Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Fall Comfort: Figs and Leaves Soap from LUSH

Hey all. Still wheezing a bit, but I'm on the mend. I keep falling asleep, though. So before I doze off again, I want to talk about my new delightful bar from LUSH. I've been in need of some comfort, and found some in…

Figs and Leaves Soap

Blurb: Earthy orange garden smoothes skin and leaves it supple. Ashy or scaly skin? Nevermore with Figs and Leaves handmade soap. Tiny fig seeds brimming with nutrition and gentle exfoliation yield to a creamy, aloe vera conditioning lather and a bouquet of fresh garden aromas. The scent of oranges and earthy ylang ylang linger on your silky, smooth skin as a tempting reminder of sweet cleanliness.

To begin with, this one of those absolutely perfect scents for fall. It's infused with fig; and the fragrance is warm, rich, sweet and slightly spicy without being perfumy. And now that the weather is turning cold and dry, you will love the way this bar moisturizes. The essential oils and skin softeners in the bar are like comfort food for your whole body. And the little fig seeds give just enough scrubbiness to coax away rough skin. My skin felt clean, smooth and very very soft.

I have another yummy fall LUSH product to write about soon (for hair); but in the meantime, take a look at the fabulous website (or visit one of their stores). In addition to the great fall stuff, you can also check out some of the cool limited edition Halloween products. There are also the newest Holiday items (hint, hint) as well as awesome retro holiday items.

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