Monday, October 12, 2009

Monday Musings: Olay Regenerist (review)

I wish I could come up with a clever connection between "Regenerist" and Columbus Day. But…can't. Nada.

Maybe something about how I spent yesterday re-charging my batteries for the coming week? You know, "regenerating?" Okay, not super clever, but I'll take it. I am working today and my brain is already full.

Anyway, products from Olay don't really need my cleverness. Especially the Regenerist line. The awards and fab reviews are already impressive without my little tie-ins. I checked out a couple of products from this line, and now I fully understand what all the raves are about.

Regenerist Regenerating Serum

Blurb: Regenerist Regenerating Serum uses a highly concentrated form of our amino-peptide + B3 complex combined with Olay moisture. It visibly regenerates skin's appearance and leaves skin feeling velvety-smooth. Suitable for everyday use for normal, dry and combination skin. The results? Hydrates for firmer, visibly lifted, younger-looking skin without drastic measures. Instantly the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles is softened and skin's texture is improved. Over time your skin will be visibly firmer and more elastic.

The first thing I noticed about this serum was the smooth, velvety feel. It goes on beautifully and sits very well under makeup. It instantly made my face look smoother and also created a bit of a soft-focus glow. This would actually make an amazing primer…a "super" primer with an amino peptide complex.

Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream

Blurb: The result of over 50 years of Olay research, this luxurious cream has the highest concentration of our signature amino-peptide complex infused with intracellular fortifier and a touch of precious marine proteins. Intracellular hydration regenerates volume and shape across skin's 10 million surface cells, progressively lifting and micro-sculpting to help: firm sagging-prone areas, even the jaw line, smooth skin's surface, and restore elasticity.

This cream is soothing and creamy without being greasy. I've been using it for the past few weeks and my face is hydrated, softer and smoother. And some of my little lines definitely seem less noticeable. It's an Allure Readers’ Choice and CEW Beauty winner. And rightly so…it's awesome.

The entire Regenerist line is sold on the Olay website, drugstores like CVS and Walgreens, and sites like On the website, you can also join Club Olay and learn about special offers and samples. And right now, I recommend checking out the Free Anti-Aging Eye Roller Offer.

Yesterday, I "felt appreciation for a person whose charms I’ve become numb to."
Saturday, I “made it a little more difficult for people to have me pegged.”

The List
Change your password.
Take a different way home.
Ask a question you've never asked.
Dream up a new nickname for yourself.
Choose a new lucky number.
Change the way you tell the story about an important event in your past.
Make it a little more difficult for people to have you pegged.
Eat a type of food you've never tried.
Do the research necessary to discover why one of your opinions may be wrong.
Add a new step to your grooming ritual.
Feel appreciation for a person whose charms you've become numb to.
Surprise yourself at least once a day.

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