Friday, November 12, 2010

Hair Care Friday: NEW Samy Fat Foam Hair Color (rave review)

Wow…it’s finally Friday. It seems like last weekend was about a million years ago; and I am soooo happy that a brand new weekend has arrived. Speaking of brand new…I’m even happier to feature today’s new exceptional hair care product. From Samy.

Fat Foam Hair Color

Blurb: Even Coverage From Roots to Ends! No-mistake hand application provides even distribution, especially to those hard-to-reach areas such as the back of the head. No dry spots, it’s so simple. 100% Gray Coverage! Long lasting, rich color that covers gray completely with less application time. Conditions & Shines! Formulated with soy protein to leave your hair looking smooth, healthy, shiny and youthful. Less Mess! Non-drip whipped foam means the color wraps every strand, stays in place, and won’t drip.

Hair color is a very personal thing. I color my hair at home; and it takes a lot to get me to stray from my “usual.” But I just may have found a new “usual.” This product is that good.

From start to finish, Fat Foam worked better than any at-home color I’ve ever used. I poured color powder and a liquid into a large, plastic cup with a domed lid. I closed the lid and shook for about a minute, and the mixture turned into a foam. Then I used my (gloved) hands to apply the foam to my hair. It was amazingly easy. The foam turns to liquid on contact, and I completely covered every single bit of hair in just under 8 minutes. I’ve never gotten it done that quickly.

The processing time was 40 minutes (I have dark hair with lots of gray), so I used a shower cap to cover everything and prevent any drips. The package contains packets of both shampoo and conditioner; so I rinsed then washed and conditioned. The shampoo made excellent lather and rinsed easily. The conditioner was rich; and after I rinsed, my hair was soft and tangle-free.

The results were thoroughly fabulous. I used “Medium Reddish Brown” (a lovely, deep auburn). My hair was soft and shiny, the color was even, and the grey coverage was superior to anything I’ve ever tried. I was completely wowed. It’s been over a week since I colored, and there has been almost no fading – which is amazing with reds. The color isn’t identical to the one I’ve been mixing myself for the past few years; but it’s pretty close. And I’m so impressed with the formula that I’m thinking of switching to Samy for good. A++!

You can check out the other colors on the website – and even order directly (there’s free shipping with any purchase over $50). There’s also a where to buy page if you want to browse the colors in person.

Happy Friday Everyone!

(ftc disclosure: sample/product received from manufacturer or representative)


  1. hey! soo i have yet to try this product and i was wondering if you have any before and after pictures! i just bought it today but i am kinda scared to use!my highlighted hair is a medium brown and my roots are growing out, my natural hair is almost black!


  2. Hi there! I don't have any before and after pics, sorry to say! And even though I think this is a great product - I ended up switching over to Henna to color my hair.

    Good luck, though!