Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tuesday Stress Fest Relief: Skyn Iceland Glacial Facial Wash (review)

Yikes! What is it about Tuesdays lately? Today has been absolute madness, and so was last Tuesday. Last week I was so cooked that I had to skip my review. I was a little tempted to do the same thing today; but instead I'm opting for a cheesy tie-in. I'm reviewing a product from the company whose slogan is "Solutions for Stressed Skin." Say hello to something soothing and lovely from Skyn Iceland.

Glacial Facial Wash with Biospheric Complex

Blurb: Is your skin depleted, congested and irritated from a high-octane, 24-7 lifestyle? Pamper it with a refreshing, soothing cleanser that will leave your skin feeling squeaky clean. Glacial Face Wash helps relieve bumps, breakouts and irritation due to stress-related increases in hormone levels and oil production. Formulated with the purest Icelandic glacial waters and beneficial botanicals, this creamy, foaming cleanser is exceedingly mild, so it detoxifies and purifies without stripping skin of its natural moisture. Skin's harmony, balance and glow are restored.

Skyn Iceland created a wonderful line of paraben-free, natural products to help skin cope with environmental and lifestyle stresses (and the folks in Iceland probably know a whole lot more about stress these days than I do). This cleanser contains all kinds of fabulous ingredients to rid skin of impurities (oats, white willow bark, Icelandic kelp and cylindrical seed oil to name a few), while being soothing and calming.

This is an incredible cleanser for those of us with oily and breakout-prone skin! It's creamy, luscious, and gently deep cleans every bit of oil, dirt and makeup. White willow bark (a naturally occurring form of salicylic acid) helps prevent breakouts, and the Icelandic kelp combats inflammation. There was a tiny bit of tingling, but it wasn't harsh or drying at all. After I rinsed, my skin felt calm, balanced and perfectly clean. And a little bit goes a long way (I learned this after a very foamy first try). It also smells wonderful – what's not to love?

As always, I recommend you head on over the website for a proper browse. There's a great section about Stress and Skin, and there's also an interesting page about the The Iceland Connection. Skyn Iceland is also sold at Sephora and Saks Fifth Avenue.

Happy Tuesday!
(ftc disclosure: received as a sample with purchase)

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