Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Masked Blogger II: La Mer The Hydrating Facial (review)

This week's "Mask" opera/beauty tie-in* is all about La Mer. All my running around and schedule craziness means that when I do have some down time, I am making the most of it by pampering the u-know-what out of myself (and getting caught up on TV).

The Hydrating Facial

Blurb: A sumptuous spa-like facial that saturates the skin with signature Hydrating Ferments to reawaken the appearance of youth.

Short version for those of you who are also very busy: this mask completely rocks.

Longer version: The mask comes in two parts (one for the upper part of the face and one for the lower). You open the packets, unfold each part of the mask and lay it over your face. Then you rest for eight minutes (loved that!), remove the mask and rub the remaining product into your skin.

Like a good girl, I followed the instructions (especially the resting); and when I was all done, I had a smooth, pampered, soft, soothed, hydrated happy little face! I even liked walking around with the mask on (very spa like). Everything about using this mask is lavish and indulgent…and you can be lavished and indulged in under 15 minutes!

If you take a look at the website, you can browse all the goodies while learning about joining La Mer in the fight against breast cancer.

*The whole Mask/Opera tie-in explanation can be found here.


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