Wednesday, August 26, 2009

More Candy: Stila Lips (review)

I heart the internet. I heart the mail. I went online found the most fabulous organizer to tame my ridiculous crazy out of control collection of lip sticks and glosses. Take a look at the Acrylic Organizer from Acrylic Home Design.

Huh? Yeah? Are ya feelin it? I ordered two and they arrived yesterday and now every damn lip product I own is organized and tidy. I pretty much blew everything off and sat around organizing my vanity for most of the evening (glamorous). Now it's like there's a little candy box with all the pretty colors organized and visible.

While I was at it, I took time and try out (and revisit) some lip sticks and glosses from Stila.

Long Wear Lip Color

Blurb: The next revolution in lip wear is here! A lipstick and lip gloss all in one that boasts extended wear while keeping lips feeling soft and smooth - never dry. The secret is a blend of patent-pending polymers that provide long-lasting wear with rich pigment that glides on like your favorite gloss. The tip of the pen is contoured to provide easy, precise application - hugging every curve of your lip.

These are a great cross between a gloss and stick. They feel really lovely and soft on the lips and have better than expected staying power. Nice fragrance too. Some favorites are "Paramour" (a medium brick red) and "Rendezvous" (a brownish red with a bit of shimmer). Both Paramour and Rendezvous are pretty highly pigmented. "Darling" is a pale, pearly pink. Very demure.

Lip Glaze Stick

Blurb: Available in the same flavors and hues as our popular stila lip glazes, these pencil-like sticks come in the same rich, moisturizing formula that your lips love. A high level of pearl in each shade has upped the shimmer factor for a luminous pout.

Something else from the Land of Really Good Ideas. If you're a fan of the regular lip glazes, you will want to add a few of these to your collection. They're convenient and precise like a pencil, but shiny and sheer like the glazes. The formula is actually more emollient than the regular lip glazes and glides on easily. Great for your bag, because you can take one out and apply a quick swoosh any time. "Peach" looks like a bright coral in the package, but on the lips it’s a delicate peach. "Fruit Punch" is my new favorite pink. It looks sweet and sexy and has lots of shimmer (kind of innocent, but kind of not). BTW: These are seriously on sale right now and I am planning to snap up a bunch!

Lip Color

Blurb: Available in three formulas: creme, shimmer, and sheer, Stila Lip Color glides on smoothly, stays true to color and stays put. Packaged in a durable, aluminum tube designed to stand up to the harshest conditions - so there's no need to handle with care! Just toss one (or two) into your bag and go.

Now we’re talking bona fide lipsticks! Yeah! Tons of great colors and formulas. "Pixie" is a creamy pale mauve/tan. It has a great hip 60’s vibe to it (rock this with a dramatic cat eye). "Jo" is a lovely sheer plum: not too light, not too dark…just right.

High Shine Lip Color

Blurb: Stila takes lips to a whole new level with high shine lip color. The incredibly buttery soft formula feels like silk across your lips, adding intense shine to seductively sheer color. Your lips never looked so sexy and they never felt so luscious!

Also on sale right now! Really soft and shiny. My suggestion is "Micaela," a sheer, shimmery tangerine. Looks great on its own or layered over another color.

SPF 20 Shine Lip Color

Blurb: SPF 20 shine lip color, is packed with healthy ingredients to beautify lips both inside and out. Vitamins A, C and E deliver maximum antioxidant protection, while rich vegetable-bases oils provide lightweight moisturization for the softest, smoothest lips. This smooth, sheer formula provides a perfect shimmery sheen and is available in eight luscious shades. The vanilla-scented formula is guaranteed to make mouths extra kissable.

This is one of those perfect summer things to have with you at all times. Beautiful shiny color with SPF protection. Great to put on when you're anywhere outside and want to look great and protect your lips. My favorite is "Tina," a sheer copper that gives my lips a little bronzy sheen.

Don't forget to visit the website and check out the Stila specials page (I repeat: some of the products mentioned above are on sale). I am pondering my purchases right now (also craving the Barbie Love Stila smudgepots).


  1. How long did it take to receive the organizer from Acrylic Home Design? (from time of order to time of receipt, if you remember)

  2. I think it took about a week? It's been a while, though. I don't remember having any issues or trouble though.