Tuesday, September 29, 2009

More Tuesday TLC: Jurlique Rose Hand Cream (review)

Yesterday was actually a little windy and chilly...and today is actually a little windy and chilly. I'm still grimly holding on to my summer wardrobe; but I realize that sandal time is nearly over. On the plus side, it also means saying goodbye to my makeup nemesis: humidity. And it's also the time to have various moisturizers strategically placed so they're available throughout the day. Since I cleaned out my bag yesterday, I'm starting with something for that – a really spectacular hand cream from Jurlique.

Rose Hand Cream

Blurb: A rich protective hand cream, rich in the living energy of rose, calendula and viola, to deeply moisturize and restore smoothness, leaving hands feeling soft and supple.

This fabulous (fabulous!) cream is thick and rich, but absorbs immediately with no greasy residue (meaning no goop on my keyboard or steering wheel). It’s very soothing, moisturizing and really lasts. My hands feel soft, soft, soft. The fragrance is lovely – it actually smells like flowers instead of perfume. It comes in a perfect, slim tube for a handbag (and it’s also a great overnight hand softener).

Hand cream is where I usually get a little extra fancy. If I’m having a rough, rushed or difficult day, it’s nice to take out something really luxurious and soothing. And a small tube of really nice hand cream is pampering but doesn't stress the budget.

For anyone who wants to go all out; Jurlique has a Rose Body Care Lotion, Body Oil and Shower Gel. And Jasmine scented products are coming on October 5.

Happy Tuesday!

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