Wednesday, October 28, 2009

From the Lipstick Files: Du Wop Private Red (review and sale)

My lipstick obsession has remained strong throughout the summer and well into fall. Especially my obsession for red lipsticks. In fact, my friend Nancy had to actually talk me out of buying yet another one when we were at the mall. I was starting to think that I had reached my limit, and didn't need anymore. That is until DuWop decided to put out a new…red…lipstick.

Private Red

Blurb: DuWop has unlocked something new! Private Red, a color-changing lipstick that morphs into each woman's personal red, is the first of its kind to transform a single red shade into an endless variety of hues. This silky lipstick goes on smooth, and the rich pigment changes within five minutes to leave behind the ultimate perfect red. Private Red's proprietary formula includes a blend of three naturally derived pigments - annatto, hibiscus, and henna - and the technology behind the classic “mood lipsticks” of the seventies to provide a vibrant red shade that adapts to suit each individual's coloring. Annatto lends a rich pigment base, while hibiscus flowers offer gentle antiseptic properties, and henna leaves behind a long-lasting stain. Additional hydrating ingredients such as beeswax, caster oil and Vitamin E keep the lip color lightweight and emollient. Red is a stunning classic, but it can be the hardest to wear. Private Red offers a provocative answer to the question, “what is my best shade of red?” without the hassle of selecting the perfect shade from amongst an endless sea of choices. Private Red is available in an ENDLESS variety of shades.

Just when I think my obsession for red lipstick has run its course; they…pull…me…back…in! This lipstick promises to morph into each person's perfect shade of red. How could I possibly resist? (Answer to rhetorical question: "There was no way I could resist.")

I can't vouch for each person, but it sure worked for this particular person (aka: me). The color looked a little orangey when it went on; but within a couple of seconds, the shade changed slightly and looked exactly right for my complexion. The formula is smooth, creamy and has a soft shine. It also wears pretty well. And even though it isn't super long lasting, it leaves a really gorgeous stain that does last a long time.

DuWop is available on the website, as well as places like Sephora and Urban Outfitters.


If you want to do some early holiday shopping (or just buy a bunch of cool stuff for yourself); DuWop's big sale event (on their website) is this Friday (10/30) and Saturday (10/31). For two days only, you can take 31% off your entire order (enter code: "SPPRITS" at checkout)!


  1. It's a gorgeous shade of red, I would love to do the whole red lips, dark eyes look but for some reason I can't find a shade of red to suit me!

  2. If you want something with a little less pink, you might try YSL Opium Red. Besame has one that has more cooler tones (Red Velvet).

    Gee, maybe I should do a "Reds" recap.