Friday, October 23, 2009

New for Commitment-Phobes: Urban Decay 24/7 Super Stash (review)

The term "beauty junkie" implies that I am sometimes (okay, often) fickle. Meaning, I am always falling in love with the newest, shiniest toy that gets dangled in front of me. Oh, I still love my old toys; but that won't prevent me from getting all worked up and dreamy-eyed over the next big thing. That said, enter my newest next big thing from Urban Decay.

24/7 Super Stash

Blurb: This rainbow of shades is the ultimate kit: the right balance of neutrals and brights for any look. Need to modernize your little black dress? Try bold strokes of gold, green or blue shades for some exotic flair. Wearing that bold-printed tunic? Try smoldering layers of neutral Eye Pencils to add depth and gleam without competing. Use them in combination, use them alone, give a few away. (Okay, don’t do that.)

Small enough to fit in a wallet or slimmest of evening bags, these mini-sized pencils still feature the exact formula you love in our full-sized pencils: extra creamy, easy-glide, and waterproof. Any UD junkie will pee their pants at the sight of this amazing set.

Why is this perfect for commitment-phobes? Because instead of committing to one item with my purchase, I got NINE! And FOUR of them are brand new shades! So satisfying.

I wasn't much of a "pencil" person until UD won me over a while back. UD pencils are perfectly, fabulously awesome. They glide on soft and smooth as can be, and then set to stay put forever. Included in this set are "Rockstar" (my current all-time favorite), Zero (black), Graffiti (pretty, bright green), Ransom (iridescent purple) and Stash (the color of…um…oregano). The new colors are Corrupt (sparkling brown), Binge (dark navy), Eldorado (a bright gold) and Oil Slick (black sparkle).

I love them all, but the two new shades I'm craziest about are Eldorado and Oil Slick. Eldorado is a really great "gilded" shade of gold. I like it for lining underneath my eyes, and I can't wait to wear this to holiday parties. Oil Slick is a gorgeous charcoal black – and the sparkle creates a lovely soft-focus effect.

UD fabulousness is available on their website, as well as Sephora, Ulta, and a whole lot of other stores and beauty sites.

Happy Friday!

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