Thursday, September 24, 2009

More Caviar: Laura Mercier Caviar Eyeliner in “Midnight” (review)

So yesterday it was caviar for the body. Today it's caviar for the eye from Laura Mercier.

Caviar Eye Liner (in "Midnight")

Blurb: Laura Mercier Caviar Eye Liner is an innovative semi-crème eye liner with a velvet matte finish that delivers long-lasting pure colour with a rich texture similar to the Laura Mercier Kohl Eye Pencils. Perfect for creating a classic, smudged line or smoky eyes. Mistake-proof formula never drops colour onto the cheek or face. Use dry for a smoky look.

Now my optometrist* would shoot me for saying this; but this is the best formula ever (ever!) for tightlining. (Note: I'm not recommending this.) Since I wear contacts, I know I shouldn't tightline; but sometimes I can't resist a cool, squinty bad-girl eye. And this liner goes on easily, dries quickly and doesn't irritate. Of course I only use an immaculately clean brush. But once again, I am not recommending – just describing.

Anyway, even if you never followed my bad example, you would be thrilled with this liner. For a liner junkie, it's a must-have. I wish it came in more colors because the formula is unique and fabulous. I use a wet brush and get inky, flawlessly smooth, saturated color (matte) that stays for absolutely ever. I also get a really clean line. (And a dry brush produces a smudgy, smoky look.)

Right now, the website has a great Foundation Primer Offer (3 days only - receive a free .5 oz Foundation Primer (0.5 fl.oz.) with any $40 purchase, and receive a travel-size deluxe and full-size Foundation Primer with any $80 purchase).

* My optometrist is a wonderful doctor, but hates all eye makeup. I once had to listen to a dreary speech about the evils of bacteria-laden mascara at a check up. Then he praised me for not being one of those people that wears eyeliner inside the lashes. Oh the guilt!

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