Friday, August 21, 2009

Friday Fun: Play With Makeup - Estée Lauder Virtual Makeover Widget

Just got some info from Estée Lauder about the new virtual makeover widget. Wouldn't this be the exact perfect day to blow off all your boring "to do" items and play with this instead? Begin your reading…now.

New State-Of-The-Art Technology Shows Customers Shopping Online
How Estée Lauder Makeup Products Will Look On Them!

Let’s Play Makeover! Estée Lauder announces the launch of the Estée Lauder Virtual Makeover Widget – the first-ever branded makeup widget of its kind that allows online customers see how makeup products will look on their own face before buying.

Users can download the Estée Lauder Virtual Makeover Widget to their social media page or desktop and upload their own photo to see what shades work best for them. A provided image of Estée Lauder model Hilary Rhoda is also available. From finding the right foundation and lipstick to discovering your best blush and eyeliner, the possible looks one can try are endless!

The state-of-the-art technology enables users to play with the Estée Lauder makeup collection, customize looks product by product or instantly apply ‘one click looks’ from current advertising campaigns and new color collections. From the shimmer of an eyeshadow to the wet shine of a lipgloss, online shoppers can now realistically visualize and experience the Estée Lauder makeup line.

“In today’s online arena consumers want to engage and interact with people, companies and brands, and the Estée Lauder Virtual Makeover Widget allows us to do so in a new and exciting way. The widget will be updated continually with the newest makeup products, special promotions and updates to keep users engaged and informed about the Estée Lauder brand,” said Elana Drell Szyfer, Senior Vice President of Global Marketing for Estée Lauder.

Estée Lauder worked with to create the most realistic visual experience for users. The innovative computer vision techniques identify areas where makeup products should be properly applied to realistically contour the makeup to the shape of the face – now for the first time ever customers will know what the product shades online will look like when applied at home. Users are able to see not only the color, but also the finish and coverage of each product on their face before making a purchase.

To download the Estée Lauder Virtual Makeover Widget to your desktop or social media page visit or the Estée Lauder Facebook page at

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