Friday, September 25, 2009

More Friday Fabness for Fall …from LUSH

Okay, LUSH has once again come up with spectacular items to herald the change of seasons. Featuring inagredients like BEER, henna and figs.

And beer.

Read (the product with beer is first)…

Fresh for Fall

Looking for new and fresh ways to fall into the harvest season? With the changing climate, LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics has just what you need to prepare your skin and hair for the nippy fall months ahead.

Munich’s Oktoberfest (the unofficial kick-off to the fall and a celebration of all things beer) is one of the most famous events in the world with over 6 million in attendance each year. If you’re stuck in the states, you can bring the beer stein to your bathroom with Cynthia Sylvia Stout Shampoo, made with fresh-brewed Irish Stout to add weight to fluffy hair and smooth down hair cuticles to give locks a mirror-like shine.

While the leaves are turning to vibrant new colors, why not color your hair to match? Go brown, auburn, red or black with LUSH’s Caca Henna Hair Dyes. Each 100% natural henna hair dye glazes hair with a coat of lustrous, glossy color that will last you until winter.

Don’t forget about your skin’s needs – moisture is key to keeping your skin supple in the cold weather. Try Figs and Leaves Soap which feels more like a moisturizer than a soap. Infused with fresh fig fruits, earthy ylang ylang, nourishing aloe vera and scrubbing fig seeds, your skin will be in prime shape to slip into (or out of) your favorite cozy sweater by the fireside.


  1. This store recently came to my fave mall and I was too cheap to buy anything. One day, I'm going to treat myself to something in here.

  2. Totally worth it - their stuff is amazing. And a lot of it is pretty reasonably priced.

    I just like being in the store, though. There isn't one very convenient to me, but I usually stop at the one in New York when I'm there.