Friday, October 2, 2009

Bathing Beauties: Kat Burki Bath and Body (review)

Kat Burki is mainly known for luxury home furnishings and accessories; but they also have some elegant bath and body collections. Today I'm reviewing a couple of (great) products.

But first…I need to take a moment to appreciate THE CHAIR. I have been in hot freaky love with this chair ever since I saw it on their website. Really, just look at it.

Okay, thank you for participating in chair appreciation time with me. Now on to the personal pretty…

White Tea Beauty Bar

Blurb: The crisp and clean scent of White Tea leaves the skin subtly scented, and ultra soft. Top Note: Pine, Middle Note: Mandarin, Base Note: Palmarosa; with white tea extract. Made with saponified oils of olive, coconut, and palm. Organic.

This is a gorgeous body bar. It's pure white, lathery, luscious goodness. And the blurb is absolutely correct about the scent. It's a lovely, clean, and very subtle fragrance. It lathered well and left my skin soft and clean. It comes in a beautiful little box (highly giftable) and really feels like a treat.

Body Crèmes

The Body Crèmes were also a huge treat. Soft, soothing, hydrating and a really fabulous assortment of scents. There were two that I especially loved. The Freesia and Pink Grapefruit is a bright citrus with a hint of girly freesia. Really fresh and feminine. The Lavender is also excellent – a wonderful balance of sweet and spicy. The other three scents (Eau de Poire et Santal, White Tea and Tuberose) were also lovely.

These body crèmes will be available soon. You can pre-order them, and Kat Burki will have them before the Holiday season arrives. (Any requests for pre-order should go to

I suggest heading to the website to see all the beautiful pics (and listen to the guy singing in French). And if you're doing any serious gift planning; visit the Bath and Body section and check out their towels, robes, candles and sachets.

Happy Friday!


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  2. They sound gorgeous. Thanks for the info!


  3. And the pie, cake and ice cream? Yummmmmm! Thanks for sending this link, Kevin!

  4. Duh. I keep hitting "post comment" before I'm done. If you'd like to talk more about your site/products, you can send me an email too.

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