Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Happy Tuesday: Pevonia Sunscreen (review)

This summer, Pevonia Botanica was one of the lines I tried that really stood out. I never got to visit one of their exclusive spas (go figure); but I've been consistently impressed with their at-home treatments and products (and their green sensibility). During the summer I reviewed their Foot Care and an awesome Eye Care Pack. Today, it's time for…

Hydrating Sunscreen (SPF 30)

Blurb: Protect and Prevent! This silky-smooth, greaseless homogenized emulsion protects your skin from the sun¹s harmful UVA & UVB rays. Enriched with Vitamins E, C, and B, SPF 30 safeguards your skin, counteracts sun damage, and prevents premature aging on your face and body. Full protection from UVA, UVB, and infra-red rays, prevents sunburn, hydrates and soothes, counteracts sun damage.

So why didn't I review the sunscreen in the summer? Well, I could have; but then I would have to think of another way to nag (I mean, remind) you about the importance of sunscreen in every season. The great thing about the colder months is that more clothing means less body sunscreen; but we still need to protect the skin that is still exposed (face, neck and hands).

If you're looking for a good all around product, this is excellent. It uses a barrier sun block (titanium dioxide), and it's suitable for both face and body. I love the packaging too. The bottle sits "upside down" which prevents waste. This sunscreen is light, feels weightless, doesn't irritate my skin or break me out. It's even soothing to the really sensitive skin on my neck. It goes on with a slight white cast; but it absorbs quickly and the white completely disappears.

Among their vast array of products, Pevonia also has a Safe Sun Face and Body Pack which looks pretty interesting. And in support of breast cancer awareness; Pevonia is offering a 20% discount on all of their neck and bust products (use promo code: supportbca1009).

Yesterday, I "did the research necessary to discover why one of my opinions may be wrong."

The List
Change your password.
Take a different way home.
Ask a question you've never asked.
Dream up a new nickname for yourself.
Choose a new lucky number.
Change the way you tell the story about an important event in your past.
Make it a little more difficult for people to have you pegged.
Eat a type of food you've never tried.
Do the research necessary to discover why one of your opinions may be wrong.
Add a new step to your grooming ritual.
Feel appreciation for a person whose charms you've become numb to.
Surprise yourself at least once a day.


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