Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wednesday Appreciation Day: CLEAN Cotton T-Shirt Eau de Parfum (review)

Why am I appreciating Wednesday? Mainly because I was in a thoroughly excellent mood all day. It started out wonderfully, and stayed that way. And even though it was busy, I still kept finding myself smiling and appreciating little things all day long. So since I’m being all appreciative, I thought I’d feature a scent that also put me in a good mood. From CLEAN.

Cotton T-Shirt Eau de Parfum

Blurb: As cool, crisp, and comfortable as a freshly laundered tee, this airy light scent is an easy, feel-good favorite. CLEAN Cotton T-Shirt blends the crisp notes of citrusy bergamot and the fluffy notes of Cotton Flower to create a fresh and simple scent that captures the appeal of the iconic tee. Teasing traces of rosewood and warm musk add a familiar warmth, just like the boyfriend tee shirt you love to steal.

This is a huge departure from fragrances I usually wear; but I have to admit I could seriously get used to it. When I was a teenager in Southern California, we used to buy Jockey men’s v-neck tee’s (3 for $10) to wear with our jeans during the summer. This scent reminded me a little bit of those days. It really smells like freshly washed cotton, sunshine, ease and…happiness. And thinking about wearing a guy's freshly washed cotton shirt is a mighty good thing too.

The bergamot and cotton flower are most prominent at the beginning; and as it dries down, the warmer notes of rosewood and musk come through. It’s light, crisp, clean, kind of sexy and comforting all at the same time. (Awww.) And it’s a wonderful daytime fragrance for spring or summer.

Right now, the website is under construction; but you can still shop CLEAN at Sephora.

I’m sharing this clip from youtube because today I found a new appreciation for another old favorite. I’ve probably heard this song hundreds of times; but today was the first time I realized how truly awesome the guitar solo is. See if you don’t agree (you can listen to the entire song, or just jump to 4:20 for the guitar solo).

(ftc disclosure: sample/product received from manufacturer or representative)

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