Tuesday, November 3, 2009

More Fall/Winter Hydration: Emulsion from Cosmedix (review)

Winter dryness is a relatively new thing for me. Before moving east, fall and winter were fairly damp, so I never worried much about moisturizers. (Of course these were also the "pre-product junkie" years). But this will be my ninth East Coast fall/winter (wow…9? Really?). And I have learned the importance of serious hydration during the cold months. Today I'm featuring a really super moisturizer from Cosmedix.

Emulsion - Intense Hydrator

Blurb: This deep-penetrating moisturizer alleviates and helps prevent irritation following aggressive exfoliation. A soothing blend of nature’s perfect hydrators—jojoba oil and shea butter—in a unique liquid crystal formulation, Emulsion helps replenish the skin’s delicate liquid crystal matrix to revive dry, aging or recently resurfaced skin.

First: big brownie points because it's pink (I just needed to say that - now back to the relevant information).

I was expecting this to be very heavy (since it's called an "intense hydrator" and contains shea butter); but it's actually a medium weight moisturizer. It absorbed quickly and my skin was protected and hydrated without feeling greasy. This moisturizer also feels really good. Kudos for the packaging too. The pump dispenses a small amount (and a little bit goes a long way). My skin also looked a lot better. This time of year, my skin tends to look a little less "fresh" at the end of the day. I used a little bit before reapplying makeup to go out, and it made a huge difference.

Cosmedix can be found at Dermtore.com, eSkinStore.com and their website. The website lists products according to skin solutions, and also has lots of other products info as well as a place to sign up for the newsletter and exclusive offers.

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