Saturday, October 31, 2009

Flattery Will Get You Everywhere: Laura Geller Liquid Candlelight (review)

I have completely given up on trying to write a Halloween-themed review today. Lord knows I tried. But I got zip. I’ll just have to leave it to the other bloggers to wow you with clever Halloween tie-ins.

It could be that I’m just too freaked out about my costume. Mainly because this costume currently exists only in my head. I only just decided to dress up, so now I have to either find or make a genie costume to go with my makeup concept. (The whole reason I want to be a genie is because of the makeup.)

Okay, well maybe Halloween has sort of inspired today’s review. While I was rooting around in all my stuff to plan my genie makeup; I realized that I had yet another unsung, unheralded product that is such a staple that I failed to notice it. It’s from Laura Geller.

Liquid Candlelight Face and Body Glow

Blurb: Liquid light for the face and décolleté. There are so many ways to use this versatile face and body glow. Mix it with your moisturizer or blend it into your foundation for a subtle, all-over sheen. Stroke some on after your makeup to highlight your eyes, cheekbones or décolleté. Advanced skin brightener softly enhances skin tone and luminosity. Exclusive "Mineral Complex" provides light-refractive and skin protective properties. Multi-faceted shading brightens up any skin tone. Hypoallergenic, fragrance free, oil free. Stroke some on after your makeup to highlight your eyes, cheekbones or décolleté...wherever sun or moonbeams would strike. Can be worn alone, under, or over a favorite foundation.

This is one of those products I never even thought about. Then I got a sample from Sephora, tried it out and have been using it all the time ever since. It’s one of those perfect, super versatile, super useful products that I want to have forever.

It’s a very thin liquid with a nice luminous shimmer. That’s all. No color, just a sheer wash of shimmer. I usually put it around my eyes for a little bit of a dewy glow. I love it especially when I’m looking little tired at the end of the day. It gives just enough of a subtle boost. I also like using it on my brow bone, or to highlight my cheekbones. It’s a great way to enhance my cupid’s bow (the little indentation above the top lip), and it looks pretty tapped on over my blush. It also looks pretty on décolletage. And it looks pretty tapped on my collarbone. It pretty much just flatters whatever feature you apply it to.

It might seem like an extravagant extra step, but a little bit goes a very, very long way. My tiny sample lasted for a month; and a whole bottle lasts practically forever.

Laura Geller products are available on the website, Sephora,, QVC and

Happy Halloween!

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