Monday, December 13, 2010

A Smoother Monday: Lisa Hoffman Vitamin A&C Serum (review)

Today was not nearly as “Monday-ish” as I thought it would be. I felt really frantic all weekend; but I guess I got more done than I thought. The day actually went pretty smoothly. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the whole week is just as easy.

Speaking of smooth (and didn’t I already do the smooth thing yesterday? Oh well…). Here’s a great skin-smoothing serum from Lisa Hoffman Skincare.

Vitamin A&C Serum

Blurb: This vitamin-rich serum retextures and improves skin clarity while reducing the appearance of fine lines to leave skin luminous. The silky formula also hydrates and adds radiance. After 15 minutes of application, 93.10% of participants agreed they liked the way the product absorbed into the skin. After 30 days, 79.3% of participants reported a lessening of deep lines and wrinkles. After 30 days, 82.76% of participants noticed an improvement in skin texture.

This was in my last Beautyfix kit, and it was a while before I got around to trying it out. I’m really impressed. First at the ingredients. It’s water free, and has lots of Vitamin A and C antioxidant protection. I liked that it absorbed almost immediately, and offered a tiny bit of hydration. I really appreciated how well it worked with my moisturizer(s) and foundation(s).

After about three weeks, my skin was looking and feeling very smooth. I’m not sure if there was a lessening of the deep wrinkles; but some of the tiniest lines were definitely minimized. What I noticed most was the overall smoothness of my skin. And I loved knowing I was getting a giant dose of antioxidants every morning.

The website has a cool Vitamin A & C Try Me Kit. There’s also a nice selection of Holiday Gifts and a very cool spa collection. You may also want to sign up for their special welcome offer.

(ftc disclosure: purchased myself)

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