Friday, July 31, 2009

Te Amo Mucho! Bésame Voluptuous Lipsticks

After reading that title, is there anything else I could possibly say? Probably not, but I'm still going to say stuff.

Since I've been on a huge lipstick kick lately, I keep checking out everyone's lips to see what they're wearing (which is winning me exactly zero etiquette points). Anyway, friend of mine showed up one day wearing the most gorgeous, plush, velvety red lipstick. I asked her what it was and where she got it. Turned out it was part of the Voluptuous Lip Color Set from Bésame Cosmetics.

Blurb: Our Voluptuous Lip Colour Set contains everything needed to create gorgeous, sensuous lips. Each lipstick delivers smooth, feather-proof coverage and contains a mineral stain that locks in colour for extraordinary long-lasting wear. At the heart of the lipstick's formula is a special mix of rose waxes and flower essences that provide a unique silky softness to the lips. A proprietary blend of ingredients promotes cell renewal and natural fullness. Aloe, green tea and botanical oils add antioxidant protection and soothing qualities to the lips. When used daily, your lips will stay incredibly healthy, moisturized, and strikingly voluptuous.

Whoa, man! This is one glamorous, gorgeous lipstick. The color I tried ("Red Velvet" – omg!) is a rich, deep crimson with a luxurious, satin finish. My lips looked absolutely lavish. (Think warm nights, expensive cocktails, tangos and Antonio Banderas.) This is knock-em-out, dressed-to-kill, femme fatale red. It also has great staying power (femmes fatale need staying power). For something a little different, I also smudged this on my lips with my finger and got a fab I-look-really-hot-in-just-my-jeans lip stain.

The other two colors are "Rapture Rose" and "Champagne." I only tried the lipstick, but the set also contains a brush and matching liner. The packaging is really gorgeous (30's deco-inspired) and highly giftable. As a matter of fact, the website has a whole bunch gorgeous looking things. Take a look at Vintage Boudoir Rouge and Classic Enchanting Lipsticks.


  1. Never heard of this brand! Looks very cool.
    Your blog is cool too - just followed!


  2. This look so unusual, I am very intrigued! Red Velvet sounds like my kinda lipstick!



  3. Thanks, Michelle - great blog too!

  4. Lyndsay - I'm starting to think that every girl needs a red velvet lipstick