Wednesday, December 8, 2010

All Softened Up: Four Truffles Earth Apple™ Body Butter (review)

Or should I say “all buttered up?” Nah…that sounds weird. I’ll stick with “softened.”

After a very restless morning; someone sent me a nice note full of wonderful thoughts and ideas that made me cheerful for the rest of the afternoon. I love when that happens! A lovely image or two can sometimes make all the difference.

And now that my restless demeanor has softened. I think it’s only fitting that I feature something to soften up everything else. From Four Truffles.

Four Truffles has their own way of making things better. Besides creating wonderful body products, the company is committed to empowering women and children throughout the world. They source their organic 4T PDN Complex™ ingredients from female-operated cooperatives in Morocco and West Africa and then donate 10 percent of sales profits directly to women and children’s charities.

Earth Apple™ Body Butter

Blurb: FourTruffles all-natural luxuriously rich and creamy whipped Body Butter deeply hydrates, rejuvenates and binds moisture to skin. The sweet, simple scent from the first bite of an apple awakens skin and senses to a fresh start. The fruity Earth Apple aroma, ideal for both men and women, is known to evoke energy and feelings of love and happiness. Four Truffles Body Butter melts into skin to provide long lasting hydration and helps restore skin to a more youthful appearance with the 4T PDN Complex.

The first three ingredients are water, aloe and shea butter. Other ingredients include argan, olive and coconut oils. I was pretty sure I was going to like this, and I was absolutely right.

It has a luxurious whipped texture, and a lovely fresh apple scent (with a hint of coconut). It melted into my skin right away. There was no stickiness or greasiness, but my skin stayed hydrated all day. I especially noticed its staying power on my elbows and knees. Yummy.

This body butter is also available in a purse-sized tube. And if you’re thinking of giving it as a gift; right now it comes in a gorgeous limited edition 2oz. wooden apple-shaped jar.

Take a look at their website and learn more about how they create meaningful beauty. If you buy any 6.2oz Body Butter, Four Truffles will donate $4 to Bridges of Hope. You can also check out their blog and sign up for their their newsletter (you’ll receive a $4 coupon). Four Truffles can also be found at Dermstore.

(ftc disclosure: purchased myself)


  1. Four Truffles prices are a little more then for instance bath and body works. Four truffles support women whose socioeconomic status is lower due to location & lack of education or country economy ie: areas of Africa. So buying these products help to empower women and also support their families. When you look at the price and say 'ouch', if we remember we are trying to support one another, it may be a little easier on the wallet. Thanks for the AWESOME review ; )