Monday, October 26, 2009

Beer and Sympathy: Cynthia Sylvia Stout Shampoo from LUSH (review)

Did you notice anything about Saturday’s post? If you were looking closely, you may have noticed that it wasn't there. (Okay, take a minute and look.) Why? Well because I typed my review and then forgot to publish it. And then I didn’t even remember to check until last night.


But then that’s kind of how my whole weekend went. Things basically just went awry. Plans got changed, there was miscommunication, scheduling problems arose. I was late to stuff. Other people were late to stuff. I even left my phone somewhere and had to spend an extra 90 minutes in the car to retrieve it. Now the weekend wasn’t a total loss. I did manage to have some amazing fun, but I only accomplished a teeny fraction of what needed to get done.

For instance, today I’m supposed to be at an audition. Am I at the audition? No I am not. My cold is still hanging on a tiny bit so I called last night to cancel. More plans gone awry. So what on earth does a girl do when there’s nothing to be done?


And since I've decided to be all health conscious this week, I’m going to recommend beer in shampoo form. And don't I just happen to know of an awesome product from LUSH? (The answer to that rhetorical question is "yes.")

Cynthia Sylvia Stout Shampoo

Blurb: Last call with a lemon drop to give hair tons of volume and shine. If you have fine or frizzy hair, make friends with Cynthia. This shampoo's special recipe includes organic Irish stout and lemons. The stout adds weight to hair and smooths cuticles, while lemons give amazing shine. As a bonus, your hair will smell delicious all day, but please refrain from drinking your shampoo if you shower at night.

I couldn't drown my sorrows by drinking; but I sure cheered up when I saw how good my hair looked. This is a great shampoo for perking up dull winter hair. My hair was soft and fluffy (without being frizzy or fuzzy), and there was lots of extra shine. The fragrance is also perked up my mood – a nice subtle yummy lemony scent.

Another way to deal with plans gone awry is to take a moment and feel deep gratitude for all that has gone right in my life. And to pass on some of my good fortune or remind myself of the good things being done in the world. In yet another segue way, I'll point out that LUSH's Charity Pot Programme donates 100% of the retail price (minus taxes) of their Charity Pot hand and body cream to worthy causes.

Cheers and Happy Monday!

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