Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Masked Blogger III: Elemis Tri-Enzyme Resurfacing Gel Mask (review)

Once again, it's time for another weekly "Mask" installment. Since the opera I'm in is called "A Masked Ball" (Un Ballo In Maschera), I decided to feature some kind of mask each week until the performance. (I'm sure you're no longer surprised at my proclivity for cheesy tie-ins and segue ways.)

Because of my voice type (low and loud), I get to play really over the top characters (versus the fragile, love-sick maiden). I'm usually the witch, the old gypsy, etc. It's pretty cool. I also wear a ton of stage makeup to make me look old, fierce, weathered, strange, etc. Now it's pretty cool to wear scary, freaky makeup and costumes, but it is not cool for my skin. Heavy stage makeup is not kind to girly complexions. Since heavy duty skin care is in order, I figured this would be a great time/excuse to talk about an awesome Mask from Elemis Skin Care.

Tri-Enzyme Resurfacing Gel Mask

Blurb: Your take-home facial with tri-enzyme technology. This innovative, active gel-mask instantly smoothes and firms the skin for a younger, more radiant complexion. Retexturising enzymes smooth out skin’s surface. Targets uneven skin texture, fine lines and blemishes. Balances the skin’s pH levels leaving it shine free.

Now to be truthful, I don't just save this mask for when I'm performing. I've been using it pretty regularly these days. I got one a while back and it's become a staple. No wonder - it's an exceptional mask. I apply the gel, wait and rinse. There is a very strong tingling at first (and I usually wait until the tingling is completely gone before rinsing). Afterwards, my skin feels refreshed, balanced and smooth (without feeling dry or tight). And my skin literally glows. Over time, it seems like my skin has also smoothed out and my pores have diminished. This is really powerful stuff.

I've been so impressed with this mask, that I'm thinking of trying out some of the other Tri-Enzyme products. The website has lots of other interesting lines too. Even though I've only tried one item; my impression is that this is a company with exceptional products that really deliver. Take a look at their gifts, body care and check out the latest news and offers.

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