Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Masked Blogger (Part Last): Mask Sheets from THEFACESHOP (review)

Since the opera is tomorrow, this will be the last of my opera/beauty tie-in’s…for now (cue ominous music). I had only planned to do one mask per week; but then I got my hands on more cool stuff from THEFACESHOP.

This Korean company launched their U.S. website a while back; but you've probably also seen their goodies at Walgreens. They get their inspiration from nature, and develop products according to three core concepts: “naturalism, value and variety.” Products are manufactured with ingredients like flowers, grains, fruits, glacial water(!) and herbs. Some of their most popular items are the mask sheets. I tried out two.

Pearl Essential Mask Sheet (For Clearer Skin)

Blurb: A pearl mask sheet for clearer skin. What is Pearl? A rare, precious stone rich in calcium which helps illuminate, clarify and hydrate lackluster skin. The concentrations of pearl in this gentle mask sheet are effectively absorbed to clarify and refine skin.

Collagen Essential Mask Sheet (For Firm, Hydrated Skin)

Blurb: A collagen mask sheet for firm, hydrated skin. What is collagen? An essential factor in the strength and elasticity of skin, collagen constitutes over 90% of deeper dermal layers and is responsible for keeping skin firm and hydrated resulting in smoother facial contours. The concentrations of collagen in this gentle mask sheet are effectively absorbed into skin to leave it firm and hydrated.

This is great way to add some pampering to your skincare routine. Open the package, lay the mask over your face, relax, and let it go to work. After about 15-20 minutes, you simply remove the mask and rub any remaining product into your skin.

The Pearl mask had a light scent and felt very refreshing on my skin. I was worried that there would be tightness or irritation, but instead my skin felt refreshed and hydrated. The Collagen mask was very soothing. It had a light pretty scent and felt cool and creamy. And afterwards, my face was balanced, hydrated and a little glowy.

I love the whole idea of these masks (as well as the masks themselves). They’re luxurious mini-spa retreats that are also simple, quick and affordable (two masks cost about $5.00). They’re great for travel; and a bundle of these tied with a ribbon would make a nice little gift.

The new website has the entire (huge!) selection of masks (Vita, Imperial Herbs and Cereal to name a few), and tons of other cool stuff. Or if you want to browse, you can also check them out at Walgreens.

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