Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Attack of the Giant Fuzzball

Those of you who live in the desert and have stick-straight hair can pretty much ignore this post. Or you can read this and have deep, sorrowful compassion for those of us who battle…FRIZZ.

I love my curly hair. But I do not love the frizz factor that comes with it. And when summer humidity kicks in, my hair goes way beyond frizz and becomes a Giant Fuzzball.

So. Not. Pretty.

In the next few weeks, I'll be testing out some new hair products (and I'll be sure to let you know how it goes). In the meantime, I can tell you about two products that have already impressed the heck out of me.

Carol's Daughter Hair Milk

Blurb: This light, fast-absorbing lotion for the hair is made with essential oil of lemongrass to stimulate natural oil production. Vitamins C and E provide an antioxidant boost while a hint of lily of the valley fragrance perfumes hair beautifully. Hair Milk is ideal for defining natural curls and giving hair loads of shine and bounce. Lemongrass stimulates scalp circulation and adds luster to dull hair. Sweet almond oil, a natural nut oil that is high in fatty acids and easily absorbed by the scalp.

A little dab will do ya! And I mean a little! But it will definitely calm the frizzies without making your hair crunchy. I put a tiny bit (tiny!) through my hair when it starts to get puffy and my hair calms right back down. Lately I've been keeping some in my bag.

Phytospecific Integral Hair Care
Blurb: This leave-in mist replenishes moisture and detangles as it adds soft definition and light hold. It's infused with Phyto's exclusive Wood II Complex based on hordeum pulp, philodendron bark, and sandalwood bark to enhance the hair's natural protective barriers and improve elasticity. Red algae extract helps to replenish, repair, and smooth the hair shaft, while wheat protein provides protection against heat (blow-drying and hot ironing).

Love this! I spritz it on my hands and then rub through my hair in the morning. It not only softens and prevents frizz, it also helps define my curls. And it makes my hair soft instead of stiff or sticky.

Giant Fuzzball, you have met your match(es)!

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