Thursday, December 23, 2010

Worth A Thousand Words…Holiday Fun From Our Sponsors!

I’m getting ready to head on out west to see my family, so I won’t be posting until just before the New Year. Just in case the holiday stress is getting a little intense, here are a few funny vintage ads that made me smile. Enjoy!

This ad proves that some things are timeless. What could be more homey and festive than twinkling electric holiday lights? And by all means, let the baby play with them!

These ads always crack me up. Of course “Mom” wants Tupperware for Christmas! Don’t let those beauty mongers convince you otherwise!

Again…more proof that women dream of nothing but household tasks all year long. (This advertisement also confirms that Mrs. Santa was a total hottie back in the day.)

And lest you think only American women live for domestic chores, check out this ad from “across the pond.”

Okay…now we’re talking. She just got a Cadillac for Christmas! You know why? Because her food is stored properly, her husband’s shirts are perfectly ironed, and the rugs in her home are immaculate!

Occasionally, it’s one of those Christmases where everyone already has everything they need. What to do? Matching family pajamas! Don’t “Dad” and “Brother” look “neat” wearing pink? If the boss stops by, Dad could be in for some serious ribbing at the water cooler. But Brother had better hope none of the kids from school pay a visit…or he’s toast for the rest of the school year.

The next year, “Mom” wised up and everyone got…FIREARMS! Way to go, Mom!

Boys and girls, ignore all those people who tell you to stay in school and work hard. This is how you get to be president!

Speaking of celebrity endorsements…I wonder if they had the same power as they do nowadays. This may have been the year that a nation full of confused loved ones heard faint cries of “help me,” and hurried down the stairs on Christmas morning to find “Mom” parked under the tree, glamorously arrayed, yet unable to get up (due to being weighed down by several tons of couture fabric).

The following year, “Dad” laid down the law, and “Mom” was only allowed to be extravagant from the neck up. “Dad” still looks concerned though. Don’t worry. He’ll cheer right up as soon as he finds out he got a gun for Christmas!

Hope you all enjoyed my little break from beauty.

And in addition to humor, I also hope that your holiday is full of warmth, love and more blessings than you can count!

Oh…and here's something pretty :) Happy Holidays!

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