Saturday, August 22, 2009

Yee to the Haw: Urban Decay Midnight Cowboy Body Shimmer Lotion (review)

Good news for me: I finally found a car and it is parked outside my apartment. Good news for you: You won’t have to read about my car situation any more. Everybody wins!

Since my automotive drama coincided with a review of Urban Decay, it seems only fitting that UD be present at the conclusion. Today I am returning the rental car and then all is ready for life to go on (yah to the hoo).

Midnight Cowboy Body Shimmer Lotion

Blurb: We all know it: Mini skirts, halters, and bikinis look better with hydrated, radiant skin. Enter Midnight Cowboy Shimmer Body Lotion! Inspired by our best-selling Eyeshadow, this shimmering lotion is a veil of gold dust that leaves you looking like a million bucks. Midnight Cowboy contains the perfect amount of light reflecting micro-sparkles, but never looks juvenile, chunky, or theatrical. The beautiful sheen is subtle enough to wear to the beach, and glamorous enough to enhance your little black dress.

The light, paraben-free formula leaves skin soft with Aloe, Chamomile, and Avocado and Jojoba Oils. Vitamin E and Green Tea Extract serve as powerful antioxidants. The lotion dries down completely to velvety softness – no greasy hands. And the scent is to die for: the subtle milk-and-honey scent is soothing and sweet. Worn alone, it's a delectable scent, but it’s not powerful enough to clash with your signature fragrance.

The big squeeze tube allows for countless applications, and looks waaaaay prettier in your medicine cabinet than your giant drugstore lotion.

I don’t even know how I have the nerve to add to UD’s fabulous blurbs. They truly rock the blurbage. But, I’ll try…this lotion softens, smells verrry sexy and makes your neck, legs, shoulders, arms, décolletage, etc. look shimmery and gorgeous. It’s yet more “Beauty with an Edge.” Shimmery beauty with an edge. Shimmery beauty with an edge that makes your skin soft and causes you to smell good (with an edge). Nuff sed.

Have a great weekend (with an edge).

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