Saturday, September 19, 2009

More Saturday Happy Hair: Rejuvenating Serum from Warren Tricomi (review)

Again, after we’re all done looking at the amazing hair from Fashion Week; the time comes when we have to attend to our own hairdos. After Fashion’s Night Out, I decided to try out something from Warren-Tricomi. I’d never tried any of their products, but I've been loving the whole posh vibe of their salons.

Blurb: Joel Warren and Edward Tricomi are legends in the world of hair color and hair styling, respectively. Together however, they are an unrivaled duo whose shared expertise defines hair trends season after season. In their twenty years as partners they have become the go-to hair salon for New York City’s elite, established a network of salons across the country and created the first collection of hair products produced by a colorist and a stylist. It is this collective expertise that is bottled into the duo’s namesake product collection, Warren-Tricomi Haircare. Every formula in the line is created with both their points of view taken into account, resulting in products that address the needs of hair on every conceivable level – from the integrity of its color and texture to the state of its body and shine. In other words, no other line approaches hair care as thoroughly, with such passion for and knowledge of hair than Warren-Tricomi.

For the last six days, I used the Rejuvenating Serum

Blurb: An intensely healing serum for all hair types. Rejuvenating Serum renews and restores damaged and unhealthy hair. A nano-technology delivery system transports a slew of nourishing ingredients to correct and prevent damage. Vitamins A and E protect with antioxidants while conditioning, aloe hydrates and calms the hair, and rosemary provides calcium and vitamin B6 for improved strength and vitality. The hair becomes healthier, easier to manage and youthful in both shine and softness.

Folks, it works! Six days of this serum made a noticeable difference in my hair. More softness, shine and prettier curls. Even the ends (in desperate need of a trim) looked better. And somehow my hair looks better first thing in the morning. !!

And it's super easy to use. Each day after shampooing/conditioning, I opened up an ampule, worked it through my hair, then dried/styled as usual. That’s it! It’s recommended that this be used once a month. I’m thinking I may want to follow this recommendation.

As always, I recommend you check out the website and browse all of the other fab products and tools. You can buy their products online and at sites like and

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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