Tuesday, December 7, 2010

One Fine Tuesday: Lola Fine Line Eye Pencils (review)

It’s a fine Tuesday because my antibiotics are starting to do their job and I’m able to close my mouth again (don’t even say it. Lol.)

And...there’s no finer way to spread the cheer than with one of my favorite things…eyeliner. How about a particularly fine one? From Lola Cosmetics.

Fine Line Eye Pencil

Blurb: This super-fine pencil with a twist up tip allows for precise application and a thick, luscious lash line. Precision-size allows you to easily apply color at the lash line creating a fuller, thicker lash look. Easily deposits color just where you want it. Never needs sharpening!

Since I’ve made it my life’s work to investigate nearly every type of eyeliner ever concocted; it was only a matter of time until I got around to trying these. These liners are super slim retractable pencils, with tiny tips that sharpen themselves. Great!

I love using them! One of my favorite looks is to apply a regular liner in a fairly heavy, soft focus swoosh. Then I follow that with a thin, precise line of dense color right at the lashes. These pencils are perfect for that. They’re super soft, and go on easily without any skipping, dragging or pulling. The color is highly saturated and creates a smooth, even line. The self-sharpening tip stays small and can get right up to the lash line. The look is wonderful. The only caveat is that because the pencils are so soft, they can smudge. (So make sure to use a good primer, and don’t rub.)

The website has plenty of other goodies. You can take a sneek peak at the new stuff, check out the celebrity beauty gallery or research store locations.

Since I’m feeling better – how about a rousing tune for all of us. Let’s all sing along with…The Chiffons!

(ftc disclosure: purchased myself)

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