Monday, November 2, 2009

From the Magic Hair Fairy: Biolustré Intense Repair Kit (review)

This is the kind of thing a beauty blogger (or at least yours truly) lives for. Some weird new fancy thing that works. Biolustré claims that their products can restore hair to its "virgin state." Wow. Now the virginity (or non-virginity) of my hair is nobody's business, so I won't even go there; but I will say that I was thoroughly surprised and thrilled with the results I got.

Intense Repair Kit

Release Cleansing Shampoo: An extra strength, yet gentle cleanser that removes buildup. With a built-in moisturizer, Release is a superior cleanser that helps to prepare your hair for the Revive repair treatment.

Revive Repair Treatment: The only product on the market today which actually repairs hair. A safe home version of the salon hit, Revive restores your hair to a virgin state in just one application. Never fear multiple processes again.

Restore Maintenance Treatment: A shampoo replacement that does so much more. With the active ingredients from Revive Repair Treatment, along with a moisturizer, Restore keeps your hair in incredible condition.

Renew Conditioning Sealant: An amazing low ph conditioner. Renew is specifically designed to be the finishing step for the Revive Repair Kit. Renew moisturizes, conditions and seals in the health of your newly repaired hair.

Now the first thing I will tell you is that you absolutely have to follow the directions. I began with the Release shampoo, which removed any buildup. Next was the Revive treatment. I worked this into my damp hair and it was the strangest thing ever (btw: you have to work it in very gently and never use a comb). My hair got very thick and stiff as I worked this stuff in. Next I used my blow drier (medium to high heat) to dry the whole thing (moving the hair very gently). More craziness: my hair got really hard and stuck together in big clumps! After everything was dry, I used the Restore shampoo (twice) to gently remove all the gunk and then finished with the Renew conditioner. It was kind of a production, but the results were amazing. I don't think my hair has ever felt that soft. It was almost like different hair. I couldn't stop touching it.

Now, according to the directions, it said that I could use a chemical process afterwards. So I did. I colored my hair as usual and when I was finished, my hair was still much softer than usual. I have to say that I was pretty blown away.

The website has tons of product details, videos, testimonials and a really detailed information page.

Costume update: After fretting and worrying and working my butt off all day Saturday to make a last-minute genie costume for Halloween, I finally had to admit defeat. At 5:30pm, I realized that there was no way I was going to finish in time. So sad. But I ended up having an awesome night anyway. Hope you all had a fabulous Halloween too!

Happy Monday!

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