Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Masked Blogger IV: Kronos Phyx Overnight Hair Repair Masque (review)

Here's my fourth “mask” installment*. Last night we had our first dress rehearsal and I got to see the actual masks that the other characters wear. I also got to see a lot of normally sane artists (myself included) begin to completely unravel and stress out. Music is so uplifting!

Anyway, back to the pretty part. If you read only one of my mask-related posts, this should be it (so far). Today I’m reviewing a hair mask from Kronos Hair Care.

Blurb: How old is your hair? Hair aging is not just a result of your age in years. There are many factors that cause hair to age, often prematurely — from environmental stressors that strip hair of its color and shine, to styling tools that leave hair dry, fragile and damaged. As a result, even the hair of a 20 year old can look aged beyond its biological years. Bring your hair back to its natural state. Restore youthful body, brilliance and fullness - for hair that looks amazing today ... and tomorrow. Experience hair that defies time.

Kronos has an entire line of products dedicated to “age-corrective” hair care. In other words, they aim to reverse some of the ravages of time and outside stressors that might make our hair seem “old.” Since I have treated my poor hair to many, many “outside stressors,” I was pretty eager to try a little correcting.

Phyx Overnight Repair Masque

Blurb: This incredible treatment formula works overnight to repair, condition and replenish damaged hair. It renews and repairs with expertly blended ingredients, resulting in silkier, shinier locks. It also helps to enhance color for a richer and more vibrant hue. Damaged, dry or unmanageable hair becomes healthy, soft and resilient. Repairs damaged hair, deeply conditioning, softens and smoothes, enhances shine, promotes rich, vibrant color.

This is an overnight mask. You work it through your hair in the evening, leave it in while you sleep, and then rinse out in the morning. I liked that this mask wasn’t gooey or greasy (and didn’t leave goop on my pillow). I’m not 100% sure I understand all the science and philosophy behind their products; however, I do understand that my hair LOVED this Masque. This product made an immediate difference the first time I used it; and over the weeks, my hair became…better. Softer, shinier, prettier, more manageable – that kind of better.

Now I’m dying to check out some of their other products - especially the conditioners. As always, I suggest you visit the website. Check out the shop section, and read about the five signs of aging hair. Kronos products are also available at HSN, and

*Since the opera I'm in is called "A Masked Ball" (Un Ballo In Maschera), I decided to write about some kind of mask each week until the performance.



  1. I love phyx! It's really improved my hair tremendously since i got it in my Beautyfix kit! This is a great blog post

  2. Amen! I can't believe what a difference it made. That beautyfix kit was worth it for the phyx alone!