbones, collarbones and along tops of hands (to bring attention to that wedding ring.)"

Shown; Hi-Light Shadow in Sugar, White Star, Canary, Cyber Glow.

To get Elke’s highly acclaimed brow shaping services in NYC, visit her website at

Her signature brow collection can also be ordered online at