Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Colors! The Colors! FACE Stockholm Pot Glosses (review)

I've already missed a day, so let's get to it – I've been chomping at the bit to write this review ever since I got back from my shopping/movie/girl-talk trip to New York. Every single time my friend (Kristi) and I go to the Time Warner Center, I have to stop at FACE Stockholm and ogle all of the amazing treats. This time I finally treated myself to two gorgeous glosses.

Pot Gloss

Blurb: Perfect pots of shimmer and non-shimmer glosses to toss in your pocket or handbag. Brave enough to stand-alone or wear over FACE Stockholm Lipstick or complimentary Lip Pencil for high-voltage shine. Apply with fingertip or our #22 Lip Brush.

First, a giant thanks to the saleswoman who let us try on almost everything and answered all of our questions. FACE Stockholm stores are lovely boutiques with yummy, pretty things just stewn about like jewels. Everything is simple, elegant and very very chic.

What I love about these glosses are the colors. I couldn't believe how many new, exciting shades were laid out in front of me. Kristi and I were like kids in a candy store. FACE has some of the most amazing pigments - shades you probably can't find anywhere else. I picked up "Amusing" (a sparkly lavender) and "Impulsive" (a sheer, sexy gold). Neither of these colors are my "usual." I never would have thought I could wear a lavender gloss, but this looks amazing on me. And "Impulsive" looked almost like a pumpkin color in the pot; but became a hot, tawny gold on my lips. FACE glosses are highly pigmented, yet very sheer – which makes the edgy colors wearable and flattering.

The colors are what called to me, but the formula is excellent. The glosses are super shiny, moisturizing (no stickiness), and wear surprisingly well. I applied mine before 9am, and it was still there at 11:30.

I also played with one of their Mineral foundations while I was in the store, then ordered one when I got home, so I'll be writing a review when after arrives. (By the way, when I ordered, their customer service was awesome.)

Check out the website. There are a total of 36 colors (and that's just the glosses). They also carry a huge array of lipsticks, liners, treatments, tube glosses, shadows and (god help me) eyeliners. The Magic section is also pretty cool too. However, nothing beats a trip to one of the stores. If you're near one, get on over there and get yourself something pretty!

Happy Tuesday!
(ftc disclosure: purchased myself)

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