Saturday, November 21, 2009

Holiday Radness from LUSH: Sexy Boy, Satsumo Santa, and Santa’s Rice Porridge (review)

Holiday? Oh yeah, LUSH has your holiday right here! I just finished checking out three of the zillions of items they are offering right now: A gingerbread boy massage bar, a Santa bath bomb and the funnest face mask ever (made with cranberries).

Sexy Boy Massage Bar

Blurb: This little man melts onto your body with moisturizing cocoa and shea butters and extra virgin coconut oil to give your skin a glow (he tends to leads to other things that leave you glowing too). He smells of warming chocolate and envigorating lime oil to put you in the mood for romance. Although he may not look sexy (he is a gingerbread man after all), give him a chance by rubbing him onto your partner and he'll bring sexy to your back.

I absolutely had to try this! I love LUSH massage bars and this one is right up there with the best of them. If you actually have a sexy boy to try this out on, all the better. Both of you will appreciate the very subtle chocolate fragrance. It’s sensuous without being perfumey. And the oils and butters leave skin, soft, soft, soft!

Satsumo Santa Bath Bomb

Blurb: Last year Simon Constantine (co-head-perfumer) created the gorgeous scent for our decadent Chocolate Santa. This year, Santa's back and he's SUMO sized! Simon created a new lovely and refreshing citrus fruit blend with manadarin oil, bergamot oil and orange blossom absolute. When the holiday season has gotten you all stressed out and tired, grab a Satsumo Santa and drop him into the tub with you. The smile-inducing orange flower scents will rise up from the water to lift your seasonal spirits and get you excited to finish up with the rest of your holiday chores.

I am so stoked (dude) that LUSH has combined holiday and citrus! The bomb is, well…da bomb. And it’s shaped like a very round little Sumo-Santa. This is such an adorable bath bomb. It fizzed and then turned the water a pretty, girly pink color that gave off a very faint tangerine/bergamot fragrance. And the moisturizing agents softened my skin and kept it soft all day long.

Santa's Rice Porridge Fresh Face Mask

Blurb: Fruity nutrition for your face, reviving tired, stressed skin on the run up to Christmas Day. Look your best with a bowl of Santa's Rice Porridge. He won't mind, honestly.

This is basically a clay mask with tons of additional nourishing and softening ingredients. (And I should point out that even though it’s a clay mask, it’s extremely rich - keep this in mind if you have oily or breakout-prone skin). That said, this mask is massively fun to use. It’s like being a little kid. After it’s been chilled, it’s a fabulous, grainy, clumpy oatmeal-like texture (with cranberries too!). I spread it all over my face and laughed for almost the whole 10 minutes that I left it on. I stopped laughing after I rinsed though. I believe I said something like, “ooooh.” My skin was super soft and glowing.

These are all amazing gifts and stocking stuffers. (And each is under $10!) Check out the website for more gift/get ideas (I suggest you push the Christmas button). You can also sign up to receive the LUSH Times Catalogue while you’re there.

Happy Weekend!

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