Saturday, October 10, 2009

More Saturday Simplicity: Africa’s Best Ultimate Herbal Oil (review)

Last Saturday I wrote about some of my simple, cheap and good favorites. And I left something out. Sometimes a product becomes so familiar that I stop noticing it – which is what happened with today’s item. So in the interests of blog thoroughness, I bring you...

Africa's Best Ultimate Herbal Oil (with Ginseng)

Blurb: Professional formula. For bath, body, hair, and scalp - A blend of penetrating natural oils. Professional strength product designed for use in the home and salon. A blend of light penetrating natural oils enriched with vitamins and African herbs. Helps eliminate dry itchy scalp.

This is one of the most thoroughly useful products I've ever come across. It's a great body moisturizer – especially fabulous for feet, elbows and knees. It sinks in quickly and leaves skin soft and supple. It’s an excellent cuticle oil and a fine a hair oil (especially when I need to calm frizzies or dry ends quickly). It has a lovely fragrance, and makes a divine bath oil and/or foot soak. In a pinch, it’s a pretty good shaving oil, and it's also a great post-shaving skin soother. Because I’m prone to breakouts, I haven’t tried it on my face; but I’m betting it also works well there too.

The ingredients are straight forward and natural. Ingredients like soy bean oil, walnut oil, kiwi extract, olive oil, castor oil, sesame, jojoba and ginseng. A bottle lasts forever and costs about $2-3 for eight ounces!

I can’t believe I left this out of my post last Saturday. But I am glad I remembered within the week. doesn’t carry it anymore; but it’s available all over the place (including places like and Walgreens).

Have a great weekend!

Yesterday, I "took a different way home."

The List
Change your password.
Take a different way home.
Ask a question you've never asked.
Dream up a new nickname for yourself.
Choose a new lucky number.
Change the way you tell the story about an important event in your past.
Make it a little more difficult for people to have you pegged.
Eat a type of food you've never tried.
Do the research necessary to discover why one of your opinions may be wrong.
Add a new step to your grooming ritual.
Feel appreciation for a person whose charms you've become numb to.
Surprise yourself at least once a day.

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