Monday, June 14, 2010

Monday Awesomeness: Origins Youthtopia™ Age-correcting Serum (review)

Hello everyone and welcome to a new week! I'm still a little sleepy from the old week, but happy that the weekend was awesome. For some reason, I can't think of a single cheesy tie-in to today's review. Other than the fact that I'm reviewing something…awesome. From the awesome folks at Origins.

Youthtopia™ Age-correcting serum with Rhodiola

Blurb: Origins revolutionary two-prong phyto-technology actually helps prolong skin’s “youthspan” to help it stay looking firmer in the face of aging. First, patent-pending Rhodiola, the legendary adaptogenic herb linked to longevity, kick starts skin’s natural repair to help reenergize, visibly correct lines and renew skin’s vibrant and youthful function. Then the rejuvenating Amlalaki complex, the “Fruit of Immortality” from the Himalayas, signals skin to thrive to help avert the appearance of aging. You’ll see and feel tighter, tauter skin texture, fewer lines and wrinkles and a complexion that appears significantly younger.

I find it hard to believe that I've only been using serums for about 2½ years. Before that, my life was completely serum-free. How ever did I manage? (Answer: I have no idea.) One of the great things about skincare in "serum form" is that it's designed to penetrate more deeply into the skin (which is why your serum should always be the first thing you apply). Serums are also more likely to have higher concentrations of the good, fancy ingredients (and fewer fillers).

Okay, tangent over. My skin is currently in looove with this particular serum! It's got a gorgeous list of fancy new ingredients, feels wonderful going on and absorbs quickly. It also makes my oily, sensitive skin feel smooth, fresh and balanced. That's great stuff; but the love comes from the slight firming effect I get after about a minute or two. My skin looks smoother, my pores seem smaller, and some of the little lines soften up. I know it also makes my foundation go on more smoothly. And over the past few weeks, there definitely seems to be a little more lift! Yay!

I like this serum so much that I'm thinking of checking out the whole Youthtopia line. You can clicking over to the website. While you're there, you can also get a few Dad's Day Ideas and enter the Review Your Fave Sweepstakes.

Happy Monday!
(ftc disclosure: purchased myself)

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