Thursday, June 10, 2010

Good Day Sunshine: Miss Oops Goblet Goop (review)

Yesterday it made no sense to talk about sun protection. It rained all day and I spent the evening wringing out my shirt. Luckily, it's all bright and sunny again. Perfect for reviewing a new sun protection item from Miss Oops.

Goblet Goop (SPF 30)

Blurb: Sunshine doesn't stop when it reaches your neck- neither should your sunscreen. A moisturizing and firming neck cream, Goblet Goop protects and firms the delicate skin of the neck with SPF 30, algae, yeast, rosemary and Echinacea extracts, helping skin retain moisture while enhancing firmness and promoting collagen. Protect your goblet and keep the dreaded turkey neck at bay with Goblet Goop.

I love this company! Not only are their products fun and pretty – they're also unbelievably useful. I fell in love last fall when I reviewed their awesome Survival Kit.

In true Miss Oops fashion, this product does double-duty. It's a neck/firming cream as well as a sunscreen! I don't have the dreaded "turkey neck" issue yet, so I can't say much about its firming qualities; but the skin on my neck is extremely sensitive, and it just loved this cream (er, I mean Goop). It also has a lovely (subtle) fragrance, feels heavenly going on, absorbs quickly, hydrates all day and doesn't rub off on my clothing! You go, Miss Oops! You go with your Goop!

The website has one handy, useful item after another. It's really a lot of fun to browse there. If you need to narrow things down, check out the showcase section. And if you want a personal perusal, click on the store locations page and find out where you can browse.

(ftc disclosure: received as a sample from manufacturer or representative)

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