Tuesday, October 27, 2009

It's Not Saturday: Votre Vu Skincare and Hand Crème (review)

Remember how I told you that I typed my Saturday review and then forgot to publish it? This is the one. It looks like I'm finally getting back on track and things have stopped going "awry" (I don't know why I like that word so much, but I just do).

One of the cool things about trying out new stuff is…trying out new stuff. It's cool. It's new. It's stuff. What's also cool is finding a new company and getting to really check it out. I've had a chance to try out a lot of products lately from Votre Vu. So far, they have really delivered. Luxurious formulas, excellent quality, and way more reasonably priced than their European spa counterparts.

Tout Le Monde Antioxidant Eye Gelée

Blurb: A must for allergy prone, fatigued, overworked, under rested, puffy eyes everywhere. Enjoy the cooling and soothing effects of this fresh, transparent, aqua-blue moisturizing gel. Designed for the most expressive yet fragile part of the face, it hydrates, comforts, soothes and protects. Developed to improve the overall health, moisture level and quality of your skin, it firms, tones and tightens the entire eye area while reducing the depth of fine lines and wrinkles. Dark circles fade away into the sunset and puffiness deflates to reveal sleek, refreshed skin. It even helps make-up to stay put! With so many "super star" elements to mention, the formula list reads like a Who's Who of Successful Ingredients.

My eyes love this. It's very cooling, soothing and refreshing. I've especially appreciated it in the mornings now that the weather is dry. It's very light, absorbs quickly, and still hydrates well. It really does sit well under makeup too.

Portrait Collar Restorative Neck Crème

Blurb: Portrait Collar Neck Crème is wrapped in supporting ingredients that combat sagging tissues, diminish dreadful lines and promote youthful looking skin. The neck area has different hormonal reactors than the face, and as a result, ages faster. It has fewer oil glands and skin is thicker, creating the necessity for a specialized formula dedicated to refining the skin's texture and reinforcing the tissue for a smoother appearance. Marine collagen and elastin strengthen the subcutaneous tissues and promote elasticity. Centella asiatica helps to stimulate collagen and elastin formation while nourishing the collagen fibers beneath dry layers. Vitamin E, beeswax, shea butter, rose hips and ginseng protect this often neglected area and renew its vitality, while jojoba restores softness. The neck crème is richer than face crèmes and has more powerful hormone-stimulating ingredients. This luxurious formula absorbs quickly without leaving a stain or residue. You are now ready for your close-up. Keep Your Chin Up.

I don't have any sagging tissues yet (thank you very much), but I do have very sensitive skin on my neck. It can be a challenge finding anti-aging products that don't cause irritation. Especially in the drier months. I tried a small sample, so don't know what the long term results of using this crème are; but I do know that it has a very lovely feel and fragrance. It absorbed quickly, and left my skin soft and hydrated.

Tarte D'Amande Hand Crème

Blurb: This intoxicating hand crème leaves a soft veil of almond and coconut fragrance lingering on the skin. Beautifully absorbed, this special formula was developed to maintain the health, beauty and suppleness of your hands, while delighting your nose with a decadent aroma. This succulent recipe of nourishing and protecting sunflower, grape seed and jojoba oils combined with moisturizing and healing aloe, wheat proteins and natural sun filters develops into the perfect treat, anytime of the day. You'll never gain an ounce of fat, just one big serving of hydrating heaven! Luxe Hand Crème contains sun filters for UVA/UVB protection to maintain skin tone, while helping protect and keep hands soft, supple and younger looking.

This hand crème has the same amazing fragrance as the lotion I reviewed in September. Really, folks - this smells unbelievably good. It also softens and has some UVA/UVB protection. What's not to love?

If you're interested in trying out a sample; I suggest you send an email to Marianne at Votre Vu (myvglow@yahoo.com) with your name, address and phone number. And once again, I'll advise you to check out all the cool stuff on the website.

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