Thursday, July 30, 2009

Eco is the New Chic: Ec~Oooh~Chic (review)

Ow. Welcome to my pity party. I'm in pain this morning and it’s my own fault. Last night I stuck around for an aquacize class instead of working out on my own. The instructor was great – she totally kicked our butts up and down the pool; and I was really happy to see that I'm in much better shape than I used to be. In fact, I was feeling so good that I tried to keep up with the two lifeguards that were taking the class. Okay…really, Maria? Lifeguards? I realize now that I was temporarily insane (hopped up on endorphins no doubt). So this morning all of my muscles are complaining. Bitterly.

And now, heeeere’s the segue way…

Besides basking in my own smugness while creating muscle aches; last night I also tried two fab body care products from Ec~Oooh~Chic (by Ooohlala of Beverly Hills). This line of bath and body products features good, girly fun combined with earth-friendly natural and organic ingredients. I'm already won over by their slogan ("Green is The New Pink") and their cute packaging. And – excuse me – how adorable is this logo?
Blurb: Introducing Ec~Oooh~Chic, the flower-child sister of Ooohlala of Beverly Hills! Ec~Oooh~Chic ( is a collection of Organic, All-Natural, and Natural lines of bath and body products that do wonders on your skin without the use of any harsh chemicals, parabens, TEA’s or sulfates. And because Ec~Oooh~Chic is a devoted (yet fashionable) tree-hugger, you can rest assured that all products are earth-friendly. All packaging is either recyclable or is made from recyclable material. Live life chic, beautiful, and smart…Ooohlala!!

Sweet Orange & Lemon Energizing Body Wash
Blurb: Lavender and chamomile gently cleanse, while a unique combination of Sweet Orange and Lemon energize the senses . Vitamins B & E, oat extract, wheat protein, jojoba and rosehip oils also provide enhanced conditioning properties.

This lathered well, and left my skin feeling clean and balanced (without drying). What's really stellar, though, is the fragrance. It's bright, sweet and citrusy, and totally reminded me of fresh squeezed lemonade. Mmmm!

Citrine Rose Hydrating Body Lotion
Blurb: A decadent combination of sweet almond, coconut, sunflower, safflower, and grape seed oils, coupled with bees wax, shea and cocoa butters work together to luxuriously hydrate nourish and condition the skin.

This lotion is rich, creamy, soothing and super hydrating. It made my skin absolutely velvety. The fragrance is also fabulous. Lot's of citrus (and another scent that I couldn’t quite put my finger on). I put this on in the early evening and woke up with soft skin the next morning. To make myself feel better; I massaged in more of the lotion today. My muscles are still cranky, but my skin is happy.

I took a nice long look at their website. Their products are mainly labeled "Natural," "All Natural" and "Organic." High quality ingredients, essential oils, respect for the eco system, promotes biodiversity, paraben free, etc. Sign up to be Be an Ec~Oooh~Chic Ooohlala Girl to get internet offers, news about new products and other perks. Good stuff. Girly stuff.


  1. What a great brand name!! I love organic products!!!

  2. Yeah, organic AND cute together.