Friday, October 16, 2009

Friday is Nail Polish Appreciation Day: Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear (review)

Okay, it's also National Boss' Day; but my small selfish mind is on my manicure this morning. Mainly because I have to remove all of my nail polish before my performance. That's right, girls, no nail polish. Not even clear. That's how much I sacrifice for my art.

Silliness aside, I really do want to take some time to appreciate two of my favorite polishes from Sally Hansen. Both are from the Xtreme Wear line and I have loved them for a long time.

Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Xtreme Wear (in "Blue It" and "Strawberry Icing")

Blurb: Xtreme strength plus shine. Match your manicure to your mood! Fun, trendy shades - collect them all and change your nail polish as often as you like! Easy grip, easy glide brush designed for complete control. Available in 30 of the hottest, most wanted shades. Special Ingredients: Bioactive Glass bonds to nail proteins to give a hard manicure that lasts up to 7 days!

Xtreme Wear is one of the best things ever to come from Sally Hansen. Edgy colors, a great brush, and a spectacular formula that has tons of shine and lasts like you wouldn't believe. A really great combo in my book.

Two of my favorite colors (ever!) are from this line.

"Blue it" is a deep royal blue with lots of electric shimmer. It's edgy and modern, but it's also pretty and flattering (especially on my toes).

"Strawberry Icing" is the other "extreme." A super pretty, sweet, yummy, sparkly pink. It makes my fingers and toes look almost edible.

Sally Hansen consistently combines high quality products with budget-friendliness. I'm thinking of picking up a bottle of "Black Out" for Halloween (or just to get a new shade). It's also easy to find – drugstores, grocery stores, Target, Ulta,, and just about anywhere else you can think of.

Happy Friday (and Boss' Day)!

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